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  • Carla's

    there is my first FOTD. hope u gals like it.
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    june 25. wednesday

    sick and no make-up day

    I suddenly woke up with heavy head, runny nose, itchy throat, and a major nausea..not that I'm whining.....but it seems like whenever I have a lot of exiting things to do, where I need my energy the most, crappy things like this happen.

    Oh well, at least I took a pic of myself just before i go to bed. Pardon the color because the lighting in my room is kinda weird, plus I used my friend's old and almost defective digital camera.



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      I'm sorry its black and white , so u girls can't really see my make up. Just thought I share. Actually this pic is for my mom, she asked for a proper pict of me and my bf. I'm not quite sure what she's gonna do with it. *suspicious isn't she....:huh:

      oh well... :sotong:
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        Here u go...flash...flashh... :booty: The actual pict of both me and my bf.


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          It is not clear at all...Sorry...THe baterry died on me and I was lucky to be able to save this one. I think its time for me to stop spending on shoes and MU, and start hunting for digicam for real. *sigh

          WE went out eating at Hard ROck. Some of my friends have their babies with them, thus could't go anything later than a dinner.

          ADD: I've tried to make the pic bigger, but then it gets more blurry.


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            Lovely black and white pic of you and your BF.


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              can't view the first 3 links. It says file not found.


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                u are one pretty and your bf looks compatible