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    Any gal try this exfoliator before? Thks....

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    Thanks Nic....I read this from one foreign beauty forum, so I'm tempted, hehe. How to get this from you? pm yeah....
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      Oh..i tried this. Don't think it does any good to me.


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        Originally posted by dolphin
        Oh..i tried this. Don't think it does any good to me.
        Oh yes, I think I tried this before too...nope doesn't work.......


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          Seems not much raves about this gommage here :huh: I'll give it a try first, thks all.


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            I've tried this 3x which Nic has passed to me.
            Have read from few forums with mixed reviews.

            Here's mine......
            First time, no effect one me. I guessed I used too little of it. It didn't liquidified as it claimed.
            Second round, I double the amount and after massaging for more than min, the gluey stuff liquidified.
            Third round, same result.

            I personally think its quite good as it somehow seems to remove most of my blackheads or at least minimize the "dotty" look on my nose. Hehe, good stuff especially I'm a retin-a and/or aha user who occasionally may get flaky skin. I prefer a gentle exfoliant.
            Now, Im wondering if its due to my perspire on my forehead that causes the change in its texture, for I have to massage for more than 1 min to see the change.
            Will udate again.