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  • T.LeClerc

    Anyone tried other products besides the loose powder??

    Any comments on the liquid fdn and pressed powder? I wana try the fluid matte fdn but not sure whether its gd or not? anyone knows how much is it? TIA

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    Sorry, no help here. I've only tried the loose powders - I've got 5 shades!


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      wow, 5 shades that's a lot.. what shades do you have?
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        I have :
        Banana Doree
        Banana Argentee
        Chair Rosee

        Only Banane is full sized.


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          What TLC is famous for is their loose powder, they have 22 colors... If i am not wrong, this is a rice powder, good to last long on your face and matifying enough. I heard dry skin wont suit this loose powder though.

          I have Azur, Orchidee, Banane Doree, Banane, Nacre, Translucide, Parme, Lilium Am Loving it sooooooo much!


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            i have/had translucide, bistre, chair ocree, chair rosee, camelia, banane, banane doree


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              I tried the fluid matt foundation before & I love the texture & the initial application.. Since i've oily combination skin, therefore after several hours later, you will need to blot off the shine on your face..

              Another product that i've also tried is the compact foundation.. This is more suitable for those who has oily combination skin like me as it can gives you a matt look but doesn't show powderish on your face.. Easy to apply & can cover blemishes & acne marks quite well too..



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                wow cool, so how much is the fluid matte fdn??


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                  Originally posted by k|ss_me
                  wow cool, so how much is the fluid matte fdn??
                  If price haven't change & i remembered correctly (hope my memory is helping me here ), it costs $63..


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                    Looks like my collection of 5 is very small compared to these two girls!


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                      Originally posted by atypical
                      Looks like my collection of 5 is very small compared to these two girls!
                      but then your KP is more than us!


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                        Hehe. isn't that great?


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                          All I have is the banane doree loose powder. Love it!


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                            I love Banane, Banane Doree and Translucide..... but I love them more when I mixed them up!


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                              Strangely, i seem to be the only one who find T.LeClerc average.

                              I have Translucide in the full-size( really big huh ?!) and i find it to be patchy at times when my skin is abit dehydrated and the powder can be a little too powdery for me.

                              Have quite a few other samples colours but yet to try them out. Out tried out Parme(lavendar colour) as a touch up powder and i don't see the difference between using this and my usual cheaper powder. haha.. so i guess T.LeClerc is not my cup of tea.

                              One thing though, this loose powders have slight coverage. So i like to use them at times when i skip the liquid foundation. Just concealor then the T.LeClerc loose powder.

                              I can imagine it working very well for normal skin. But for slightly dehydrated skin, this rice-powder is a tad too harsh i find.