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  • eeyore

    Hi girls.. my first attempt at FOTD, still getting the hang of it. Pictures not very well taken cos I'm not photogenic. Hope to improve with time

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    thanks for all the nice comments! my skin is not that great lah.. pictures lie

    i dun have a very strict skincare regime cos i'm lazy haha.. i use mostly biotherm stuff and some origins products. never a dull moment is great!!

    haven't had the time to post pics in the past couple of days so will try to do so soon! tomorrow's my first day of work *shudder* so i'll try to post a first-day-of-work face!


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      finally got time to put something together.. here's something I didn't have time to upload during the weekend

      and my first day of work!

      heh two at one shot..


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        hey!!! i love the way you applied and blended the TBS charcoal trio!! very professional looking!!!!!! great job eeyore!


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          thanks.. i like playing with e/s, colours are so fun! need to expand my make up collection as soon as pay day comes! haha...


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            Took this almost a week back, forgot what I used by now But I think I used green and yellow on my eyes and I think I used my new Stila lippie Jo!

            Been too busy to take FOTDs and upload, sorry!


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              thanks everyone.. i did a smoky eyed look today but haven't had the time to like put the photos together yet will try to do so later or tomorrow..

              raebelasian: thanks for asking.. work is coming along fine.. still on the learning curve.. wish i knew more pple at work tho.. i want to meet new pple!


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                ok got my act together to piece the photos..
                i think this is the first picture that i'm using my new foundation stuff - armani LSF and becca LP (thanks lea!) think my face looks a bit pale in the photo still.. and my attempt at smoky eyes didn't really show very well in the face shot.. eyes small what to do?

                i used the darkest shade on the lids and gradually shaded with the medium shade in the socket and highlighted the area above with the lightest silver..


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                  hi everyone... have been missing for a while.. really sorry that i haven't dropped by and all.. kinda miss everyone here.. been really busy with work and sorting out some personal things..
                  i have got some FOTDs in my digicam but have been too lazy to upload heh, will get my lazy bum to doing it soon

                  but this is just a shout out that i'm alive!


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                    You look great in smokey eyes! So far I like that out of the rest

                    But what I think is, do pair your eyeshadows with at least a coat or two of mascara. It wont take alot of time, you can do it at the office or toilets. That will help accentuate your eyes more and wont make your eye makeup look so uncompleted.

                    Oh btw, I really like how your eyebrow arches! Mine is totally round and I have no arch to speak off


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                      Good and fair skin you have. Are your eyes single-lidded or they're hooded? Such eyes and smokey eye makeup usually go well together. I like the lipcolour in the last look. Thanks for sharing your pics


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                        I like the smokey eyes as well, you blended the colours really well =)
                        I am not sure if you are wearing eye liner, I can't really tell, I think if you thicken you eye liner to at least where you eyelids fold (when you open your eyes) and start blending your eyeshadows colours from the eyeliner, you could see more colours when you open your eyes and adds more definition to your eyes making it bigger. Mascaras are really important!! dun be lazy haha =P


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                          You have great skin! I love the smokey eye FOTD. I think this look compliments you the best.