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Recs for thermal hair protectants?

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  • Recs for thermal hair protectants?

    Sorry don't know what the generic term is but I need recs for hair products (usually leave ins I think) that help protect the hair when blowdrying.

    Besides Thermasilk which we can't get here, does anyone know of any brand or uses such products?

    I blowdry my hair a lot (hot air too) so I'm desperate. Right now I'm not using anything except styling balm and I'm frying my hair to bits! I have to dry my hair or I look like I just escaped from IMH. Help...Thank you

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    i just saw some of these thermal hair protector things yesterday, i think a no. of brands make them - l'oreal, neutrogena, redken...but i dont' use these so can't say what's the best

    however, i would advice you to stop blow drying your hair coz it's really REALLY bad for your hair. i never ever blow dry my hair except once in a blue moon when i'm PMSing or too tired and want my hair to dry before sleeping BUT i *always* regret right after coz it leaves my hair so SO dry. even if i have to go out right after washing my hair, i let it dry naturally

    so just try to not blow dry your hair if possible


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      Second what Bluebubble has said, I rarely blowdry my hair unless I need to rush out...most of the time I let it dry naturally (though it can take up to 3 hours because it's so thick!).

      Sorry, I'm not familiar with thermal protectants....what I can sugest however is to rethink your haircut. If you need to blowdry every day, your hair probably isn't falling properly on its own, and this shoudn't be the case if you have a haircut tha suits your hair texture and length. Maybe consult your hairstylist about this next time?


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        Hey don't regularly blowdry your hair. Its really bad for your hair and no amount of treatment will help. Always let it dry naturally. If you hair is thick, I wld suggest layer it. I have never blow dry my hair unless when I am at the hair salon or when I am abroad on official trips.

        Can I know why you have to blowdry your hair regularly?


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          hi. i have this neutrogena thing especially for blowdrying yr hair, no idea if its good cos i do not really blowdry my hair and i find it REAL stinky. perhaps you can try citre shine's straightening balm, it helps to tame the hair and i think is a pretty good product for its price, hths i do agree with the others though, i think that is probably the easiest way to murder your hair![though its technically dead but yknow.. ]


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            Originally posted by cube
            hi. i have this neutrogena thing especially for blowdrying yr hair, no idea if its good cos i do not really blowdry my hair and i find it REAL stinky.
            Hmm, this rings a bell, I believe I used to own this too, once upon a time, and yes, the SMELL!!! How could I forget about that!!! :laugh:


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              I think blowdrying your hair is ok as long as you know the right way of doing it, and use the approp. heat protectant products. I remem once I was in my usual hair salon in Pacific Plaza and I was rushing somewhere so I asked if I could NOT get my hair blown dry after the wash. The stylist was shocked! And he refused to let me go just like that, instead he got someone else to help him so I had 2 people blowdrying my hair at the same time. He said smthg about it's not good to go out with wet hair?

              Probably you could limit blowdrying to alternate days or a few times a week etc. Generally I also prefer letting my hair air dry, I like the cool feeling I get as it dries!


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                redken has this heat activated treatment from the so long range. its a spray so you just spray it on before blowing dry. its not so much to protect your hair but rather the heat activates the treatment so i guess that offsets the damage caused from the blow drying. i use this when i blowdry my hair and its nice. my hair feels really soft after.

                but like the rest suggested, try not to blowdry your hair too much. i have really thick hair so i used to blow dry everytime i wash my hair else it will take like 4 hours to dry. but now i let it air dry till its about half dry, then i just have a quick blast with the hair dryer on low setting for a couple minutes.


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                  I used to use the one from Neutrogena then I switched to the one by Sebastian. Haven't used it for a long time but I liked it then.


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                    Hi all, thanks. I know I shouldn't blow dry and I usually don't.

                    However that was *before* smart me decided to go perm my hair. I used to have very nice fine no-need for rebonding kind of hair. Sigh I have just past bra length loose curls that look very nice when I use the styling balm and blow dry with the diffuser. However if I leave my hair to dry by itself, it looks awful, very messy.

                    Do you all think I should just go and get my hair straightend out?