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  • NARS

    so any of you are fans? i m not, in fact don own any stuff from them 'cept a liq e/liner which i never got round to use. find their e/s way too sheer & piling up is just a hassle(time wasted in the morns). would love to try their blush if not for the fact tt TC overcharge big time!

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    I only own their Orgasm blush and love it. It's such a unique shade! I am not too interested in their other stuff though.


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      Used to go ga ga over Nars (that was those pre-Stila pre KP days). I still like their lip gloss and lacquers though it can be a tad too sticky. I love the shades though (baby doll, chastity etc).

      Own a Malibu multi-stick and still loves it. It gives me a glowing look and its convenient to bring along during overseas trip. Can be oily too if u apply too much. So I only use it sparingly.

      On the contrary, I hv no luck with the ever popular Orgasm or Sin. It looks blotchy on me and the tone turns out quite weird. Orange instead of peachy. Love the e/s like Night Fairy etc but the colour does not show up on me. Its pretty to look at the shimmering shades though.

      I have not much luck with Nars liquid eyeliner as well. I love the intense shades like Ghost, Blue Nile etc but it is just too troublesome and tricky to put on everyday. I reserve these strictly for the night when I party.

      I am trying to resist Nars Palettes. They look so pretty and I hv a weak spot for palettes. Thank goodness I am never stepping into that place again.


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        Love Nars... but refuse to step into True Colours for obvious reasons....

        I have
        1) Liquid eye liner in Bullit (Shimmery brown)
        2) Liquid eye liner in Ghost (shimmery purple) - great over BB's violet Ink
        3) Orgasm blush
        4) Star .... light/fairy e/s , something like that can't remember the name.


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          Love, love, love the Sin blush! :D


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            Me love their lip lacquer and artiste palettes. Have two of them. Emotional rescue and Rapture. I want the Last Dance II next :D


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              u lucky gal. I have been lemming for the palettes for a long time.....
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                Originally posted by "Joce7878"

                4) Star .... light/fairy e/s , something like that can't remember the name.
                Night Star? :wink:

                I don't own Nars, chiefly because I will then have to step into that @#$%^! shop to buy it. I also have not had much luck with their famous products, boohooo!! Nars e/s are too light to show up on me (I can't imagine spending so much for so little pigment), and nothing beats Stila and KP e/s for versatility.

                Orgasm turned orange on me, and Sin made me look bruised. I only had luck with the liquid liners, and owned Bullitt, Ghost, Blue Nile, Equus, Supersonic, Mame, and Lakme. (whew!) BUT I don't know how this happened, my eyelids developed an allergy or something....they became hypersensitive to the Nars, and everytime I applied the eyeliner, my eyelids would STING! So OUT went those liners....*sigh*

                Don't own a single NARS item now.


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                  I've only got NARS Orgasm, Night Fairy e/s, Babydoll Lip Lacquer, Sweet Dreams L/g. I've heard raves about their multiples & would love to try them but refuse to step foot into TC heh...I guess that's what preventing me from venturing more into NARS. Night Fairy e/s actually isn't too sheer if you apply a base like MAC Mauvism or Untitled. It shows up on me though I'm kinda tanned


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                    I think NARS is too pricey! I wouldn't pay $128 for a palette no matter how gorgeous it might be..and yes, the fact that it's only sold in TC in SG is a factor.


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                      Just a thought - we can't be the only gals in Singapore who know that TC customer service stinks and are therefore boycotting the store on principle....if so, then how is TC surviving??? Who's giving them their $$?


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                        Tai Tais! Who are usually treated with good service so they don't see a need to boycott TC.... :D


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                          prob the whole lot of customers are the auntie's friends or the likes of her...enough to sustain TC! :roll:
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                            One of NARS's lastest offerings....

                            Lip Stain Gloss US$20

                            The intensity of this rich gloss depends on your mood. Swipe on a thick coat for drop-dead color or dab it on lightly for a pretty stain. Try Daredevil (red), Chandemagor (plum), Victoire (brown), and Sayonara (rosy pink).

                            I want "Sayonara"!!!


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                              Sayonara looks nice all right!!! Reminds me of KP S8. Waht are you doing posting good looking pictures like that>?! Trying to be your usual temptress self huh?