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  • Biotherm skincare

    i've discovered biotherm's d-stress range and i it; my skin has never looked better - so dewy and slightly glowy

    any luck with other skincare items in the french brand? rant/raves?
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    i have couple of their stuffs, i think d stress works best from what i heard. I cant comment much cos i havent been using it constantly... haaaaaaaaaaaaa


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      Its actually not bad if u need to maintain your skin..but no miracles..

      I luv the de stress nuit too!


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        Hi Stella

        I love:

        D-Stress Nuit ( have to thank me for this )
        Daily Moisturising Lotion (very hydrating but too bad it has no SPF)

        so-so ones:

        Biosource Cleansing Foam (not creamy enough for my liking)
        Matte Hydrating Fluid (used to be good but it dried my face up)

        I am interested in the masks..any recs?


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          i use the biopur mask from time to time; pretty good for oily-combi skin but now that my skin's kinda dehydrated, it leaves it a tad too dry

          Originally posted by Ariel
          I am interested in the masks..any recs?


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            What about Biotherm White Detox line, has anyone tried them yet? Is it effective? I tried the essence, it has shimmery light reflective particles (like Lancome Photogenic or Clinique Gentle Light), i really love it! And i'm very interested with the spf 23 body lotion too... but why all their products are so high $$$ ??? :huh:


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              unfortunately, biotherm did nothing for my skin. i really wanted to like this line but i believe there are better lines out there.

              i really like the hydra detox when it was first launched. thought it helped to clear my blackheads but fickle ole me doesn't stick to a skincare line for long. i didn't make a repurchase even tho i did like it. hmm.. must hv found something else... but this was so long ago.. can't rem what else caught my attention then.

              tried source therapie. while it did make my skin smooth after application, it didn't really do much. after washing the stuff away, my skin was back to its original state. reminds me of EL's perfectionist.



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                i use the Biosource cleansing set 4 combi skin, very good for me, nice smell, feels skin smoother & clear & soft after using for a week....really liked it...

                also using the celluli-choc , felt skin smoother after some time...good product...
                overall i finds Biotherm products easily absorb into skin.


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                  hmm i think i may need d-stress nuit for dry skin; i think d-stress nuit is not moisturizing enough for me, altho' i love how it leaves my skin more refined in texture, it's now...'bumpier' and less smooth than when i use a moisture cream...ARGH, how?????


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                    i have combi skin , dry cheeks, tried before

                    Ivigoration cleansing milk - cleanses quite well, skin feels soft after

                    Hydra detox yeux- refreshes my eye area, doesn't do much to dark circles, or puffiness, but hydrating , and refreshing.

                    Aquasource- don't really like this, stung my face, and not moisturising at all.

                    bio-vitamin - this is great for humid days, light weight gel cream , moisturises okay... but NA in sg

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                      Just received Aquasource from my sis and I love it! I only use it at night and I wake up with smooth and supple skin. Great stuff


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                        Aquasource is very light weight, i like it too !


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                          i'm really tempted to get the celluli choc. it has been receving raves. will definitely check it out today since i'll be in town.


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                            I've been using the Pure Bright (White Detox in S'pore, I believe?) cleanser and toner for a few weeks. So far so good. Smells great, non drying, doesn't irritate and seems to make my skin look better. -Though I don't really have problem skin. (Just sensitive!)

                            I'm also using the Hydra Detox Lotion, which is light, but moisturising enough, Source Therapie - I love how smooth it makes my skin and Hydra Detox Yeux. The eyecream is not bad, seems to reduce puffiness, but doesn't do much for dark circles.

                            I also use the Hydra Detox Mask when I feel like my skin needs it. Very refreshing and moisturising. Living in Oz, I think its suitable for the dry climate, but I wouldn't recommend it for people living in more humid climates.

                            -Overall, I love Biotherm. Their products seem to work well for me.


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                              I've been an ardent fan of Biotherm and it's great I've used their D Stress range, their Biopur range and now I'm really into their BioSensitive range .. it's really good for my skin. It left my skin velvety soft after each application and it's really soft when I wake up in the morning... and not to mention that it's sooo cheap!