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    what do u girls mean when you say " buff on the powder " ?


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      That was exactly what I was wondering too!!!

      Then I found this site:

      "Swirl, Tap and Buff Technique Instructions

      1. Swirl a small amount of Erth Minerals into the lid with the Flawless Face Brush (for lighter coverage) or a Lush Kabuki Brush (for more coverage) until the minerals are tucked into the bristles.

      2. Tap off excess. There should be no visible product on the outside of the brush.

      3. Buff onto the skin in a swirling, circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbones. Then, buff around the remainder of the face, working your way to the cheeks, forehead, and nose. Buff until you're satisfied with the coverage. Remember, a little goes a long way. You can always increase coverage by adding more."
      I never knew about step 2! That after tapping off excess there should be no visible product on the outside of the brush!


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        Just to check anyone having same problem as me?
        I have been using the goat's hair kabuki brush from A'Squirrel for abt 3 months.
        The hair sheds almost everytime I use it.
        I also find it kind of scratchy on my face although it is very soft.
        It is even more scratchy than my Ros & Roy squirrel hair blush brush.
        I'm not sure what to do abt it.
        Anyone using the same brush as me and having same problem?

        This is the one I'm talking abt:


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          Pinkdewy : I noticed the kabuki brush from MAC does shed too when the MA tried it on me.Maybe cos too dense it sheds?


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            My A'Squirrel Goat's hair is less dense and finer than MAC's 182.
            But I feel 182 is really soft. 182 is also goat's hair.

            I emailed to AS to enquire abt the shedding but not sure whether he wil reply.
            I emailed for queries before but also no reply.
            The kind of shed I mean is like the hair will stick to my face upon every application.


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              Yea the MAC one stuck on my face hen it sheds too.That as why i noticed it sheds


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                My A'Squirrel squrriel hair kabuki doesnt shed on me so far. Have been using it for almost a year. And it is really soft. Much better than my BB kabuki and MAC kabuki, however it is less dense, I would prefer it to have more hair tho


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                  MAC 182 is very dense isn't it?


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                    i mean MAC and BB are more dense than A'Squirrel.


                    • Hi girls, am new to this forum. I have the Everyday Minerals (EM)premium kabuki (white) and the BB kabuki. EM is bigger and softer. Both kabukis shed a bit at first but now they are fine. EM is softer. EM web:


                      • mrstrii, i'm keen on EM Premium Kabuki too. I've ordered that brush along with some samples.. Can't wait to get them. =)


                        • hi! can anyone make a comparison between EM's and EBS's kabuki brush?? am keen in EM's premium brush kit since it has both the premium kabuki and powder brush, which is what i wanted!


                          • NARS has just released kabuki brushes!!


                            They look gorgeous!!


                            • Cross-posted from Mineral Makeup thread.

                              Originally posted by soliloquy3 View Post
                              wow thanks Icacia for the review

                              just curious- have you tried lumiere brushes before? it seems to be really good and raved about in other forums! was wondering if it's comparable to alima?
                              No, I haven't. I'm aware of all the raves about the Lumiere brushes. Such good price for high quality super soft brushes. I wasn't around to order their set though. Good news is, Lumiere's much raved about Kabuki brush is still on the website.

                              Brushes play a major role in MMU. Sometimes, you may have a good foundation but lacking a good brush and the result is less than desired. As I'm currently still using MAC's brush, I have only placed an order for a flat top brush from one of the MMU companies. But the much raved about brushes would be from the following companies:

                              1. Essential Beauty Supplies : : The widest selection of quality brushes I have seen. Reasonable pricing.

                              2. Sevi Vegan Cosmetics : : Pricer but their star brush is the Sevi Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush.

                              3. Forever Female : : Star brush is their Original Ultimate Kabuki.

                              4. Lumiere Cosmetics : : Very value-for-money good quality highly raved Kabuki.

                              Hope that helps
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                              • would like to add on another brush company- alima!
                                their #21 and #25 brushes- more reviews can be found in the alima thread

                                looks like i've to try lumiere brushes myself :D
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