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    My fiance's going for business trip to Korea and was asking me what I wanted.

    Does anybody have any recommendations on what's good?

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    meow was raving about some ginseng mask...not sure about korean skincare tho' but check la neige and etude

    but it's genes

    my korean friends have the most flawless tofu skin i've ever seen even when they've spent more than 10 years growing up in Sg *jealous*


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      Yes yes the ginseng mask is fabulous. It has whitening effect and yet clear your pores. Non-drying too....The Koreans believe Ginseng is good for skin.

      Try their drugstore which is very much like those Japanese drug store and Sasa. You will find all kinds of Korean brands under one roof including your usual Maybelline and the likes. I like Etude lipgloss esp. Cheap and good. The blushers are beautiful too...Never tried Laneigh before but it was pretty popular in Korea. I find the scent in the powder a bit overwhelming.

      Heh heh can try checking KP trios too (they might still have the recent ones like KP17 for egs). There is Stila (not sure whether they have any special Korean collectibes).

      Some of my friends like their skincare but I never tried before so can't comment.


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        I'll probably get him to get me some Ginseng masks and save the checking out of makeup and assorted for the next time when I can accompany on his trip.


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          Oh yeah, ginseng mask!!! Sorry, don't know of any particular brand though....but I think these are quite common in Korea.


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            anyone know where to get korean ginseng mask in sg? got whitening effects right? is it good? anyone tried it before?


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              VoV has many great things to get from, just like Etude!!!

              There are many brands of ginseng mask. But they are all great!! I got mine at 9000 kwon (less than SGD 15).

              There are many good peeling milk there too. I bought OCL (brand name) from Minimall. and it is mild enough for me to use on my Tzone EVERYDAY.

              They have many different types of pore pack. I bought a charcoal one, GOOD ONE!!

              Actually when we went to korea just two weeks ago, we discovered that their skin was not really as fantastic as we thought. Most of them hide it under VERY THICK powder and that's why it looks good from far. When you go near them, you will see some bumps underneath those thick layers of powder.
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                hmm.. there is this shop that sells korean cosmetics right? at herren level 3 or 4 i think. anyone knows whether they sell ginseng masks there?


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                  hmm.. there is this shop that sells korean cosmetics right? at herren level 3 or 4 i think. anyone knows whether they sell ginseng masks there?


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                    anymore good things to buy for face in korea? any mask to recomend? there's so many of these brands infiltrating(sorry for lack of better word) into singapore. the face shop, missha, the skin food and besides a one off try with the skinfood's watermelon mask and the face sho[p pearl and eculyptus paper mask, i havent got the faintest idea about korean brands. so what is good and where can you get it in korea?


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                      KOREAN brand skincare

                      so much about JAPAN skincare and realized not much on KOREAN skincare. anyone?? :bath:

                      i only know OHUI and WHOO, anyone can contribute?


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                        I only know Laneige.
                        Does Skinfood, The Face Shop and Beauty Credit counts?


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                          BRTC, Dr. Jart+, and Missha. I only got to know and tried Korean skin care after using BB creams.


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                            Etude/Etude House, Hanskin and my latest craze, beauty innovation or tu xiao xiong..their platinum mask is


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