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  • Dr Baumann - The Skin Type Solution

    Hello ladies,

    After reading wyang83's post of what saved her skin lately, I went to pick up Dr Baumann's The Skin Type Solution from the library too! (Small rant: PLEASE do not scribble on library books and jot down your results somewhere else! Be considerate!)

    Turns out, I have VERY sensitive skin and only very slightly oily/normal skin! And WRINKLED! I'm categorised OSPW.

    Anybody else read the book and wanna share your skin type and routines?

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    sound interesting, how does it work?
    it's a questionnaire kinda thing? how many questions to answer?
    i'm just worried i run out of patience.

    Hmmm.. is it available online? lazy me no time to go library.


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      i'm curious about this there any pics or webbie for more info?


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        Amazon reviews

        This is interesting because it goes beyond the dry/oily/combination skin typing we are used to. There is an extensive questionnaire (along with the definitions of terms) for the reader to take to determine his/her skintype.

        Once that is done, the reader turns to the section that describes specified skincare routines and suggested skincare items for his/her skintype. Some of the recommended skincare items are not easily available here. However, she does give both drugstore and high end options, so it is likely that one or more may be found.

        It's a good book to have if you have a big family and/or intend to share it with a friend because it deals with different skin types - after you've read about yours and the recommended solutions, you won't feel that the rest of the book is wasted! You will gain knowledge about skin and skincare products though. So if you take that into account, the book is worth it, even if it's just for yourself.

        There will be 20% off all books in Kinokuniya from tomorrow onwards for Kino members, so this would be a good time to buy the book.
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          I'm an ORNT (Oily, Resistant, Non-Pigmented, Tight).
          The thing about the book is that some products that are recommended cannot be found readily in Singapore... For example, the masks recommended for the skin type, yadayada.. But I'm trying to keep to what's recommended for my skin and it seems quite alright for now..


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            CaramelGirl: There are about 70 questions altogether! No online version, unfortunately.

            I just started Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash and also got some Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid and Carbon Mask FOC in the mail. The Carbon Mask stings my face though, glad I didn't jump in to get the full size!

            I wish the book recommended Japanese skincare products because I usually lean more towards Japanese products.


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              This book is available in the national library too.


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                hmm....i can't seem to find the book in the nlb website, can i know whether i spell it worngly or something?

                it's Dr. Baumann (author) ??


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                  The author's name is Leslie Baumann, M.D.

                  The name of the book is : The SkinType Solution

                  The code of the book is : 646.726 BAU

                  I have just borrowed a copy yesterday. I hope this helps...


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                    Thanks a lot


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                      managed to browse it today.good book! but too many people at the cashier so didnt buy.
                      tomorrow if got time i'm going down to get it!


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                        How much is it retailing at?


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                          around $23