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    I am very interested in Rice Powder Cleanser recently. I understand that majority of the cotters like Komenuka Bijin's Rice Powder but this is not available in Singapore.

    I know that WOM-B also has Rice Powder Cleanser. Is it good??

    Has anyone use it? Do you think it is suitable for dehydrated/oily and sensitive skin?
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    Hi fornight

    I'd tried both and i like KB better.. but i would say that the Real cleanser sellingat WOm-B is a good subsitute as a rice cleanser.

    KB smell more natural (rice bran smell) ... REAL ... artificial floral smell...

    KB is more of grain-size and hence has some exfoliating power.

    REAL is powder-type so no exfoliating during cleansing.

    And i *think* KB clean better for my oily skin. But if your ksin is not the super-oily type like mine.. den REAL will work well too

    HTH and happy trying!


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      Is this rice powder the same as haba's washing powder? Mild? Price? looking for a new cleanser which is suitable for my oily yet dehydrated skin now


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        Sky, there's only one type of washing powder from Haba.

        *haba haba dooooooo!!!* < flinstones


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          Your version is more accurate.....Haba sa should change their uniform soon.

          Only one type of powder for Haba (unless they come out new one recently), yours should be Fancl.


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            Originally posted by Sky
            Yaba daba doo!

            Did I read HABA powder has one for oily skin and one for dry skin? Or is that Fancl I'm using?
            there's only one type of Powder Wash that HABA sells.

            The one that you are referring to is Fancl. They have several types to cater differnt skin types. I never try them before.


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              OK, here's some tried & tested comments from me:

              HABA: THE best one I know.

              Fenatty - Good.
              Evante - About similar but somehow not as nice as Fenatty. Perhaps because it's for mature skins, it leaves the skin more emollient.
              Fancl washing powders tend to coagulate easily; don't know why.

              A bit OT: I read from other posts that KB grains are coarser than Dermalogica's Microfoliant.


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                Originally posted by Glossie
                A bit OT: I read from other posts that KB grains are coarser than Dermalogica's Microfoliant.

                Reminder to myself:- Time to get back to KB rice grains for a wash.


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                  KB's the best! Fancl's not bad either. If u can get your hands on KB, do get it!


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                    i like fancl's washing powder...
                    haba one is abit drying for me...


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                      my skin's oily and pretty sensitive and after using the Fenatty washing powder, i find it a bit harsh. i never used HABA's so i can't compare but i experienced no flaking or anything like that. it just seems to "bite" my skin a little or maybe it's my just my imagination - laundry detergent...


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                        i really like haba's washing powder, it leaves my skin smooth and soft.. i prefer this to fancl coz fancl gives me bumps


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                          TBS Moisture White Cleansing Powder

                          Is this worth getting? Or are the Fancl or HABA ones better?
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                            HOw much is this?

                            Anyone tried is it as soapy as FAncl's or more like Dermalogical's daily Micro - less soap but still cleanses well?


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                              in malaysia it's about 90 plus ringgit which would be about 40 something singapore's a bit pricey but it does have things like licorice extract and all that......

                              this is a direct translation from the japanese body shop website:

                              The weak acidic washing face powder is close to the pH of skin. Particle combination of the kaolin which is dampened in the natural hot spring water being smooth, the bubble which has elasticity the soiling of the skin and wraps the old keratin easily, washes away at all. The licorice extract maintains the condition of the skin after the washing the face freshly. Please use in washing the face in morning and evening. 50g \2000

                              the grammar's pretty bad but you can roughly guess what they're trying to say.
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