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    Let's discuss Fresh!

    I love the Sugar EDP ... lemony fresh with a sugary dry down. Yum yum! I'm already on my second bottle & that's saying alot!

    Love the Sugar face scrub. Another heavenly scented product. Lots of people find this greasy but it's okay for me... I just make sure I rinse proper after scrubbing my face. Love the thick but fine texture. I only wish it's not so expensive. I've only managed to swap for two little sample jars of this. I've run out & would love to use this regularly but shipping the full size bottle to Singapore will cost me dearly. Guess, I'll have to wait till I'm a little richer.

    Sugar Shea Butter - Love this too! It's yet another heavenly scented product! Smells very simialr to NE's Sugar Limone Shea Butter but Fresh's version win by a nose. The scent is somehow better - more zing & the texture of the Shea butter is wonderful. Best part is the scent stayed on even after I washed my hands.

    Would love to try the other stuff in the Sugar range; ike the body scrub & deodorant. Why oh why must these be so expensive? Worse still, they're not even available in Singapore!

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    Oooh! Fresh! Super expensive.... and the packaging, most are glass so prone to breaking....but I quite like its products.

    Have tried their Sugar Face Polish, Brown Sugar Body Polish, milk formula body lotion in various scents.... etc.

    Actually for that price, it is so-so only. Although I really like the Brown Sugar Body scrub, I find the one from NE also as good, and much cheaper.

    Sugar Polish is a good procey version of Origin's NADM. I used it first as a mask, then gently scrub off. U get a lovely glow... and the scent is so wonderful....

    The Honey face scrub is similar with teh grains much finer. And the rose face mask smells lovely.... and is like Origins NADM too w/o the grains at all. I thik it has a sort of calming effect.


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      Have only tried the Brown Sugar Scrub. While it is good stuff, I don't find it worthwhile to pay so much for a scrub, esp when there is NE.

      Love the scent of sugar polish but it is a bit greasy on my face. And I remember trying a sample of this was it strawberry face scrub or something like this. Love the scent but it was again a bit greasy on my face.

      IMO Fresh is way over-priced though some of their products are lovely.


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        I have tried loads and loads and loads from's see what I can remember!

        Brown Sugar Body Polish
        So far, this is the brown sugar body scrub. Nothing else comes quite close in terms of texture, scent, sloughing power, and moisturizing qualities. Sure there are cheaper alternatives around like NE, but nothing smells and works quite like Fresh's. The sugar grains are larger than NE's but surprisingly smoother. I find that NE scrubs can get quite harsh because the sugar granules feel quite jagged and rough on the edges. Fresh's sugar granules on the other hand feel rounded and smoothed, like polished little spheres. Wow's the word!

        Sugar Face Polish
        Yuck, yuck, couldn't wait to get this off my face. Brown sugar and strawberries melted into some gooey oily paste that you're supposed to leave on your face and then gently scrub and rinse off. This left the OILIEST film ever on may face, even after a few seconds! I washed it off. Oily film clung onto my skin stubbornly. I washed with facial cleanser. Still oily!! Washed again with makeup remover. STILL OILY!!! Washed another time with facial cleanser. Finally skin somewhat better, but of course, by this time, all the benefits and the 'glow' I was supposed to have gotten from the Fresh face scrub had totally gone down the drain. NEVER AGAIN.

        Umbrian Clay
        Am still living off the 2 tiny squares that FRESH sent me as a sample. This stuff is good...Italian clay bar that you wet and rub all over your face. After 2 minutes it starts tightening and you just rinse it off. Great for a weekly mask, or for spot-treating budding pimples. I alternate this with my Origins Out of Trouble. Umbrian Clay is fast, easy, less messy than a regular mask, and so far has been working great for me! :D

        SugarBath Lychee Shower Gel
        Pretty run-of-the-mill shower gel although I've noticed it's less drying than your regular drugstore shower gel. What's outstanding of course is the divine smell....oooh la la!!! Sweet yet fresh at the same time....whoah!!! If I were rich enough I'd bathe in this everyday...

        SugarBath Lychee Body Lotion
        Feels thicker than your normal moisturiser (or maybe my 'normal' drugstore lotions are just plain RUNNY)....but it's quickly absorbed and leaves that gorgeous, delicate, lingering scent. Imagine if you bathed with the Lychee shower gel and then layered on the body lotion. Man, I'd be in seventh heaven, the smell is just divine!!!

