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  • Clarins

    Anything good from this brand?

    I know they make decent products all round, but nothing particularly outstanding. I used to use their cellulite lotion (the one with caffeine in it)...think it's called Body Lift or something? It was not bad, but then I discovered YSL Ligne Pure, which is MUCH better in terms of scent and speed of absorbency...and results!

    Previously I used their gentle foaming cleanser...again, I found something I liked better in Ayura's Sensitive Cleansing Foam. I also used Clarin's gentle eye makeup remover, but prefer the biphase one from Chanel Precision (less oily, superior texture and makeup removing capabilities).

    But I'm intrigued by certain Clarins products, like their body oils for relaxing, for firming and toning....they smell really good! Has anyone tried these and how are they?

    Also heard good things about their gentle roll-on deodorant. Seems like it's always sold out, and it's supposed to have a really nice botanical scent. Can anyone vouch for this? So far I've been using L'Occitane's crystal, since drugstore roll-ons usually irritate my sensitive skin and make me all dry, itchy and flaky...but I would like to give the Clarins one a try if anyone has something good to say about it. :wink:

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    I'd like to know about that deodorant too!


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      i've used the instant eye makeup remover - good but berry expensive so not using anymore

      i've also used the lipstick in the red packaging - some nice colours, great packaging but overly-scented, yeeps; my mother likes it tho'

      gentle foam cleanser is berry nice but hmmm i prefer my rice cleansers


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        i used to use the body lift, nice scent but i don see anything it did to me, so i stop, prob i was expecting lots.

        i m interested in the deodorant too, anyone care to share their views?


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          I got the Clarins 3pc red-handled brush set in Perth - blush brush, powder brush and e/s brush and I love the powder brush especially! It's large, fluffy, soft yet picks up just enough product.. I even like it better than my MAC travel brush set (which I heard is slightly inferior to regular MAC brushes..)


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            Tried the following products:-

            Renew-Plus Night Lotion - This is good! Tried this in a sample but did not purchase this. I don't know why. Love the texture and gives my skin the softness.

            Cleansing Milk for combination/oily skin - Started off getting their start kit (together with the toner) Peformance: so-so only! Very greasy even after washing away my makeup. Got to wash again with my usual cleanser.

            Toning Lotion for combination or oily skin - Didn't like this! Still feels very greasy even applying the toner alone. It could be I have used too much! Gave that away after several tries.

            Gentle Exfoliating Refiner - The best around in Clarins! It's gentle to the skin. After washing, it leaves my skin soft and smooth. I have moved on to try other products. Might consider getting this again!

            Line Prevention Multi-Active Night Lotion - A lightweight nighttime moisturiser. Tried this sample. It's a fantastic product I must say! Loves its lightweight and I can see slight results from it.

            Body Lift Advanced Cellulite control - Didn't do anything to me! A disappointment! I have moved on to try YSL Ligne Pure . Can see visible results.

            Powder Compact -Loves the texture of the pressed powder! But alas! The powder turned too pinky on me! Not much color selection from this line. Another disappointment.

            Lipstick that comes in a gold casing. Loves the color, long lasting w/o giving my lips the dryness but it had been discountinued i think.

            Whitening Mask - It lightens some of the pimples scars and giving you the radiant, clear skin.

            Also tried other samples from Clarins! But can't remember the names off hand. Will post if I do.

            You can also pop by any Clarins counter and do a skin consultation. After the session try to get some samples before buying and this is what I did!

            HTH! :D
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              Hee hee... I suddenly remember a few years back, before CosyCot and MUA.... I temped as a Clarins' counter SA at Taka for a few days....

              A lobang from a fren.... pay was good, but it was just for like 2-3 days. Spent the whole time trying out their stuff. Served a lot of rich indonesian tai tais too.

