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    Anything nice from this body/skin care line?

    Most of the times i'm only in to get the Red Current biscuits and Xmas chocolate gifts .....

    I wonder if their body lotion is good ? I have to look for a BBW's subsitute in SG .. is their body lotion greasy ?

    I like the way that BBW pdts DUN leave greasy after-feel but alas... they are not available here and far too expensive to ship here.

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    I used to use lots of M&S eons ago! The lotions are not very moisturising. The shower gels are nice especially the one in the Forest Fern scent. I am not sure if they've reformulated their stuff though ....


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      I use alot of their shower gels, my current fave is Camelia, Water lily and the blue-ish one from their body spa range.


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        I only remembered that their body pdts dun have really nice alluring smells for me to want to buy them.

        Alas.. the search for a body moisturiser continues.. sighz.. why is BBW NOT here. Haiz.


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          waah it was soooo long ago that i used M&S and i really liked them i can't remember what they are now. i know there're some camelia stuff which i loved .. some fruity thing like blackberry or something ... evening primrose ..

          now i hardly find them anymore, but i still like their biscuits and chocolates


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            i remember using the shower stuff when i was a little girl. i love the bubble bath then, the shower gels are nice too. but its been many years since i've used them. nowadays i usually only buy the digestive chocolate biscuits.


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              Only tried their peach and some berry body sprays. My mum complained I smelt like coconut oil everytime I sprayed the peach's spray

              Love their biscuits,especially the one with raspberry jam in-between, calls vienna something. Yummy!

              Anyone try their makeup ranges?

              Should have stocked up their products when I was in UK.


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                i lurve the Blueberry hand lotion! more for the heavenly smell than the moisturising effect.

                also like to eat the Lemon Fish gummies.
                yum yum.


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                  Originally posted by hjmsb

                  also like to eat the Lemon Fish gummies.
                  yum yum.

                  oh yes, i love the Lemon Fish gummies...very addictive. once i start on a pack, i can't stop.


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                    Then you all should try their Chocolate chip cookies! Its the best tasting chocolate cookie in singapore!


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                      Originally posted by clpersonal
                      Then you all should try their Chocolate chip cookies! Its the best tasting chocolate cookie in singapore!
                      Sure! I'll check them out tomorrow in orchard. *drool*


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                        hmmm it's been a looong time since i last bought any of their bath & body care; remember the body sprays were popular when i was in sec sch and i used some showergels till uni

                        then came poverty...and mua


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                          yum....choc digestives......
                          yum....almond biscuits.....
                          yum....gummy lemon fish....
                          yum....bubbles choc bar....
                          yum....triple chocolate cereal....
                          yum....jaffa viennese biscuits....
                          yum....chippies (any!)

                          er........body products....i used to be MAD about the peach scent. then camomile (discontinued), then forest fern and camellia.
                          had the spray, anti perspirant, powder, shower gel, lotion...the whole lot!


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                            I used to use M&S products but stopped after i tried BBWorks Products. Because its not as moisturising. Some of the things i like:

                            Body Powder
                            Shower Gel
                            Hand lotion
                            i used dewberry or blueberry i think. The the other range i like is the Ocean.. Spa thingy. Sorry can't remember the exact name. Its in blue packaging.


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                              Back then I was a huge fan of their Shower Gels, Body Powder, bod lotion & hand cream. I stocked up lots during their sale. I love Camelia, Forest Fern & Lily! Then like BB said, came MUA & it was major destruction to the wallets!