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    Originally posted by atypical
    Gosh ... maybe I am too hard on myself but IT"S TRUE> MY skin is acting up!!!!

    Diane... The shampoo is $19 but I got discount mah.
    No its your mind which is acting up Stella...Diane says her cousin said u look like 20 -22 years old.... wow..


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      Looks like I have to give Diane;s cousin a discount the next time I see her!


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        haha do i get a discount too?


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          Originally posted by angeldiane
          haha do i get a discount too?
          Errrr .... see how lah! :laugh:


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            Originally posted by angeldiane
            haha do i get a discount too?
            Go on, tell her she looks 10 or something! Can't beat having skin like a baby right?


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              not a clinique fan but i love their haircare stuffs.
              love the shampoo, conditioner and healthy hair serum.
              shampoo is not drying at all.
              but the scents for shampoo and conditioner are quite light, so u might not smell much scent.
              but its actually a very nice scent.

              and yah , atypical! i thought u look like u have baby smooth skin!


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                Generally rants from me too!

                skincare wise...3 step is horrible.

                DDML is terribly oily...but I always bring this along with me in the small GWP bottle when I travel to Europe during winter...the DDML is much better for ang mos who live in cold climate. And with that small bottle I don't have to specially go n buy a jmoisturizer that I overwise would not use on normal days in SG.

                take the day off mu remover is terribly oily too! Gentle eye makeup remover is good for contact lens wearer or those ppl with sensitive eyes. It's a light lotion that is not oily and takes eye mu off effortlessly.

                But heard good stuff about their moisture surge and All about eyes. Am using all about eyes now...generally ok but I think it is just good as a general eye gel for eyes...not that it will lessen dark undereye circles or remove fine lines. Moisture surge I have never tried...but heard the eye moisture surge will give you milia.

                Cosmetics wise...their glosses smell n taste plastic-ky, and they turn rancid fast. Lipsticks turn bad fast too...but they do have a decent selection of colours.

                E/s duo are quite thing is they come in a mirror casing (the whole outside of the casing is like a mirror n it magnifies) so sometimes I use that as a small mirror...can pop it into my mu pouch. Pretty standark e/s colours...nothing to really rave about/catch ppl's attention say for eg. like KP trios

                Foundations are only so so...but the Clarifying works for me. I might be the only odd one out here...but I have been using Clinique clarifying foundation for years Clarifying has a shade that matches me exactly and I don't break out from it. And after trying various other high end brands, I find that I still go back to this...but I have yet to try I might just like RMK!

                BUT oen thing good they have attractive gwp most of the time! It's always a mu pouch and various travel size products n a full size lipstick. Shades of cos varies with each GWP. If you are not picky, the GWP is good lah.

                Ultimately with KP, Stila, RMK and the likes to satisfy all our mu needs hehe...I really don't see a need to purchase Clinique at all in SG!


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                  So far from this brand, I like the Emergency mask and scrubs. Find them very suitable for my acne-prone skin.

                  Also heard that their moisture surge range is good but I don't have a chance to try them yet.


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                    Arghhh... i can't believe i actually finished up a few bottles of the biggest sized toners and the those regular facial soaps !!!

                    Once a upon a time, me was a all-clinque user... from facial soap to toner to moisturiser to total turn around cream to all about eyes to Superfit makeup foundation to pressed powder to Lipglosses to Lipstick to nail polish....*faints* :sotong:

                    Their 3 steps skincare stripped my oily skin totally and i believe is way too harsh for me ..even when i had super-oily skin back then.
                    Argghh... toking abt regrets !!! :burning:

                    It's only after many frds raving abt the Moisture Surge Extra dat i tried it recently. It's really quite good leh. Not oily at all and dun feel my face sticky or whatsoever.

                    The Total Turnaround works very good for the 1st bottle too... makes my skin feel so silky soft
                    But alas.. the 2nd bottle losts its magical power

                    Their nail polish is nice too .. i like their colours!

                    Now contemplating whether to get a full-sized MSE(using sample bottle now)



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                      Their soap and toner didn't break me out previously. Maybe I had better skin then.


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                        Another thing about Clinique on top of the open concept, is that the SAs are all wearing the white uniform...makes them look so clinical and so clean...also makes them look quite professional too hehee
                        Last edited by KellyC; 29-03-2003, 04:30 PM.


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                          Not really into Clinique. I hate the packaging actually. However I still reach for the Clinique Gentle Light Powder, very very nice shimmer but not too glittery so it's ok for day too.

                          I also bought the Gentle Light Liquid Foundation, it's so-so. It's not bad but the packaging sucked. No matter how I try to clean the bottle opening and cap, it still gets dirty every time I use it. Threw it away, just opening the bottle and seeing the gunk just puts me off.

                          Many many years ago, I tried several l/s and l/g, had a blush called Tawny or Honey or something non-descript. Also I was using the original TTC when it first came out. However I can't tell if it's that good because I was very much younger then and didn't really have many skin concerns. Basically nothing in Clinique excites me.

                          Oh wait, I forgot about the Haircare. I like their shampoos a lot.


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                   seems that quite some ple (like me inclusive) have had some bad experience with clinique pdts yah...

                            i just went on a shopping spree for cosmetics i guess all my clinique pdts that im currently using will have to go..(sheesh...and to think i used to think very highly of clinique's pdts before i bought them..but alas...)

                            but yes, due credit will have to be given to the SAs, in their crisp white uniforms..i particularly think that the sas at the counter in paragon are all quite helpful and friendly...

                            so....till the next amazing pdt emerges from clinique..i guess i may just have to give this brand a miss for some time now...



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                              i like the perfume -Happy Heart!!!

                              smelt it in a US mag. new one, to be launched soon in sg i think!


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                                Clinque TurnAround Cream and Moisture Surge Cream...

                                Ooh.. I love these 2. Apply at nite and the next morning your face so smooth and nice feeling.