              The items I like from Clarins:

              1) The foaming cleanser
              2) The Body Lift
              3) The hand and nail treatment cream

              Items that's the most popular in terms of sales then:
              1) BodyLift
              2) Concealer
              3) Pimple cream
              4) Bust gel
              5) Chaping cream
              6) hand and Nail treatment
              7) The for-mature-skin range.... can't remember the name but it's peach in colour, unlike the typical white packaging. The neck cream as well as the night cream is real popular among ladies above 40.

              Makeup range is only so-so I think


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                I tried tons of Clarins product that I don't remove their names. And I hv tons of samples at home, courtesy of my montly facial at Clarins. I like their body oils (the one in yellow colour) and I have bottles and bottles of their aromatherapy shower gels (free). Love their scented candles. Very relaxing. The bust gel is very popular. I just didn't have the time to apply daily. The whitening mask is not bad too. I use this once a week and it does help to lighten some marks. My hubby likes the energising morning cream (too oily for my skin) and the renew-plus and multi-active range.


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                  Originally posted by "dolphin"

                  Tried the following products:-

                  Renew-Plus Night Lotion - This is good! Tried this in a sample but did not purchase this. I don't know why. Love the texture and gives my skin the softness.


                  I second Dol on this one. Their whitening moisture lotion with SPF 20++ (think this is the name) didn't work for me though...I suspect it broke me out.... very very badly. This is the first time I break-out from using unsuitable products because I believe my skin is not that sensitive...
                  Took 1 month plus to recover from the breakouts after I stopped using it.

                  I also love their facial contour lift cos' I like giving my face a massage everyday. Also to rave about is their beauty flash balm. It's like a makeup base and I top it up as a day moisturizer too cos' my face can be quite oily. Works well for me.


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                    Tried the following of Clarins' products:

                    Milk Cleanser for combination skin: Quite nice. Cleans nicely and is very gentle. But I wont buy again coz it isnt really that great. But I did go thru like 2 bottles.

                    Combination Skin Toner : this is very gentle and quite nice but a very normal product. Nothing special abt it.

                    Gentle peeling mask: Great exfoliator for those with sensitive skin. Doesnt hurt the skin since it isnt with granules or scrubs. U just leave it on ur skin for one or two minutes and gently rub them off with ur fingers.

                    Normalizing nite gel: normal product. Doesnt really normalize my combination oily skin.

                    Hydra matte day lotion: average product but i always go back to this when i am in between products and cant find anything to use coz i know this is gentle n wont break me out.

                    SOS serum: always use this when there is red patch on my skin due to sensitivity. quite nice and though it is "oil", it doesnt make me break out or anything.

                    Soothing Mask : i used this once a week with the SOS serum underneath. It is very gentle n soothes my skin.

                    But now i no longer use Clarins stuff. Just wanna move one and look for better stuff.


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                      I used their toner before, very nice but costly so I stopped.
                      Cleansing Milk (combi skin with gentian extracts) is very nice, abit greasy but most milks seem to be to me- I use it as the 2nd step in my oil-milk-foam routine to remove makeup.
                      White essence to remove spots I tried a small sample- not enough to see results.

                      Plant normalising mask my FAVE! Gentle does not dry- it was rated best by a panel of users in a local mag eons ago (so maybe not up there in technology what with newer pdts now). I've been using this product for years- used to have oily skin when younger so it was 2x or 3x weekly, but now with older dryer skin I use 1x a week at most. I *cannot* use OTHER clay-type masks, way too drying for me.

                      I want to try their Clarins Eye mask! But it's too expensive I'm trying to go as cheap as I can, I think Fancl's MCP is cheaper (except that they expire so quickly I'll need to replenish frequently).


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                        Heard that the moisturizing mask is good, anyone knows how much it cost? And any other positive reviews for this brand skincare? TIA


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                          Hi, there is already another thread on Clarins. I am going to merge the two threads. Thanks.


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                            Has anyone tried the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm?


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                              Me me! I've used it two times so far. It's very light & when you apply it onto your face, there's a nocticable sheen. Some people might intrepret it as oily looking. Foundation seem to go on smoother after that. This gives my face a glow & makes the makeup stay on a little longer. I think I am liking it.