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    I'm not much of a perfume girl nowadays ... The only one I have is Fresh Sugar (actually, I have CSP Abricot Vanille too but it's too heavy!). Fresh Sugar is right up my alley cos it's sweet & citrusy, nothing "perfumey" about it at all. I only use this occasionally, most days I'll use one of my yummy smelling body lotions - they're enough to leave me smelling yum yum! My current fave is Simplyscent's Yuzu Body Butter.

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    Want to relive this thread again

    HG Perfume

    Annick Goutal: Petite Cherie
    L'Artisan: Amber Extreme
    YSL: In Again


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      My HG perfume

      -Lancome Oui
      -Estee Lauder Pleasure Intense


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        My Current Favs:

        ? Glamourous
        ? Romance Tender Notes

        both by Ralph Lauren ~ my fav brand of perfumes


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          you guys use very exotic sounding perfumes..... These are the few conventional ones that I know and love:

          1) Intuition by (I can't remember who). Very powerfully feminine...

          2) Still by J.Lo. Love the earl gray tea smell and the light, refreshing feeling!

          3) Miracle by Lancome.

          4) Glamourous by Ralph Lauren. Really makes me feel glamourous

          5) BCBG Girls Metro. Get lots of compliments when I wear this...

          edited to say: Oops, I meant INTRUSION, by Oscar De La Renta, not Intuition..haha....
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            Originally posted by fuchsia
            1) Intuition by (I can't remember who). Very powerfully feminine...
            I think this is by Estee Lauder?


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              My current fav:
              1)J Lo Glow ( very sweet powdery scent,after shower scent)
              2) Lancome Miracle (found it by chance again,wonder why I forgot about it)
              3)chanel coco mademoiselle

              Been through....
              estee lauder pleasures,kenzo l'eau par, Elizabeth arden green tea,ralph lauren glamourous and romance(more than half bottle left,kind of too strong for my liking)


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                My fav are

                Dior Chris 1947
                Anna sui Dolly Girl


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                  my favourites:

                  davidoff cool water for women
                  stila - jade blossom
                  issey miyake summer energising fragrance
                  marc jacobs


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                    2nd Pelecia! i also thought Romance is a tad too strong for my liking so I got the Romance Tender notes instead. this is a much lighter scent & not as musky


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                      hey aveline,Romance tender notes is a new edition or just a re formulation of the old romance?


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                        Originally posted by PeLeCiA
                        hey aveline,Romance tender notes is a new edition or just a re formulation of the old romance?

                        It should be a new edition! I gave it a sniff and i think both of them smell differently!


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                          trish mcevoy #3
                          diptyque olene
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                            I don't have 10, but have a few
                            1. Gucci - Rush
                            2. The Body Shop - Pink Pepper
                            3. Lancome - Miracle
                            4. Elizabeth Taylor - Forever Elizabeth


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                              it's a special limited edition released last year to commemorate the anniversary of Romance. IMO it smells totally different. go and check it out at CK Tangs beauty hall, they still have a few bottles of it left at the Ralph Lauren counter