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  • I just got the Enhancer in Apricot thanks to this thread..I read it from the beginning and was sold when I got to the last post heh heh

    I'm really liking this. Right now it has replaced my foundation and the best thing is it doesn't blotch up the way foundation sometimes does on my skin.

    I find that it very comfortable on as it feels dry and matte instead of sitting on my skin like a layer of grease.

    What I do is I use a q-tip and smear some enhancer onto the back of my hand. Then I'll apply it onto my face from there. Sometimes if I am too slow in my application, some parts look blotchy. Is it because it dries up the minute it is exposed to air? Or am I using too much?

    I can't mix it into my existing foundation, it becomes almost pastelike and quite hard and therefore not spreadable at all.

    Anyone experience this?


    • yeap! It becomes reallyyyy pastelike. icky icky!

      Many girls have complained that this becomes 'hard' over time, so do take care to replace the cap tightly after each use.

      Towards the end of my tub, I mixed it with my foundation from Tricolore. And I applied it right after applying my moisturiser/makeup primer, so the latter acts as a slip.



      • Thanks sweetie!


        • By Terry Skin Enhancer is Fabulous!!

          Have to say that the skin enhancer is really a terrific product, my best friend and I each bought a jar recently and it works wonders, really evens out the skin tone, brightens up the face without that obvious difference in skin colour between the face and the neck. Colleagues have commented on the improvement in skin appearance, little do they know... nyak nyak

          Even my mom purchased a jar! Price increase because of the euros strength wasn't a deterrent.. hehe :note:


          • Anyone tried Terry Colour Skin Enchancer?

            Anyone tried Terry Colour Skin Enchancer?
            it cost about $107
            it is meant for adding clarity to skin especially under harsh artificial lighting..
            any comments on this product?
            is it really good?


            • Hi Kitara,

              Some of the girls here have tried it... merged your post to the By Terry thread.


              • Re: Anyone tried Terry Colour Skin Enchancer?

                Originally posted by Kitara
                Anyone tried Terry Colour Skin Enchancer?
                it cost about $107
                it is meant for adding clarity to skin especially under harsh artificial lighting..
                any comments on this product?
                is it really good?
                The skin enhancer is supposed to brighten up your dull face. I did see difference when my friend tried on it with it and without it. I tried it myself too, but got sick of it soon and swapped away....

                The price increased a lot, is the big bottle still $107 now? The small one from $59 became $72 now


                • skin enhancer

                  i got a small sample of it before and it didn't make a difference whether or not i applied it... so i'd say save your money, especially since the prices have gone up!


                  • By Terry Colour Skin Enhancer

                    Hi cozy cotters

                    I need some help in selecting a Skin Enhancer. I want to get a 15Ml pot and am trying to choose between Apricot or Caramel.

                    I'm a GGG, black hair, dark brown eyes, and am currently using GA LSF #8, Stephane Marais creme foundation O5 and NARS oil free in Sahara.

                    I'd get some advice from a counter, but there is no counter here in London and the nearest one is in Paris! :roll:

                    So please could I get some recs?



                    • I think Apricot is too light for u, i havent seen caramel before :roll:


                      • New launch of Nude and Precious


                        • where is the counter for escentials at tangs?


                          • Ahh.. the new launch probably explains why they are selling current By Terry products at the recent Luxasia sale. I was kinda surprised( but it's definately a pleasant one ) to see a high end brand so highly marked down.

                            micsih, the counter is just opposite Shu Uemura on the first floor. Enter by the door nearer to the Marriot hotel and you will find Essential on your left and MAC on your right.


                            • oh...ok ok...thanx a lot!!


                              • Pulling this thread up.

                                By Terry Color Enhancer

                                The 7 shades may be used as correctors or over the entire face:

                                N. 1: White is ideal for fair complexions. It may also be used in the evening to give all skin tones an elegant porcelain effect. Added to foundation, it lends light without lightening the shade.

                                N. 2: Transparent pink lends freshness. Applied around the eye contour, it chases away shadows and lights up the eyes. Ideal for Asian skin.

                                N. 3: Mauve eliminates redness. Enhances eye color, particularly the green and blue of the iris.

                                N. 4: Yellow is the ideal shade for matte, tanned or olive complexions.

                                N. 5: Apricot, the all-purpose shade, is used year-round to give a radiant healthy glow. Used for touch-ups during the day, applied in the hollows, it immediately refreshes the complexion.

                                N. 6: Honey Pink can be used over the entire face for radiant color, or blended with foundation to intensify the shade, or as a liquid blush on rounded parts of the face (cheeks, ridge of nose, chin). Suitable for both fair and tanned complexions.

                                N. 7: Caramel illuminates dark, matte or golden skin tones, giving a sunny, bronzed look to face and d?collet? without fading dark skin.

                                Apply with fingertips in several ways:
                                alone on well-hydrated skin, for an instantly rested-looking, luminous complexion
                                as a highlight over the Liquid or Cream Foundation to chase away shadows and "pep up" the complexion.
                                blended with foundation for a personalized shade

                                Terry's Secrets
                                Terry's techniques for a made to measure light effect:
                                the "banana yellow" shade blended with foundation gives luminosity to dark skin
                                white blended with foundation is perfect for flawless, radiant evening makeup
                                Pink, white or mauve may be used as an eye make-up base. Place one dot on the upper lid with the Highlighter Brush, then smooth into skin. Improves eye shadow hold.
                                To correct eye makeup (flaking mascara, pencil or shadow) smooth a cotton swab soaked in Eclat de Teint N. 2 Pink below the lower lashes and over under eye circles

                                At the end of the day, to erase signs of fatigue and revive radiance, apply a touch of Eclat de Teint over makeup, smooth over the eye contour for a transparent finish.

                                extracted from
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