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    Originally posted by Glossie
    Hey hey! I didn't mean it like that at all but I do consider myself an auntie already. At first I thought I've certainly offended some of you unwittingly, haha, cos I didn't any postings until a few hours later!

    I'm in my early 30s too. I'm not so bothered about fine lines than I am with muddy and bumpy skin. Also, I can see my face muscles sagging at record speed. Anything else less expensive??
    No worries! No offense taken. I was just kidding ya!

    Tell me about the muscle sagging ...! I hate that! But I am slowly resigning to the fact that it is inevitable. No matter how much I do to my skin, it's never going to be like a firm 20 yr old's again. It's just going to get worse & worse. I am aging, but that's life eh?

    Boo hoo!


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      Yes, tell me about it, Atypical.. You don't get people telling you you have such nice skin anymore..these days, count yourself lucky your SO doesn't go by one day w/o teasing you "Honey, lao l-i-a-o!".
      For me, it's exactly what I HAVEN'T been doing to my skin that's led me to my downfall. I only have myself to blame. I never did follow a regime all my *PYT* life. So it's true what most women say about taking care of your skin once you hit 25. Everything goes downhill from 30, if not 25.
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        ok that's IT, i'm taking out my Px Super Line Preventor to use tonight!!!


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          WE WANT TO AGE GRACEFULLY, THAT IS WHY ALL THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SPENT FOR....right?!! ( That is my VALID EXCUSE to myself and SO)

          Yup..the skin do look thinner once you hit your late 20's..


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            Hahahaha! You guys are so ticklish!
            BlueBubble, I think you still have a long way to go! Beebee1, I'm not sure ageing gracefully means spending so much $$$$$$$$.
            I wonder if Audrey Hepburn did half of what we do to take care of her skin. Maybe it's all about being happy, the state of our spirit. Nothing them chemicals can do to replace that.
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              I am one to not take care of my skin while I was young too. I kinda envy the younger girls here who take so much care of themselves. Wish I had started sooner! So young things, listen up - take care of your skin before it's too late! :note:


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                Im using Biotherm's De Stress Nuit right now...not bad, hydrates my slightly dry skin well...
                It smells relaxing too!!!

                It also gives abit of radiance with daily usage...However, been pretty stressed up recently thus was too lazy to use it religiously


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                  I don't have a "night cream" (only Clinique's Total Turnaround which I hardly use now).
                  Is it really necessary and how does it work?

                  Is Clinique "Repairwear" considered a night cream?

                  How is a night cream different from a moisturiser or serum?


                  p.s. I feel like going back to La Mer Oil Aborbing lotion after quit using it for almost 6 years...


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                    AutumnHeart: Is it really necessary and how does it work?

                    Me: You bet it's necessary when you hit the 30s..
                    A night cream is a more *intense* product for the skin while you get your shut-eye. Turnaround has BHA in it; good for day use (AHA is for night) altho some people don't care about the difference.

                    AH: Is Clinique "Repairwear" considered a night cream?

                    Me: I'd say it is, and I was actually considering this one for myself. The word 'repair' brings to mind the work that the product will be doing to yourskin.

                    AH: How is a night cream different from a moisturiser or serum?

                    Me: I'm no authority on this but I think it's safe to say both do the work of a nite cream. Not your basic moisutriser though. Usually it'd be infused with more specific chemicals to target skin problems like whitening, firming, pore-refining, etc. A serum is supposed to be more potent than a moisturiser.


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                      Thanks glossie, really informative, I'm going to copy it down.

                      I think I'm allergic to AHA.
                      The last time I try to use Neutrogena Pore refiner cleanser (which states that it contains AHA), i got little bumps on my eye lids.

                      i've oily skin, so the idea of piling toner, essence, moisturiser AND night cream seems a bit scary.
                      then again, i'm hitting 30 (very) soon, so i BETTER do something about it.

                      any one has recommendation that is err... a little more common (and cheaper) for "layman" like me?

                      most of the brands mentioned here -> i've never heard before :sotong:


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                        Originally posted by atypical
                        I am one to not take care of my skin while I was young too. I kinda envy the younger girls here who take so much care of themselves. Wish I had started sooner! So young things, listen up - take care of your skin before it's too late! :note:
                        Tell me about that. I'm experiencing adult acne now and they are all growing around my chin. Used to be so nonchalant about my skincare. Now...I have no choice but to really really take care.

                        Back to the topic.

                        Glossie--->> Try SKII Signs Treatment Essence. Both my aunts and mom swears by this. My aunts are ONLY in their early thirties and they have such great looking skin. Porcelain and supple-looking skin! SKII has this new Repair C. Heard the SA saying that this is to be applied after the Treatment Essence and supposedly adds moisture and makes your skin looks more radiant. Can give you updates after my mom uses this.


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                          Rac, I was seriously considering SK-II Repair C. I almost bought the one with BHA but backed out last minute. I'm quite skeptical about this line because it seems to work for awhile only. Ahwell, or maybe it's me. I just don't go thru the full tub to know if it's any good. The FT Essence is too drying for me - can you beat that??!


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                            I know what you mean.

                            One man's meat is another's poison. I always change my skincare before finishing them. Used to be Biotherm, Paula's Choice and now Natura Bisse....really waste $$$$

                            Good luck in finding your holy grail night cream and do update us when you find it, ok?


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                              Sure thing! Doesn't help that I don't have much $$ to embark on a proper regime. I KNOW I will get sucked into buying more and more once I start. I've seen my GF chalk up hundreds of bucks repeatedly over the first few months. It works good, then not as good, but bcos she hasn't found anything to beat it, she has to keep going. How to save, like that??


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                                Gals on CC will always have money for makeup, skincare or anything else to pamper herself.

                                You will find yourself spending more after reading all the ravings from the gals

                                Ways to save:

                                1. Swap or sell on MUA
                                2. Ask for samples from counters. Try before you buy
                                3. 'Beg' for samples from friends
                                4. Ask your gfs to pass those stuff that they don't use anymore

                                Did I miss anything out????