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  • Your dear mum is using??

    Hi gals, care to share what moisturisers are your mum using? I need to help my mum find out whats good and whats not for people her age (dry skin, spots & the usual laments).

    She is almost finishing her Nuxe Cr?me Fra?che de Beaut? and has to get another jar. That cream has done justice to her and she has people complimenting on her fine skin. But since she has some airport vouchers to use, she would like to get brands that are available in there. So I need to know if theres anything she can find there.

    So dear gals, rope your mum in and lets share
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    my mum using a brand called BCNG from a derm
    she claims it's effective in preventing wrinkles ...


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      ...whatever i don't want

      my mom has pretty good skin for her age - no wrinkles, occasional zits but she has problem with pigmentation.

      she was using kose sekkisei and sekkisei cream with some success and recently i passed her some whitia and basic ZA stuff (for moisturizing). altho' i gave her some heavy duty EL eye cream, she doesn't use it at all but has no problem with the under eyes so i guess it's ok...

      her HG is sunscreen (used to be clinique, now it's whitia) and whitening products for her hyper pigmentation


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        my mum's not really using anything I guess..

        she had rather good face except for visble pores and her freckles :huh:


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          my mum use many many brands, lost count she is very vain, but i am direct opposite

          some brands are estee lauder, elizabeth arden, fancl, haba, ettusais, biotherm, whitia, kose, shiseido, helena rubenstein, etc etc etc


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            Re: Your mum's using...?

            My mom's using clinique's dramatically diff. moist. lotion
            she also had dry skin and tiny spots in some area.

            she's been using it for years and never changed brand..
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              My mum's favourte is Shiseido but its too expensive. Now, she's switching between PC's range for dry skin to OoO, Estee Lauder, Kose, Clinique and some salon's swiss brands. Or anything we get for her .


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                She's basically use a lot of brands from no brand to got brand..

                She has good clear skin with a little wrinkles.. Her best rave product is the Origins - A Perfect World (White tea guardian).
                She claims it works wonder for her skin..


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                  my mom's got pretty good skin, except visible pores on her nose (which i inherited!! ..i swear i'm not having children man)

                  she uses a lot of stuff, now she likes Marbert :huh:

                  she always gets suckered into buying stuff from her friends - total waste of money and not cheap either

                  i have given up talking to her about skincare, tried and tried to explain to her the proper application of sunscreen. she uses chem screens but because she has very dry skin, she needs to pile on the moisturizer before. so how can the chem screen work? however she's not listening to me, forget it


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                    My mum is using Lancome Matte Moisturiser in the day with Sekkisei Lotion and the Sekkisei Cream as a night cream.

                    And same as me, her HG is her sunblock!(prescibed by her dermatologist so i don't know what brand it is).


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                      Mum has tried many brands....EL, Sothys, SKII, La Mer. Her fave is still Sjal and her facialist can tell an improvement in her complexion after using it. But in any case, she has good complexion to begin with. And most people think she looks too young to be my mum


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                        Ma uses everything L'Oreal now. Cheap and good. I can see her from being olive-toned to being quite *bleached* from using the White Perfect range, besides RevitaLIFT. She swears by Visible Results. She's had her fair share of CD and Kose some other lines but she has stuck with L'Oreal for about forever now.


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                          My mum has great (fair, smooth and no pigmentation/ freckles/ pimples!) skin! Makes me wonder why such good skin is not in my genes.. sob! Back to topic, she uses Decleor


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                            my mum's using visible results too..heheh
                            sometimes she uses pearl cream that's not available in spore


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                              I think my mum's skin is great too...except for some was darker previously...but after using shiseido's UV white's range...her pigmentation is lightened to almost nothing...cant even see it clearly now... she only uses shiseido's skincare...her HG!...sob... ...wondering why our mums has such great skin but doesn't pass the genes to us...