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  • sarahlilcutie

    I thought i would have a go at posting my FOTD today. Its my first one so no laughing!

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    Originally posted by PiiinkPixie
    aww, u're such a sweetie! so cuddle-some!

    what colour's UD capour, btw? =)
    Its actually Vapor I guess the font wasn't big enough to see


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      Originally posted by jemay
      pretty pretty! Next time take some close up of your eye colors ok? :wheee:
      Hehe thanks very much

      I did try actually but they all came out with the eyeshadow not showing up at all! How do you do those eye closeups so it actually shows your eye makeup?


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        Thanks for everyones kind words. Sorry if the picture was too dark, i am using a laptop so it is a little hard to tell as things look darker and lighter according to how far back the screen is.

        I will try and post some more FOTD soon


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          Originally posted by candeecake
          sarah, you look great!!! dump your glasses and wear contact lenses!!!
          love your hair too. soft and silky.

          Do post more of your photos!!
          I wish i could dump the glasses but i freak out just watching someone else put one on, i went for the fitting at the optician and when he came near my eye i started screaming luckily he found it quite funny!

          I took some pictures this morning and i managed to take a closeup of my eye using macro mode so i shall hopefully post that later.


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            Originally posted by candeecake
            my optician got impatient, coz i spend almost 1 hr trying to put on the contact lenses and taking them out. it'll take a while to get used to it. you can do it!! dun hide your beautiful eyes behind those glasses.
            Thanks for saying that about me eyes! But i am sure i wont ever get contacts, i'm happy as i am.


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              Originally posted by clpersonal
              You got me lemming for Catalina just when i thought it was dead!
              Love those lips! Silly stain washed me out, but it looks lovely on you.
              If you liked the colour of silly but it didnt work for you you should try high resin rose, it is a few shades darker and i love it even more than my silly stain

              The catalina is good value for money as its a huge tin, i swapped for it with a canadian swapper so it worked out even cheaper. I have used it about 50 times and still there is no dip and there are still hatch marks around the edges of the blush.


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                Heres my natural look from yesterday when it was my mum's birthday, i tried to keep it simple as we just went for lunch and a few drinks. I decided to keep my glasses on for those who wanted to see


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                  Originally posted by clpersonal

         you got me lemming for Deep Throat and hi-resin rose again!!
                  I read some reviews on MUA that DT does not show up on them? Is it a true pale peachy colour?
                  I have to use hardly any to show up on me but then i am pretty pale (armani lsf #2) so if you have quite dark tan skin then it may not be the best for you as torrid is a darker peach but if your skin is fairly light then it should show up definitely.

                  In the pan it looks quite dark compared to all my pink blushes, it is peachy pink with gold shimmer although the shimmer is slight. I like nars blushes as they last ages so work out cheaper in the long run


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                    Well to my eye there is definitely pink in there and it hardly shows up any peach on me so yay! Lemming killed


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                      Originally posted by Jewel
                      Lovely! I think you look lovely both with the glasses and without!
                      Aaw thanks i prefer wearing glasses, i dont have to stick anything in my eye and i dont get any of the dumb blonde jokes i do when they are off!

                      angeldiane-The high resin rose is really pretty it makes your lips a darker pink and with a slight gold gleam when the light catches them, very sexy! Well until your hair gets stuck in it anyway


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                        Sorry about the strange expression on my face in this FOTD I nearly knocked the camera off the bathroom shelf! Finally got around to use my KP 146 and from everyones tips i used my fingers to apply but a sponge applicator for the lightest colour so it showed up.


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                          Thanks for the tip pauline, I will try next time i am wearing the 146 :wave:

                          One thing i was wondering was-if you go darker on the eyes do you have to go darker on the lips and cheeks too? Because I always look a bit washed out with dark e/s.

                          I think they looked a bit brighter IRL so either my camera skills or my camera need to be improved


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                            Oh and Pauline you must add your FOTD thread, you are very pretty, I am sure the pictures would be great and everyone would want to see


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                              Actually maybe if i use bronzer it would stop me looking washed out but prevent the too-much makeup hooker look :ROFL: :ROFL:

                              Shame you dont have a digital cam, I am sure you will have lots of fun with it when you get one. The technology is advancing so quickly they will probably put down the prices soon anyway, and i will look forward to your pics