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Blackheads/Blocked Pores - To Squeeze or Not?

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  • I used to like to squeeze but realised my pores are simply getting bigger and bigger..sob sob...but since I DIY my own 5 Blackheads Fighters, the problems seemed to improved and I am starting to see daylight for my little nose...I believed everyone have their own fighters for blackheads, you just need to find the right combination and you can save lots of money without having to visit those high end salon which I feel that its never ending too. Just my two cents worth of comments.


    • I always pluck them cause I don't know how to squeeze it. My sister who is very good at squeezing her BH just press hers and it came off but she said mine was very difficult as she have to press hard and it always hurt plus it would always be red and shred skin -.-'' Any good BHA products to recommend?


      • Skin Care

        By squeezing blackheads the contents might go deep into the skin rather than coming onto the skin surface and result in much worse scarring or cyst formation. You can use come done spoon available from pharmacists, to rid of blackheads with least distress to the skin.


        • Hi

          Anyone interested who is using "Off Those Heads" by B.Liv? I have got a brand new bottle (45ml) to let go, selling cos I m changing my whole skincare set.
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          • For black and white heads, I use Mary Kay's Botanical F2 Mask.
            Once a week.
            It is a clay mask.
            Extract the 'heads' gently.
            It also soften the skin after the mask, and at that time you can use the metal extractor just to lightly 'scrape' the skin is so soft that will it just let the 'head' go.... ha..ha..ha
            F2 mask is really good. If you are keen to try I have got a sample; contact me at esthe[email protected] for the sample.
            A full tube of F2 mask cost $40 but can last up to 10-15 masks/ 3 months of weekly mask session.


            • Hi ladies, please don't squeeze your blackheads and white heads. You can try to use Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel.

              I am selling skincare brands - Cellnique/Dermalogica and Exuviance .They are very good skincare products which suits all skin types. I am selling it at a reasonable yet affordable price. All the products that we carry are genuine and authentic.
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              Suitable for acne prone skin. Your best bet will be Skin Action Sebum, Gel , Soothing & Hydrating Lotion , and other awesome products. Check out the list of Cellnique products which i have used so far and am using right now. Refer to Cellnique official website for more information.

              Mild, suitable for sensitive skin because of the natural ingredients used. Personally like this brand because it's cheap and good. It's worth for the money especially its Special Cleansing Gel.


              Contact me for details!
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              • Lemon contains vitamin C and acid which can remove dirt and sebum from skin very well. Do it 2 times per week. You can use lemon juice directly to apply to the skin, for about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water.
                Or you can make a mask with lemon juice, almond oil and glycerin. All raw materials are mixed well and you can rub on the surface of blackheads or the whole faces. Wait 15-20 minutes then rinse off with cool water. This will help not only you remove the blackheads quickly, but also lighten dark skin areas. By this way, you just need make 1 times/week.


                If the blackheads keep affecting your appearance, you'd better try these natural home remedies for blackheads that are effective and simple tips to eliminate blackheads and restore your fine skin...


                • Best not to squeeze. I used microdermabrasion set consists of scrub (very fine grains) and pore minimizer to solve my blackheads problem and I am seeing results. Lesser black/whiteheads and pores are getting smaller.


                  • If you want to remove them. Try facial scrub that cleans deep in pores instead of squeezing them. There is a tool that pros uses to remove black and white heads. I suggest looking up on it first before doing anything on your own. Seek a professional first and they can tell you more thorough steps to take.


                    • I faced the blackhead / black pore problems Many time then then used the product suggested by Doctor it proved very useful and the product is learn more