        Milk-Milk Body Lotion
        OK, the traditional milk bottle container is cute....but can you just imagine the shipping on this?! Geeez....and they make you buy a separate pump dispenser too...for US$5!!! What swindlers.... This body lotion is also a bit thicker than what I'm used to, but again, it absorbs remarkably well, and it's scented with a very light, fresh fragrance....definitely not quite a milk scent....but something along those, clean, fresh, slightly sweet, a nice rounded scent. I must say, I'm impressed with this stuff because after I stopped using this, my skin still stayed soft and flake-free (I have VERY dry shins)....with most other moisturisers, once you stop, the dryness immediately comes back. Would repurchase this for sure....if not for the #$%&^!! price and the shipping....SO loves it...maybe he likes the baby smell, *LOL*.

        Sugar Shea Butter
        Ooooh, another one I love....this is like L'Occitane's shea butter, but it melts and softens much easier (and therefore is easier to spread)'s scented with Fresh's cult fragrance, SUGAR. Zesty yet sweet and warm....perfect combi really. It also comes in a dark chocolate scent....can you just imagine that! 8O I like to slather this on my cracked and dry heels and toes....leaves my feet baby soft and glowing the next day. It's also wonderful for elbows and hands and dry bits in need of TLC. Yes, it's rather heavy, but not UNCOMFORTABLY least, not on me.


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          Now this is one of my all time favorite brands. Have their Sugar EDT, Sugar Face polish, Sugar Body polish, Orange Chocolate Shea Butter, Milk Chocolate Body lotion, Soy body wash and Umbrian clay toothpaste.

          Like everyone else here, I love the smell of their milk and sugar items.

          Just a note, Fresh is available in Hong Kong and Korea. So, it will probably cost lesser to ship from there


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            I'm not familiar with Fresh but read good things about the sugar polish. I tried a sample of the facial sugar scrub, and it is VERY greasy, almost like how TBS scrubs leave the oily film on the skin. Not believing that it's really a facial scrub, i remembered double and triple-checking the label on the sample pot and it indicated it is for the face. I didn't follow up with a cleanser, and it was hard to bear, but luckily, no breakouts from all the greasiness. Guess it came as a shock to me Probably will not repurchase.


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              Ummm...the only Fresh product that I have is their Life Engage EDT. Citrusy and spicy.

              Feels that prices are too expensive and with their glass bottles makes it impractical to ship as well.

              Remember reading Paula Begoun's newsletter on Fresh's products. She mentioned something like the ingredients used are not worth the money we spent. No quality...can't exactly remember what she said but the comments were quite negative. Does anyone has the past issue(Should be last month)? I deleted mine.


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                I don't like the sugar scrub either because it's greasy and didn't do much on me. Tried the honey scrub and like it much more than the sugar one. It's like honey and scrub put together, lol. Scrubs better and lovely smell. But I already found my HG scrub and I'll stay faithful: PTR Bontanical buffing beam. Super smooth afterward!!

                Rose mask: I love it...managed to swap it over (another lucky swap!) Except the heavenly rosey scent, it did rejuvenate my face and became more even toned.

                also bought one e/s from Fresh named "Naked Truth". Shimmer grey/taupe. Very unique.


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                  I only tried the Fresh Sugar fragrance and don't like it- too lemony and sharp (and sweet). Today had people viewing our flat so I sprayed it on my bedsheets instead- it's really gd for masking strong odours eg. smelly bf.


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                    I like their Lemon Verbana EDT alot

                    But I'm not sure whether I should get it because I already have alot of bottles of scent and it takes me forever to finish a bottle.

                    Does anybody know if the Fresh website ever offers free shipping?


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                      Originally posted by gingerbread
                      Does anybody know if the Fresh website ever offers free shipping?
                      eh...u mean free shipping to US?


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                          Does anyone here have any comments on the Orange Shea Butter?


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                            Originally posted by gingerbread
                            Does anyone here have any comments on the Orange Shea Butter?
                            Do you mean the chocolate orange shea butter? I prefer this to the Sugar shea butter but both are nice


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                              Originally posted by Dimples
                              Do you mean the chocolate orange shea butter? I prefer this to the Sugar shea butter but both are nice
                              That would be it. Thanks. Am looking at the list of items and plotting out an order.