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    heres a great product i read from mag.

    Dry up whiteheads and surfaced pimples overnight with this effective, fast-acting potion. A few drops of our world-famous Drying Lotion before bed will heal unsightly pimples, and soothe acne-erupted skin. Will not irritate or dry surrounding areas.

    Background of co:
    The Mario Badescu name has been known for personalized, all-natural skin care treatments and products for more than 35 years. Growing from a small facility into a 36 room salon and day spa, we have always been one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry. Our clientele not only is made up of many actors, supermodels and showpeople, but thousands of men and women who realize the importance of good skin care.

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    how much? and where to buy?
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      its US$17 for 1 oz. either buy online or US shop. bad luck. get a spree or cp.


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        Seen something similar to the MB drying lotion at NIKS - also a 2 layered immersion of a pink powder underneath a liquid. Tried and it does dry out zits overnight but might be too strong for sensitive skin.


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          remember reading that MB's lotion works for whiteheads too. n that it doesnt dry surrounding areas. so maybe will be fine for sensitive. im contemplating to order from MB. read instyle that a lot of artises use their products. anyone wants to join?


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            Mb drying lotion

            hey im interested too. i dont mind joining and buy. which website will you all buy from? no one here got moderate scars and got tremendous improvements from treatments? i did not really see any one post regarding acne scar treatments like subsicion, cooltouch, smoothbeams, chemical peels, tca, needling etc. can anyone offer me any advice? im rather desperate. but i fully understand that some lasers or treatments can cause breakouts or worsen scars so im trying to get some good advice from people here. so i can find myself a good doctor and get better, and feel better. for me, right now im thinking of trying out subsicion, non ablative lasers and tca. any advice?


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              Have been trying to get rid my whiteheads for a long time..nothing seems to work. Would like to join your order if you are going to order online.


              Originally posted by Helethea
              remember reading that MB's lotion works for whiteheads too. n that it doesnt dry surrounding areas. so maybe will be fine for sensitive. im contemplating to order from MB. read instyle that a lot of artises use their products. anyone wants to join?


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                I haven't tried many products from MB but the ones I tried are highly recommended by the SA and he didn't disappoint at all!

                I must rave about the Seaweed Night Cream! This one feels absolutely heavy and I was rather hesitant at first. The skin around my nose was peeling badly as I was nursing a running nose. I swear I woke up to plump looking skin! I am not too sure how to describe the state of my skin but I just knew my skin look better. My night serums don't work better than this. Use this the La Mer way. Scoop a teeny bit and rub on your palms to warm it before patting on your face.

                Another rave from MB is their Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. This can be a little harsh on drier skin but if you have oily/combination skin like mine, this is brilliant! I swear it makes my lack-lustre complexion looks more decent. The leftover scars from the three pimples are fading pretty fast in my opinion.

                I am also using Collagen Moisturiser(with spf) and Super Collagen Mask. Both have not been giving me any problems so far. I have really acne-prone skin but these products have been serving me well. I am still using them.

                The best thing I like about MB is the prices are not really that expensive so it's worth a try

                OT: The very cute SA so how could I resist not buying from him?


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                  Hey raebelasian, I have that problem too but not just when I'm having a running nose. Seaweed Night Cream sounds like the cure! Caviar night cream sounds luxurious. How did you manage to take the pic of the SA?


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                    When u told me Caviar Night Cream, I thought it's going to be expensive! Turns out it's only US$20 *surprised*

                    The Seaweed Night cream was god-sent when my nose was peeling really badly. By the second night, my skin's healing nicely. I can't rave enough of this night cream.

                    OT: Oh, that SA is very friendly and we just kinda chat. Took some pictures with him as well, along with his email address and contact no. Did I mention he has really good skin?


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                      did u take the shot when u're in the states?

                      sounds like they have a lot good products!! what about recommendation for a toner?

                      do their stuff contain alcohol?


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                        I love the drying lotion. Works very well for me and also SO when he has then occasional volcanic pimple. Like raebelasian, I'm also drawn to the antiseptic smell of this. Also, I thought the spots do not appear to be as red the next day.


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                          dimples how do u order yours? online? the worldwide express delivery begins at $25. maybe can let me know what u guys want to order n i will an email to them asking how much will the total postage be.
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                            I usually get someone to help me buy it from the US. Have checked out the shipping directly from Mario Badescu before and it really isn't too bad compared with the crazy prices in Hong Kong.


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                              u mean cp?