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Did Laser Treatments Improve Your Pitholes & Acne Scars ?

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  • Did Laser Treatments Improve Your Pitholes & Acne Scars ?

    Did you go for laser treatments to improve the appearance of your pitholes and acne scars?

    If so, has it helped you at all?
    Yes, laser treatments have greatly improved my pitholes and/or acne scars.
    Yes, but the improvement of my pitholes and/or acne scars, is not that great.
    No, laser treatments have not improved my pitholes and/or acne scars.

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    Hi Nature
    I am going for the laser treatment this coming Mon and shall revert back here.


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      Originally posted by urbanwife View Post
      Hi Nature
      I am going for the laser treatment this coming Mon and shall revert back here.
      Hi dear, any feedback ?


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        i think this thread is very impt to those planning to undergo the lasers treatments..

        come on gals, share yr experiences here!!


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          Yes, totally agree! Pls share your experiences gals

          Worshipper, are you going for one soon? Me thinking of going too but too many dermas & laser treatments around now, dont know which is good?


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            thats the problem, i dont knw which is good.......

            medlite, fraxel, CO2...etc....

            no deep pockets either...


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              alrite Cotters!!!

              So yeah i did went with the cooltouch n derma rollers also bought PCA the sunscreen , rebalance and facial wash. Also there's another small bottle of solution which cost me $40. This solution is to be used after laser treatment. I would say my face was a bit taut n like the feeling of even surface.I think COOL touch is relatively cheaper than the other types of laser such as Fraxel etc.

              I was confident that CoolTouch will help in improving my scars cos I ve seen two person with good results.However the doc said normally it takes 3 sessions to see results n some may prolonged the course of treatments from 6 months to 12 months.Well....need lotsa of $$$$


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                hi urbanwife may i know where you did your cooltouch and derma rollers? TIA!


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                  The Makeover Clinic

                  Hi Milkie
                  i did it cost me all $2789 plus PCA products BUT you can pay in two installments.
                  1s payment when u go for the first laser then 2nd payment on the 4th session.

                  $1500 for the 6 cooltouch session
                  $500 for derma roll -6 sessions
                  $250- for the roller
                  the rest are for PCA products. Actually i *** looking for other clinics that offer cool touch....must compare prices or else cannot tahan....hehehehheh

                  I did Cooltouch after i did many comparisons.I actually from NSC then my derm went to private but he charges so steep .For his style...he would recommend combination of treatments.But I did not do .....

                  I went back to NSC....*** now they have the Fraxel thing...more expensive,,,,,,

                  So no choice...I do the Cooltouch...after all i did mentioned before I saw gd results from two people.....

                  Anyway....if u cotters can wait....maybe can let me finish up the 6 sessions to decide if the lasers worth or not...hehehehhehe


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                    thanks urbanwife ! do update with the result


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                      no prob

                      well, just a small matter milkie.....
                      anyway cotters can also go to docs *** does not charge consultation fees...just to know more abt their laser equipments n *** it can do for our face. so far i know this clinic n dr chan has no consultation fees.
                      my previous derm is very patient n he was the one who cured all my peanuts size pimples...u know the one with cysts...ouch...but his price is steep....consultation n medicines cost abt 200plus....he is not pushy tho however his prescriptions suited me well
                      n he is very good with all these laser thingy..he explained all the suitable treatments one by one...and asked me to consider..but the thing is i am not rich otherwise i am glad to see him


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                        Hi urbanwife,
                        Glad to hear that you have found a derma that make you feel at ease. I am also looking for laser treatment right now for my acne marks & those unbearable pitted scars. I am interested in fraxel too, but it is very ex.. so still cant decided whether to go for it or not. I do still have some existing pimples/acne.. can I go for laser treatment? May i know who is your previous doctor from NSC that has went to private practice? He sounds nice.. does he have the fraxel laser too? thx


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                          Doctor Lawrence Khoo

                          Hi Snowcastle

                          I read thru the threads n I wanted to do PCA peeling thought to speed up the clearance of the scars. But unfortunately....the PCA peel is meant for those who has acne...maybe it suited do peel n laser ....I be going to Dr Chan this monday to ask about my scars (heheheh second opinion)...n get back here to feedback abt his service, okay!

                          My wonderful derm is Dr Lawrence Khoo.He was previously a senior dermatologist under NSC and he went to set up his own clinic...
                          The clinic is located at paragon ....the link to the clinic is here.
                          ...infact i must thank him for his patience in treating my acne problem and he was not pushy at all while explaining abt the treatments .

                          Before seeing him, I was under Dr Joyce Lim at NSC...this was yrs ago and did chemical peel plus all the oral antibiotics but does not help at all.


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                            Hi urbanwife,

                            Thank u so much for your reply..

                            PCA peel is for those with acne ah..thats great, i am looking for something that can help me to eliminate those existing acnes..there are like popping out of no where recently,big & small ones.. There are mostly concentrated at the chin area. Hopefully the PCA peel can help me on that.

                            Oh,Dr Lawerence Khoo was that nice derma ah.. is so good to have a doc who understand our condition & willing to spend time explaining to us on our went to the link you provided..seems like the clinic does not have fraxel laser. I know that Joyce Lim has this treatment but still thinking whether to go to her or not.. is she nice & patient? Hmm.. the doc at NSC told u about fraxel? can share who is he? cos me heard that not all docs perform this procedure.


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                              PCA Peel

                              Hi Snowcastle n fellow cotters

                              Yeah I did called Dr Chan thru the mobile no and queried abt the PCA peel and the lady (not the doc...must be his receptionist watsoever) explained its meant for those with acne.Those with scars have to do lasers.HOWEVER, as this MON I am going to see him, I going to ask him what are the treatments available besides the lasers....hehehhehehe

                              Abt the Dr Khoo, maybe you can call and enquire abt the types of laser he has.Dr Joyce Lim, I won't recommend her as I had not a nice experiences....the chemical peel and the treatments she gave me was total failure.

                              The fraxel laser at NSC...well you can go to the NSC website and looked for senior derm...I am so sorry could not recalled the derm's name as I was turned off to hear abt the fraxel price thingy and on top of that he said can remove abt 70 percents of scars...which of cos to my humble opinion, waste of money ...hehhehehehe.....