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    hi jollydolly, thanks ! glad it works well for you. thanks for the recommendation. the true radiance foundation sounds tempting!


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      Any reviews on Clarins instant Blush? Will it clot pore? Is it as good as what the description say?


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        chasey, instant blush is pretty interesting as in it will appear different colours on each individual. It can even be used on lips as a beautiful gloss.

        here is the swatch on the back of my hand:

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          Review: Clarins Rouge Prodige & Palette Prodige Face & Blush Powder

          Trying on the Clarins Rouge Prodige in 105 Peach Sorbet:

          Colour: 105, Peach Sorbet (from the pinks to plums 'family')

          Smell: It is hard for me to describe the scent but its a very nice smell that reminds me of some candy/cake toppings.. something like strawberry shortcake!

          Texture: I applied a lip balm on my lips prior to applying Rouge Prodige, and the lipstick just glided so smoothly on my lips. No hard lines or dryness.

          Packaging: It comes in an elegant, light gold case with a new chic, graphic design. Its tube has a slanted top and is embossed with the Clarins Logo.

          Price: $35 for 3g/0.1oz

          My Thoughts:
          First of all, I have to admit that I am not a lipstick person. I always feel conscious about my lips because I find them thick and fat looking plus wearing lipstick would sort of give me sausages-looking lips and making my lips drier, that is why I seldom wear lipstick.

          But after trying out Clarins Rouge Prodige, I think I am beginning to change my perception of wearing lipsticks. My lips feel moisturised and protected throughout the day (with touch-ups after meals). It adds some shine to my lips without causing any dryness nor made my lips chapped.In the past, I had tried a few lipsticks but most of them dried out my lips but not for Clarins Rouge Prodige. Now it feel as if I am wearing my favourite lip blam but with colour. I guess the light pink/peachy shade sort of suit my lips, giving me 'My Lips But Better' lips effect. Joanna mentioned that Clarins Rouge Prodige contains Omega 3,6 and 9.. WOW. now my lips are in for a treat! No wonder, it is stated that Rouge Prodige has all the qualities of a genuine lip care product!

          Here is how my lips look with Clarins Rouge Prodige in 105, Peach Sorbet..

          I also tried on Clarins Palette Prodige Face & Blush Powder on my face:

          Shades/Directions of Use:

          To naturally enhance and even out the complexion, simply blend together the 4 shades - pale pink, sun-kissed beige, sparkling coral and natural beige.

          For an instant healthy-glow effect, highlight cheeks with a touch of sparkling coral. For a subtle tanned look, sweep acrss the whole face with a touch of sun-kissed beige.

          A light gold, square case with light gold lid and translucent red base, including a red velvet purse to store the palette.

          Price: $65 for 10g/0.35oz.

          Swatches of the 4 shades:

          My thoughts:

          The powder is soft and fine. Pale Pink and Natural beige are abit sheer though, so they make very good choices for highlight/overall finish powder. Although Sparkling coral may appear abit red in this swatch, it really gives a very nice glow effect on my cheeks when use it alone. When in the mood for a subtle tanned look, sun-kissed beige can be used on the whole face..Overall I like the palette, its convenient to carry around as it can be used as a highlight powder, blusher and a touch-up powder (using natural beige). I also like the red velvet purse that comes with the palette, I can just chucked it into my comestic pouch, without worrying that it may be scratched.


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            i got this INSTANT BLUSH on impulse. As always, such products turn reddish on me and cos it's in a balm form, it looks like my side of face is red from being sensitive. Anybody wants to do a swop?


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              I'm tempted to try the Instant Smooth Foundation. Anyone tried it? What are your thoughts on it?


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                Review of Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector

                Colour: Shade No.00 Light Beige. A pretty fair neutral shade I find. It just disappeared when I blended the swatches at the back of my hand. It should suit fair-medium skin tones. No.01 Rosy Beige, contains pink undertone and No.02 Medium Beige, is more of under yellow undertone, the darkest shade out of the 3 shades.

                Smell: I did not detect any smell though.

                Texture: It is creamy and has a very smooth texture which blends easily onto my skin. It feels lightweight, and comfortable too.

                This light gold pen with the Clarins logo and lettering in red is a take-everywhere radiance essential. The top quality brush ensures perfectly precise touch-ups throughout the day.

