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    Any must-haves or raves from Peter thomas roth? I'm particularly interested in the Environmental repair hydrating gel as well as other moisturisers, any reviews to share?

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    Re: Peter Thomas Roth

    The sunblock SPF30 is v good. It works the moment you slap it on instead of having to wait 30mins first then u go swim or watever. And it's also non greasy, feels very light when applied to skin. Also doesn't irritate sensitive skin.

    And he has many types of sunblock available...i think about there's one for everyone.

    PTR sunblock
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      Must have :

      - Potent Botanical Skin Brightening Gel Complex
      - Botanical Buffing Beads
      - AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel


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        I just received my Botanical Buffing Beads yesterday, and i find it not bad!!!

        I have used the AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel for 2 weeks, and find is brightening up my complexion.... din have major breakout these 2 weeks, but then a small pimple is coming out under my lip.... need to use longer to tell what it has done....

        I have the oxygen eye relief sample... it din do much except moisturising eye area... i've stopped using for a while already

        I find their stuffs really worth a try..... anyone going to buy from EDS, LMK! Dont mind sharing purchasing.....



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          Is the AHA/BHA drying?

          Jemay, what do you want to get from EDS?


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            Agree with Jemay on the Oxygen eye relief. Didn't do anything for me either. Their Glycolic Acid 3% Eye Complex is better if you want to compare the two.


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              Originally posted by sweetmango
              Is the AHA/BHA drying?

              Jemay, what do you want to get from EDS?
              not drying... now i use lesser skincare, and find my skin start to GLOW liao..... (dont mention about my acne scars though)

              I dunno what to get next, see what our advisors here suggest.... I wanna see if the cleanser is good as well.. cos now i am into KB washing grains..... seems wont be able to use it long term as we cant buy it ourselves..


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                Originally posted by Dimples
                Hey Jemay,

                There's always Glenda remember How come she hasn't read this thread yet. She's the Queen of PTR here
                Heeee, here I come! Good memory Linda!
                I keep raving about PTR AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel it really saved my skin. No more/very less blackhead, clogged pores, fine lines. I'm suffering from many clogged pores on my chin and it cleared most of them and avoid them getting more in the futre. I believe it's becoz of HK's pollution and my oily T-zone! Fine lines on my forehead is under control. Acnes stay away!

                Botanical buffing bead is my HG facial scrub. Very gentle yet cleanse the pores on my face well. It did what it claims that it can emulsifies the sebum and dirt in the pores. My face became so clean and smooooth. But I have to say I use this less often since I have use the acne clearing gel coz the AHA in it can help remove my dead skin as well.

                Sunscreen. I have used one of this brand's before but forgot which one. It's light and no white cast. But now I prefer the ones combines with moisturizer already. Especially some Jap brands' day moisturizer in their whitening line has SPF 20-30 plus whitening properties. So 3 in 1 bottle. Very convenient. I'm eyeing the Kose Cosme Decorte's White Science one which has SPF20 and all that I mentioned above.

                3% Glycolic Cleanser. I swapped this one but haven't try it out yet. Will keep you guys posted.

                And Linda, can you tell us what's good about PTR's brightening gel? :huh:


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                  Hey Glenda,

                  The reason why I like the PTR brightening gel is that it does seem to lighten my acne marks much faster. Of course not talking about miracle speed. Then again, I might be comparing with when I don't use anything for those marks. Also, this being gel form is absorbed so easily.

                  One word of caution - If you hate alcohol smell, you'll probably hate this. The alcohol smell is quite strong for this.


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                    alcohol??? Thats out for me then.... whew.... lucky, if not i will find myself splurging on it again


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                      sorry to be troublesome When do you use the AHA/BHA acne clearing gel? Is it a moisturiser cum treatment product? or do you need to use a seperate moisturiser? TIA


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                        It's more like a daily use treatment product. Use every night!
                        Cleanser > toner > PTR gel > any essence (i.e. whitening) > moisturizer.
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                          What's EDS? is it available in sg?


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                            EDS = Essential Day Spa. Webby in Canada selling skincare/beauty products.
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                              Its ESD . They offer VERY good prices for brands like PTR, Dermalogica, etc.. Shipping is only CND$5 and they ship orders over CND$200 for free via airmail. Excellent cust service and prompt delivery.
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