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How to tie a bun?

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  • How to tie a bun?

    Hi all! Can anyone teach me how to tie my hair into a neat bun?
    Thanks in advance!

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    haha.. i know i know!

    i love bunning up my hair, esp since it becomes all wavy when i let it down.
    [list=1][*]you basically gather your hair into a ponytail (location of the ponytail depends on where you want your bun to be) and secure the ponytail with a discreet black rubber band if you're new. [/list=1] [list=2][*]then, hold the ponytail in your hands and twist! twist it round and round, which making it go around the base of your ponytail. remember to twist your hair tightly and pull your hair tight around the base, in order to prevent everything from falling out later.[/list=2] [list=3][*]next, take a hair stick with the pointy end facing your scalp. insert the hairstick into a portion of your bun, extending it until it touches your scalp. finally, turn it around, such that the non-pointy end is facing up and the pointy end is inside your bun. if your hair is layered, you may need to do this a few more times with more hairsticks.[/list=3]

    but... explaining here is very difficult? pics or real-life demo is better.

    also, this is the simplest bun and there're lots of other "types" to try. i would advise you to go down to Isetan where the SAs are always happy to demo for you.


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      thanks ataraxia !

      But i dun really understand the 3rd step......guess i really need to go Isetan one of these days.

      Where can i buy nice hair sticks to bun up my hair ? (think i got the hint that one of the place will be Isetan )


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        You can get the hairsticks from any hair accessories shop. If you frequent Far East, shops like LIVIA boutique, Watts In and many other shops all sell them.


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          this is how i did mine:

          1. gather hair

          2. twist hair "on its own axis", and twist it around to form a circle/bun at the same time. i don't know how to explain this. i can only think of the earth spinning on its own axis while orbiting around the sun as an analogy.

          3. tie the whole bun down with a scrunchie.

          i had long fine hair and this worked well.


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            or u could tie a ponytail, twist it on itself, then secure teh bun with little butterfly pins


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              Hi....may i know what are butterfly pins ??


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                I love to tie my hair into a bun too.

                There's many different kinds of buns actually. Are you looking for the kind of very neat buns that cabin crew has? You can use a hairnet which when you can't actually see it unless you take a very close look.

                You simply tie to a pony tail. Use the entire hair net to wrap around the pony tail, then twist it to form a bun. After which you use bobby pins to secure it.
                Another way to do is to do the third step ist. Twist the hair to a bun ist and then use the hair net. secure it with bobby pins.

                This way you can't see any black pins or hairnet. So it'll be really neat.

                The hair net is very important because you need those reallly thin hair net. You can get those thin ones shops like Aries? i think there's one at Popular Bookshop at Orchard Mrt station.

                If you want simpler one, just use a rubber band will do. I usually just twist and turn in any way i want with a rubber band.


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                  butterfly pins are those "kiapper" clips-u know those with teeth that r attached by a tiny spring? they grip your hair when u release your hold on the spring


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                    Hair bun help needed

                    Hi girls

                    I'm having my attachment soon but i've no idea how to tie my hair up in a bun

                    Can anyone teach me how to tie up the hair neatly into a bun or even french twist w/o the use of hair net?

                    I've got layered hair and got absolutely no idea where to begin...



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                      1. gather all your hair into a ponytail. secure with elastic band.

                      2. twist it into a bun.

                      3. use black pins all around the sides. get U shaped pins, not the black bobby pins.

                      4. use a very fine black mesh net (can get this for about 5 or 10 cents from hair accessories stores, usually found at interchanges)

                      5. pin again

                      6. done!

                      use hair gel (any brand will do) on baby hair. you can use hair gel before and/or after you've done your bun. finish off with a little hair spray after you're done.

                      sorry, can't help much with french twist. IMHO, i think it's hard to do one with layered hair coz you'll have lots of hair sticking out. stick with the bun first and slowly graduate to the french twist after you've grown out your layers.


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                        I got very short hair, like Jemay or Stella, how do I bun my hair like the above pic shown?

                        I cant really understand the instruction in their website. TIA.


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                          For short hair, using a hair shark is recommended rather than using pins to tie down the hair:


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                            how to actually tie and not look auntie ar? :huh: