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    Originally posted by mango
    I'm another one who's very unimpressed by this brand. Their makeup oxidises easily and their infamous 3-step skincare system is harsh enough to unclog my kitchen sink and wash my dishes(which is exactly what I did after trying it out for a few days)
    what do u mean?
    harsh as in what way?


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      Originally posted by KellyC
      Generally rants from me too!

      skincare wise...3 step is horrible.

      DDML is terribly oily...but I always bring this along with me in the small GWP bottle when I travel to Europe during winter...the DDML is much better for ang mos who live in cold climate. And with that small bottle I don't have to specially go n buy a jmoisturizer that I overwise would not use on normal days in SG.

      take the day off mu remover is terribly oily too! Gentle eye makeup remover is good for contact lens wearer or those ppl with sensitive eyes. It's a light lotion that is not oily and takes eye mu off effortlessly.

      But heard good stuff about their moisture surge and All about eyes. Am using all about eyes now...generally ok but I think it is just good as a general eye gel for eyes...not that it will lessen dark undereye circles or remove fine lines. Moisture surge I have never tried...but heard the eye moisture surge will give you milia.

      Cosmetics wise...their glosses smell n taste plastic-ky, and they turn rancid fast. Lipsticks turn bad fast too...but they do have a decent selection of colours.

      E/s duo are quite thing is they come in a mirror casing (the whole outside of the casing is like a mirror n it magnifies) so sometimes I use that as a small mirror...can pop it into my mu pouch. Pretty standark e/s colours...nothing to really rave about/catch ppl's attention say for eg. like KP trios

      Foundations are only so so...but the Clarifying works for me. I might be the only odd one out here...but I have been using Clinique clarifying foundation for years Clarifying has a shade that matches me exactly and I don't break out from it. And after trying various other high end brands, I find that I still go back to this...but I have yet to try I might just like RMK!

      BUT oen thing good they have attractive gwp most of the time! It's always a mu pouch and various travel size products n a full size lipstick. Shades of cos varies with each GWP. If you are not picky, the GWP is good ???.

      Ultimately with KP, Stila, RMK and the likes to satisfy all our mu needs hehe...I really don't see a need to purchase Clinique at all in SG!

      Sorry for my ignorance..
      what does GWP means?

      What does mila means in this sentence below?
      Moisture surge I have never tried...but heard the eye moisture surge will give you milia

      what does DDML means?

      thank you for ur reply


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        I am a huge fan of clinique.. I start using clinique due to my male tutor influence and make me think highly of clinique.. I used to think clinique is very POSH! haha.. silly me..

        One day i drop buy clinique as i always want to remove my pimple marks.. this kind lady help me do a test on my skin... she is very kind and nice.. always call me up if there is promotion..

        i buy from her

        Soap - i feel very clean when i was them.

        Clarifying Lotion 3 - i feel good when i used them. but when my itchy hand squeeze the pimple and got blood or white white thing right than when i put the lotion than will be abit pain cause of its alcohol..

        Anti-blemish Solution (night treatment gel) - very good! alot of my scars are GONE! i feel more confident..
        They give me the dramtically different moisturizing loition

        than after 6 mths i buy again
        Gently light powder with shimmering - i scared i dunno how to even the make soo i like loose powder and it is nice.. suit my dark skin colour..

        Dramtically different moisturizing lotion (oil free) - lighter than the free one..

        anti-blemish solution (spot treatment gel) - not bad ???.. pimple get smaller but when the white white thing come out i think u all better don't put cause this thing contain alcohol also than will be pain when u put on the cooked pimple.. and this thing will look very flaky when it is dry...

        Moisture surge light (thirsty skin relief) - good.. very light and have alot of advantage than the stupid moisturizing lotion.. very good..

        6months later

        i buy again! LOL..

        Clarifying loition big bottel - small one use finish and find it good

        anti-blemish solution (cleansing form or i should say make up remover) - so so ???.. i dunno how to judge...

