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    Anyone has the make up pouch and powder brush? Wondering if its good


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      Hi all...

      yesterday i passed by HR counter at Isetan SCOTTS & was attracted by their friendly SAs..

      then they tried PRODIGY FOUNDATION + COLOR CLONE PRESSED POWDER on my face (which all other SAs at other counter brands r NOT willing to...)..

      in e end i bought these 2 products coz the LF covered my eye rings real well & PP is very fine..

      I was told by the SA tt this is their only COUNTER in Spore... sounds so pathetic!!!!

      but it looks like a GREAT BRAND to me...anyone tried it b4??? comments?
      I wana get other loots like MASCARA, BLUSHER... + their skincare even...
      but i wonder y it doesnt seem to be popular in spore???????

      give me all ur valuable feedback can? be it positive or negative...


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        I like HR. Its blush is my HG. I am on my 3rd one now. The mascaras are great too. Unfortunately the price is not very friendly, the products are very expensive when compared to other brands.

        The HR skincare is also very good. I used to use the Force C range.

        I like the eye makeup remover "All Mascara off", it cleans very well.

        HR used to be at Isetan Scotts and Robinsons Centrepoint. The SAs there are generally very friendly and helpful.


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          I've never thought of trying out this brand before (cos the prices seem to be targeted @ older ladies, no offence here though). I got the Full Kiss lipgloss in #17 Speed Date Pink & #15 Pink Lips & they're gorgeous! The lipglosses comes with a handy sponge tip applicator with lid too!

          On another note, the Silky Eye pencil in #08 Shimmer Brown's not bad too. Shimmery yet subtle enough for work

          I can't comment about their other products cos i haven't tried them out before, though i did hear raves from my gf about their Lash Queen mascara & Prodidy cream.


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            wao.. so it's probably coz the pricing is more expensive than other brands & tt HR looks like auntie brand so deters ppl to try it...

            me too realise the pricing is .. more expensive than my previous DIOR / Dermalogica... , but it *** attracted me.... **** im gona try out other brands & do a comparison...

            anyone has more reviews do update me! thank u very much!


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              anyone tried the prodigy eyecream before? its $145..several of my colleagues bought it and i dunno if this is good.
              btw, is HR available at DFS at the airport?


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                Nope, never seen HR at DFS before.


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                  Reviving this thread. Yesterday just got this powder fdn "PORE GENIUS COMPACT" which is exclusive to Asia! The refill is a high $65, but I just got to have it. The case and sponge is $33 (crazy price!) so I didn't get that.

                  Tried it this morning, it really did a good job to cover the pores and my t-zone shined only around 10am. Considered good for me, otherwise my nose shines around 8 plus or 9!!

                  I realised the powder is super fine too. They made it in Japan, maybe that's why!


                  Now lemming the skincare Pore Genius!


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                    there is HR at DFS. i bought my HR life ritual cleansing foam and HR hydra genius at the DFS counter. The SA there is quite nice, she gives good recommendation and is not pushy at all. my cousin uses prodigy and her skin is superb


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                      oh just to add the DFS is the one opposite far east plaza.


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                        Prodigy Eye Cream

                        Originally posted by twinkle
                        anyone tried the prodigy eyecream before? its $145..several of my colleagues bought it and i dunno if this is good.
                        btw, is HR available at DFS at the airport?

                        Hi! i've tried the prodigy eye cream! & i *** say it's really good. it's known as Prodigy EYE BALM actually. good coz it's non-oily (coz my eyes get alot of milla seeds when i use many other eye cream), but this one.. it DOESN'T.

                        It's lightweight..
                        I cannot SAY if it really reduce fine lines & eye rings though coz I didnt really OBSERVE abt tt. But i feel very comfortable having the eye balm on my eyes & it doesnt worsen my eye rings.. haahaa.

                        just my 2 cents worth!


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                          Hr Prodigy Foundation

                          I bought HR PRODIGY FOUNDATION few months ago (cost $100) & have been using it everyday.. it's lightweight & the color tone suits me... i think it's worth $100 because it's quite a big bottle & it can cover my eye rings so it sort of saves my money on eye concealor as well.

                          On days where Im lazy to do full makup, i'll just apply the prodigy foundation on my eyes & dust some LP on it .. then i can go out... =)

                          Personally I like it very much!

                          Nw i still have 3/4 left... but well, girls r just girls.. having a good LF with me & I still think of changing it (trying to resist temptation unless I can find a really gd one to replace this).

                          BUT... the LP color tones don't suit me... so sad!!!!!


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                            I'm a user of their foundation too!!!

                            I find their colours suit me real well too...
                            better than my previous one... The SA said was a bit too pink for me... haha...

                            The coverage was very good and hides all my blemishes real well!!!

                            But the SA did say that some customers complain that they get pimple outbreak after using it...
                            She says its more moisturizing because of its texture.... so not too suitable for oily skin pple...


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                              I have oily t-zone & large pores Any recommendation on their LF that can give a long lasting smooth finish with medium coverage & good oil control

                              By the way i have tried their Lash Queen waterproof mascara.. I must say is smudge-proof & really lengthen my lashes


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                                Hi, where can i find HR counters? Has this brand left SG?