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  • Microdermabrasion

    Anyone go for this treatment? There are two types: the kind where little crystals are sprayed, and the kind where a diamond wand is used to gently scrape your skin (supposed to be the newer version of the two). I go for the latter, which has no down time at all and is not painful. Better than extractions! It's terribly expensive though!

    I go for this about once a month, especially when I have no time for facials. Absolutely love it cos its sucks away all the gunk and dead cells, leaving skin smooth. Very satisfying when you see the pads where your debris is collected, and there's so much!

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    Re: Microdermabrasion

    Hi Diva! I see you finally posted!

    Where do you go for y our treatments? Does it leave your face all red?

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      Immediately after treatment, there's a very mild redness, but only cos your skin's been massaged by the wand. But the redness goes away really fast - nothing like the redness you get from extractions at facials (ouch!).

      Why I go - well, it really helps to smoothen skin, get rid of dead cells and some of the gunk in your pores (due to vacuum action wand has). It's good for just about any type of skin. Supposedly over time, it'll help smoothen ice-pick scars a little. Skin is very smooth after treatment and a little fairer.

      The wands come in different courseness, so the smoothest one can also be used on the eye area. And the machine has variable vacuum suction, so the therapist will adjust this to your skin type accordingly.


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        diva, i've been interested in this forever - where do u go for it and how much does it cost?


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          Originally posted by bluebubble
          diva, i've been interested in this forever - where do u go for it and how much does it cost?
          yap we need the
          1. place
          2. cost
          3. duration of each session
          4. suitable for all skin types?

          i presume it gets rid of blackheads efficiently too?


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            Hi KellyC and bluebubble

            I go to Endermologie @ Delfi. $150 per session, which lasts 30-40 min.

            It's actually the distributor's showroom, but they supply to several clinics and salons, so you'll find this service elsewhere. If you try other places, enquire about which type of microdermabrasion it is though - the crystals or the diamond wand. I used to go to this dermatologist's clinic, and they advised against the former type cos it could irritate my pimply skin. The diamond wand is gentler but very effective!

            Its recommended for almost every skin type...even aging skin (they use less suction power) because it makes skin look smoother. If your blackhead problem is serious, it may take a few sessions, but you can't do it more than once a fortnight, I think. But it's so satisfying to see those pads that collect the gunk! They even let you keep it as a souvenir if you want, haha!!


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              hey thanks! will have to go check it out then. I can just imagine myself $150 poorer....sigh.


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                hmm does this help to fade pimple scars in the long run? flat greyish/reddish ones..not craters?


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                  Hi angeldiane

                  Yeah, I think it does, since exfoliation in general does. I have a lot of those types of scars, and it helps. Don't expect immediate miracles though. Still has to be complemented by other exfoliating agents in your daily routine.


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                    wow..thanks..i'll check that out


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                      hi diva,

                      do u require special skincare or makeup after using going for this treatment? cos i dun wanna change the entire skincare line or makeup...can reveal the number to the facial salon u go to..wanna call them to find out more abt the procedure..thanks


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                        Is Diva Paphio? They have the same avatar. I'm confused now! :roll:

                        Anyway, microdermabrasion sounds *ouch*, although I did read in Vogue that it's the secret of many women who have radiant, youthful-looking skin.

                        I have enquired about this treatment before but was advised not to try it because I have sensitive skin. I was also told I probably won't need this until I'm well into my 30s. Just some factors you gals may wanna consider before shelling out the $. (Of course, each individual's skin condition may vary!)


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                          Hi twinkle,
                          No, you don't need to change your skincare.

                          Hi pandora76
                          The diamond wand version of microdermabrasion isn't painful at all, but I think the version where they spray tiny crystals is a little biting, hense they don't recommend it for skin that's sensitive or broken out.

                          Paphio - ooh, sorry! Didn't know you were using this avatar! I chose it cos I kinda like the old world feel of it!


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                            hi diva,

                            the facial salon i used to buy my dermalogica skincare products also offer this treatment! Its called Posh Creations at Suntec City..she encouraged me before but my bf told me not to go to salons but instead to dermatologist or doctors as they have more credibility...dunno leh..wanna try but am worried...


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                              Diva, is the salon on the same flr as Carrier Model or Devotion salon?