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  • evil feline (",)

    uhhhh.... my first FOTD...

    the pic seems to have become super grainy after i cropped and resized it in my laptop and transferred it to my PC using a floppy disk. :piss: :piss:

    excuse the weary look in the bottom right pic... i was sleepy and sick :sotong:


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    thanks gals!

    i permed my hair way back in January at Kimage. It's Japanese perm. Most of the curls have straightened out already so in order to make my hair look wavy, i have to scrunge it like crazy with scupting lotion when it's wet. Actually i prefer the perm when it's abit worn out because when i first did it, it looked too much like maggi mee

    perming, bleaching and dyeing has left my hair in a hay-like mess.


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      Grainy pic again... sorry.. it makes my hay hair look really bad haha. anyway, here's my hair, unscrunged, on a good hair day.



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        thank you all you're all beautiful yourselves

        this FOTD looked strange IRL. Mystery -enhanced- the dark shadows around my eyes. not exactly what i want hahaha. how can i use it without looking odd? :huh:


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          New fringe!

          dear ladies, here's my fringe...

          It was cut by Yang Yang at Kimage Funan. Very nice and sweet lady! her, her skills!

          My hair is straight because it was blown straight.

          Not much makeup except the usual base, MAC Mystery as eyeliner, Fasio Lengthening mascara, I Nuovi blush in Candy and some lipgloss i can't remember (probably Bloom).