        City Cover (Compact concealer) - to conceal my scar but due to my unprofesional make up technics it make me look very fake.
        under the SA she do it very nice as if my skin is flawless LOL!
        that what make me buy it! LOL

        last year i take up make up course from them just need to pay $10 and u can buy any product and cut off $10

        than i buy

        High Impact Eye Shadow duo - good and light it alot

        Lip balm (grape tint) - love it alot but abit long than got one smelly smell..

        so far she have given me free item all are small small miniature ok!
        5 - 7 of lipstick ??? seldom use,
        small tube of anti-blemish solution (daytime shield) - GOOD!!!
        brusher - very soft,
        happy perfume minature - nice!
        mascara - two side of mascara one if for volume and another side is for long! and good!
        cool lustre (body moisture) got shmeering and it is nice
        total turnover - smooth smooth face when i wake up in the morning
        deep cleansing emergency mask - feel clean and good cause it minnise my pore
        7 days scrub - remove black head with the mask and quite good.
        instant energy (body wash) - okok smooth feeling
        sparke skin (body exfoliator) - very clean and i find this good!
        Eye make up remover- okok
        eye and lip make up remover - okok

        after i learn the make up course and i tell myself my improve my skill! LOL...
        than i start using make up..
        than after a few days
        i got alot alot hell of clogged pores and i am soo shock and sad..
        on my right cheek got 20 and on my left cheek got 19 and some on the forehead.. those number are all those small small small pimples..
        i go back to other store and ask.. one malay SA not friendly also.. say i use the wrong method for mositurizing.. than i stop using
        still got!
        than i go back to them again they ask me not to use make up and scrub for a time being...
        i thought it is my blusher as it is from my mother and very old.. than i don't use and i use only my light loose powder than still come out..

        i lose heart with clinique..than i stop make up and the things stop than ???.. my face got alot of scars because of the outbreak.. soo sad man.. at 1st was sooo good and recovering now sigh... i go to The nature source also no result like that..
        than on 7th feb i use the gentle light loose powder cause i got something on than because i can wash off my make up those clogged pores are back.. than i feel very depressed.. i go to haach , jean yip n they all want me to sign package about $1000+ and only basic facial for haach and jean yip is treatment facial but not gurannttee..
        than i look for my clinique consultant and the place got staff annual day than not open..
        than i go to tangs clinique.. than i say how come my face like this than i started to cry already.. i am very very sad. i told them my whole situation... than they ask me to stop everything.. don't use everything.. ask me to use the soap only... than my soap finish i need to buy than they recommend me the anti blemish soap.. meant for acne face.. so now under that medication.. than they ask me to bring back my make up product see got expired or not..
        MY Gentle Light loose powder has EXPIRED!! 3 years plus already that why last year my skin started to get irritate!!!! i thought it was the blush than i stop using.. still come out.. i thought my loose powder brush was dirty than i use cotton butt than it still come out! now than the truth is out!! my LOOSE POWDER has EXPIRED!!
        than my consultant give me clarfiying foudation cause 14 feb i have to attend mtv asia award.. hope my face is recovering soon... than i have to start all over again to remove my pimple marks...

        my dressing table all clinique! LOL.. just bought some stila stuff..

        Yours sincerly


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          wow kitara
          seems like u have a case of allergies to this skincare brand....

          i suggest not using makeup when u have pimples and things like that
          it will further cause more probs
          good luck on finding your HG skin regime...


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            Wow kitara you really seem to be a clinque fan more than me. Ha ha.. I did start with their foundation then skin care but now i am just using the following products

            1. Clinque anti-blemish remover
            2. Clinque clarifying skin makeup (discontinued)

            Tried the anti-blemish night gel but no effect on me.


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              I'm quite a Clinique fan...but am under the impression that a lot of people don't like Clinique. My friends don't understand why I like it so much.

              I used to use their 3 step for quite a while. Didn't really suit me after a while and I don't really like soap anyway.

              Total Turnaround
              Very good. Contains BHA and gently exfoliates. Promotes radiance and said to lighten marks over prolong usage. Use after moisturiser.

              Moisture Surge Extra
              Forget about Moisture Surge Light. This is better, not greasy or oily at all. Not really a moisturiser. It's totally water based. Doubles up as a moisture mask if you use a thick layer. Otherwise, I use it as a moisture blanket after all my skincare at night.

              Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask
              Really good for deep cleansing. Clears up my problem skin. But take note not to leave on for too long. And this is not suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

              Anti Blemish Body Spray
              Good but not good enough for me, cos I went to see a doctor instead for my pimply back.

              Anti Blemish Spot Treatment Gel
              Good and effective. But I got this from a swapper who said it didn't work on her cos her pimples got "used to it".

              Anti Blemish Concealing Cream
              Treats blemishes and conceals at the same time. Good for covering that red spot. No complains.

              Anti Blemish Night Treatment Gel.
              The Spot Treatment worked better for me. This is a maintenance product to prevent them from returning. Heard some reviews saying it lightens marks as well.

              All About Eyes
              I finished an entire tub of it! The first time I finished any eye cream. Seems to lighten a circles a little and didn't give me any millia.

              Moisture Sheer L/S
              Ok, I know this isn't skincare. But I love this one so much I've got 5 of these. Very moisturising for my very dry lips.

              As for the rest of the Clinique stuff, not too impressive...


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                Hi dinnosaur

                I've been using Total turnaround before my moisture surge extra. is that wrong? I asked on MUA once, and the girls said that it's better to apply TTA first so that its BHA can work its magic on the skin.



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                  I use EL's idealist and Clinique's TTA alternatively, but usually its the TTA. And I use TTA, followed by blemish gel, then the moisture surge (if I'm hardworking enough)

                  I think what you're doing seems like what I'm doing too... :D


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                    I use mostly Clinique items for my skincare regime; the one that I think really works is the "Total turnaround visible skin renewer for oilier skins" (what a mouthful). I think it makes my skin softer, smoother, and pores smaller too! Others have noticed the difference as well
                    But it's pretty ex (for me at least), about $60-70 IIRC.

                    Rinse off foaming cleanser: Nice scent, cleans well, and a little goes a looong way.

                    The clarifying lotion 3: Seems pretty harsh, as the alcohol stings my eyes/nose. I use it once every few days, and works ok as a toner I suppose, I don't really know what the criteria for a good toner is.

                    I also use the DDML, and I think it's not super moisturizing, but works fine for my combination skin. Most people don't like the DDML, and I agree; I got it as a GWP, so I thought might as well finish it; otherwise I definitely won't spend money on it.
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                      Sorry but Whats the full name of DDML and TTA?? :huh:


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                        TTA = Total turnaround; there're many variants of the TTA series.

                        DDML= Dramatically different moisturizing lotion; though there're many users who would say there's nothing really dramatic about it, except how dramatically un-moisturizing it is heh. It's the yellow coloured lotion that almost always comes with their GWP.


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                          Originally posted by Adrienne
                          I also use the DDML, and I think it's not super moisturizing, but works fine for my combination skin. Most people don't like the DDML, and I agree; I got it as a GWP, so I thought might as well finish it; otherwise I definitely won't spend money on it.
                          This contains Aloe Vera and thus may appeal to those who likes the plant, but I agree - I too wouldn't spend a cent on it cos it feels pretty oily and smells rather awful, to me at least


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                            I've tried:

                            Total Turnaround Visible Skin Renewer - Was my Holy Grail moisturiser for a while cos it made my skin feel so smooth. But it stopped being effective after I used about 75% of my jar. Didn't repurchase as I heard that BHAs may irritate the skin.

                            Moisture Surge Extra - I still like this cos it's really light and non-oily. But it stings a little when my skin is sensitive or sunburnt. Prefer IPSA Moisture Keep Up Essence to this now due to the lighter texture.

                            All about Eyes - Blah.. doesn't seem to make any difference to my undereye lines. An average eyecream at best.

                            Tinted Superbalm in Mango Tint and Raspberry Tint - I love this lipbalm! Very moisturising and leaves a sheer glossy tint. I like the Mango one better and will repurchase it soon.


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                              Aahhh, Thanks Adrienne


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                                Your Experience on Clinique - DDML oil free

                                I just brought myself this product but i don't know how good this product is?

                                Please give me your experience on it ?

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