                Application method: Simply turn the bottom part of the tube in clockwise motion to dispense a very small amount of product and brush it on required areas. The clever brush applicator gives precise application of product on the required areas. When using it for the very first time, I have to turn the bottom part of the tube in clockwise motion for 12 rounds before the product is being dispensed onto the brush. (*See picture below) Subsequently, you just need to turn it like 1/4 of a round and the product will be dispensed onto the brush, since we use just a little amount of product each time.

                Price: $45/ 2ml (0.07Oz.)

                Coverage: It does not completely conceal my horrible dark circles, but it does help to illuminate my eye areas..making it less tired-looking in an instant. As such, dark circles becomes lighten.

                Now compare both sides of my eyes. Right side showing after applying Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector in Shade No.00, follow by setting of product by dusting Clarins Hydra-Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation under the eye area.

                Left side ( Before) is totally bare.. Can see any difference??

                My thoughts:

                Wow! The right side of my eye certainly looks much refreshed and radiance. The dark circle seem greatly reduced, although my heavy eye bags are still present. Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector does what it stated, to optically diminish dark circles, and brighten complexion at the same time. With Hyaluronic acid complex and Oat Sugars as key ingredients in the product, I know my skin is in for a treat, as they help to hydrate my skin and smooth my facial features.. Can I say its a makeup + skincare product 2 in 1?

                What I realised after trying the product a couple of times: Apply an eye cream/gel before using the product.. and do apply sparingly as only a little amount of product is required each time, if you feel its not enough, you can always add a little bit more.. For my first time, I used too much product under my eyes resulting in cakiness. So subsequently I used just a bit of product under my eyes, and result is much better. Also try not to apply/pile up heavy 2-way/compact powder after applying the product under your eyes, because it will also make the areas too drying. Just lightly dust loose powder to set the product will do.


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                  Review of Clarins Hydra Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation

                  Color: 03 IIY Natural. When I first looked at the foundation in the pan, I thought it looked orangey but after trying it on my face, the foundation just blended perfectly skin. This shade is more of a yellow undertone, which should suit NC25-NC30 skin tones.

                  Texture: The powder is finely milled, smooth and light weight... I apply the foundation with the sponge that was included with the foundation and it just glides on my skin. Blend well too. Definitely no fall out of powder residue.

                  Smell: There is not much scent for this foundation. No fanciful smell for sure.

                  Coverage: It does even out my skin tone and gives a radiance effect ( Thanks to the "3D Luminance" pigments.) However, it does not really cover my horrible acne scar marks and dark circles. I got to apply concealer on my acne scar marks before applying this foundation. If you have very light acne scar marks, this foundation should be able to conceal minor flaws.

                  Lasting Effect: This foundation can last more than 6 hours, without any touch-up.. My face still look fresh even after 6 hours of application. Oil control is also pretty amazing, because slight shine at my forehead and corners of my nose appeared only after 6 hours of wear.

                  Prices: $55 for foundation refill (13g/0.45Oz.) and $20 for case.

                  Packaging: The foundation refill is sold separately from the case. However, the case itself is gorgeous looking, very similar to the casing of Clarins Palette Prodige Face & Blush Powder. It is a light gold, rectangular case with a refined, elegant design, with one of the corners stamped with a stylized Clarins leaf, marked with the initial C. For the price, a red velvet purse is also included, so we can just put our foundation in our bag wherever we go, without worrying that the case may be scratched.

                  My thoughts:

                  This foundation is worth checking out! I feel as if I am not putting on any foundation on my face, because its light weight and so smooth. The colour matches my skin tone and it gives my skin a brightening effect too. The presence of "3D Luminance" pigments seem to give a slightly refined face as natural light is diffused in a way that sculpts my face. ( I do not have to purposely contour and highlight my face to achieve a sculpted face) Another plus point is it is long lasting, lasted about 6 hours before I need to touch up. While most of the Clarins products are Made In France, this particular product is Made In Japan.

                  I like the fact that it has added SPF20 PA++ which is able to give added sun protection against the harmful UV rays when I am out. I also like the gorgeous looking case, with a big mirror. If it is slightly more compact (thinner) , it would be even better. However, this gorgeous looking case does easily attract finger prints but luckily it comes with a nice red velvet purse which can be used to polish the light gold case ( I used the back side of the purse though) and it is highly recommended to keep the case in the velvet purse to protect it from any scratches.