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  • Quick question: does anyone use the kabuki brush for applying two-way cake?


    • I used to use a kabuki to apply ZA 2-way cake only when i wanted a very light application, like on the way to dance classes etc. It doesn't really hide flaws and just evens out skintone somewhat.


      • I agree with effloresce_. Using kabuki with two way gives lighter coverage, more natural and less cakey compared to sponge imo.


        • Originally posted by cherrycola View Post
          Quick question: does anyone use the kabuki brush for applying two-way cake?
          hi there

          yeah i heard of some friends that do that coz its gives a better smoother finish. And also because it feels so much better.. i love kabuki brushes~!!


          • i want to ask if kabuki brush can be used to apply pressed powders?

            cos i ordered them in a everyday minerals spree with my frens. i think it doesn't come with the applicator, so give me some suggestions! TIA!


            • Hi RedPolish, you can achieve a similar effect using kabuki brushes for applying your press powder too. Just ensure that the brush is evenly coated with the powder before applying.


              • where can i get Cat kabuki brush and how much does it cost?


                • is it better to use a kabuki brush to apply loose powder? will the swirling motion sort of rub the foundation off?


                  • if u are refering to mineral makeup
                    U can use flat top brushes to apply foundation which gives a better coverage.
                    and usually ppl will use kabuki to apply finishing powder afterwhich, as it isnt as dense and wil not take off as much of your foundation vs using flat top..


                    • Originally posted by mangoTea View Post
                      where can i get Cat kabuki brush and how much does it cost?
                      Cat kabuki brush is from Cat Cosmetics. you can get it from their website. price is listed there as well.


                      • i use kabuki brush to apply:

                        1) MMU
                        2) MAC foundations (i have lightful)

                        somehow MAC foundations looks better if applied with brush. I have not tried using other sponges other than theirs.

                        I have:

                        1) EDM kabuki (as well as flat top)
                        2) MAC 182 and 183 (dome + flat top)
                        3) Coastal scents wide buffer brush + synthetic kabuki

                        in terms of softness

                        1) CS
                        2) EDM
                        3) MAC

                        both CS + EDM are synthetic brushes, MAC is made of goat's hair.

                        in terms of finish:

                        1) MAC
                        2) CS or EDM. im undecided.

                        182 wins hands down for application. i buff less using this brush as well.

                        sometimes I use kabuki for LP. but not when im using LP alone. when using LP alone, i use their puff. puff deposits more powder on my face (= more coverage).

                        actually, I only use ettusais DPP puff. I have 3 of their puffs. one is pretty old so i am no longer using it. i alternate between 2 of their puffs. one for application at home, and one for application outside (touchups)

                        It's super soft and deposits powder on my face nicely. not cakey yet has coverage. I prefer this more than sana puff, or even ettusais DDP puff. even when im not using ettusais LP, i will still use their puff for other brand's LP.

                        but then again, it's hard to become cakey with LP right?


                        • my chanel kabuki had been stay with me for about one year plus.


                          • My Mac 181 Kabuki brush so far gave me no problems and i like it very much, very soft and doesn't shred much.


                            • I have 2 Cat kabukis. The older model with metal handle is going strong after 3 years. The newer one with black plastic handle has gone on me (2 years) I wash my brushes every 2 months or so, so maybe water got to the base. The brush has broken off from the handle, meaning I can remove the clump of brush hairs out from the black handle socket. So depressing


                              • MAC #182 is fantastic. I use it for applying mineral makeup only though.