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    past 25 and starting to worry about fine lines ard my eyes....
    started applying last year and so far have used both clinique and clarins....but like not much effect ***?

    any suggestions? my fren says ROC is good...anyone tried?

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    I like La Mer's eye balm.... very pricey, but love the effect it has on my dark circles... and hydrates well w/o being greasy. I tried the sample for like a month... and now am thinking of commiting to the retail size. *glurp*


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      I second Joce on La Mer. Am on my third jar now. Only minus pt is the lousy packaging. Dun like the idea of digging my fingers into the container. Its light and refreshing. But if your concern is fine lines, then La Mer may not help much. I find La Mer better for dark rings but not for fine lines. Might be too light. For fine lines, La Praire might be better.

      I also just started using Clea De Peau eye cream. Not bad. Slightly richer than La Mer and there are two types of eye cream, one targeted at eye rings and another at fine lines (richer). Hasn't seen much drastic effect yet but so is La Mer. In fact already given up hope of eliminating the dark rings all together (mine is inherited).


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        i just started on dermalogica's multivitamin power concentrate - use around eyes and lips, supposed to reduce signs of aging

        so far - i love it!!!! it's light, smells a bit citrusy, and absorbs almost instantly. i see my fine lines diminishing too (but i've very faint ones to start with, *still* prevention is better than cure) and there have been raves at MUA

        now promo at leonard drake - get this at S$92 (there's an additional 5% discount for members) and get delux trial sizes of the daily microexfoliant + the bar soap bar


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          So far, La Mer is IT for me...but the price is really ouch. I'm still deliberating over the full sized tub. Granted, for that price I would expect it to do MUCH more than what it actually does for me, but of all the eye creams on the market it has done the MOST for me (though that is not much).


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            *wave* to Bluebubble. I love the multi-vit too. Am on second tube now. But it does nothing for eye rings though. For eye rings, La Mer is by far the best and the most ex of course.


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              oh i forgot to add that i'm using borghese spa whitening eye mask once a week to lighten the shadows under my eyes too and it seems to work pretty well. u can use it as a daily treatment too but i don't coz my priority is fine lines....


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                did I hear eye mask? :o and it lightens the shadow? Bluebubble quick quick tell me where u got yours and the damage? Hv tried practically all the eye masks on the market as well....none works!! :x


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                  if i have not mistaken, sjal only has a night cream and a day cream right? it seems to be multi-purpose moisturiser. interesting..but really expensive


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                    I heard they just launched the eye cream. Its different from the moisturiser. I tried a sample of the moisturiser before and find it too rich for my skin..

                    Apple, I thought u tried the MK brand? Any reviews??


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                      Helena Rubinstein - Collagenist Eye Zoom

                      This sounds like the ONE eye cream we gals long for...

                      Extract off HR website:-

                      "Injection-free Collagen effect" for the eye contour. COLLAGENIST EYE ZOOM, the 1st plumping eye care for an anti-shadow/anti-wrinkles/firmness effect.


                      Immediately, the contour of the eye is smoothed, shadows and circles are minimized. Within 4 weeks, wrinkles, fine lines and dark shadows are visibly reduced. The skin is firmer.


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                        Is the latest eye cream by HR? I tried a sample of one recently (can't remember the name though but SA told me it is the latest). Hmmm...another marketing ploy. No effect on me at all after one week of use..but then again the claim was 4 weeks hor...

                        Anyway I dun believe there is all purpose cream that can firm and eliminate eye shadows at the same time.


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                          Currently using Cle de Peau...not bad..$165! and if u are talking abt fine lines, they have the eye balm for fine lines. I use the one for dark circles and its half way thru..can't see much effect though it didn't get worse...Personally I prefer La Mer for dark rings. If your concern is fine lines, i thought La Mer is not so good in that eliminating lines..Thought it is more dark rings.. Anyway there is NO eye cream out there that is can perform miracle...sigh!!
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                            Originally posted by "bluebubble"

                            oh i forgot to add that i'm using borghese spa whitening eye mask once a week to lighten the shadows under my eyes too and it seems to work pretty well. u can use it as a daily treatment too but i don't coz my priority is fine lines....
                            the eye mask & the multi-vit sounds like something i need now! heee i know there is a borghese counter @ metro & there is a 20% this wkend! i m heading tt way this wkend! :D :D :D


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                              Just throwing out a general comment ... MAC's Fast Response Eye Cream is good. I've just used it a couple of times ... great for puffy eyes for nights I don't get enough sleep and great on dark circles, too.