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Best minerals for our skins

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  • Best minerals for our skins

    read in Shape magazine abt minerals that's best for our skin. they have listed:
    1. Zinc and tutanium: for powerful sun-protection
    2. Aluminum: its crystals help polish rough skin for a smooth, even-toned complexion
    3. Sulfur: helps to stop acne
    4. copper: an important mineral for collagen formation, may be the key to firmer, more youthful skin.

    i m interested in sulfur mineral, but have not tried any. just wonder if any of you have tried it and see results. any feedback??

    some of the products from Murad, Peter Thomus Roth and DDF contains sulfur, and read some good reviews at MUA.

    Thanks in advance

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    I think some acne-cream contains sulphur to zap the zits. Think clearasil has this.
    But I also read somewhere that sulphur is not suitable for everyone, especially sensitive skin type. Yet fancl has a range containing sulphur? I'm confused.
    But BP and retin-a are still my best zit zapper.

    As for copper, :huh:


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      Only remember the brand Osmotics for copper peptide (iirc)

      sulphur, i heard and know some meds have this as an ingredient. i know they used to use it to treat vitiligo (sp?) in "olden days', can buy pure sulphur powder from chinese sinseh but it stinks! how to use it though is another matter

      i don't use BP because i read somewhere that it's supposed to be a powerful free-radical generator. it works by depriving the skin cells of oxygen therefore it effectively KILLS the cells and the zit dies too...

      i do love retin-A though, was having darned good skin until i stopped it for about 2 months, now i'm trying to get back to that darned good skin stage again *sigh*

      1st time i heard about aluminiium for skin polishing though..hmmmm


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        Candee, those minerals you mention are for applying on skin only right? Actually, I heard that flaxseed oil pills are good supplements for skin...also can apply directly on skin. I tried them but only finished half a bottle. Just no discipline to take everyday ***....anyway for the short time I took them my skin was not as oily and I broke out less. Hmmm....maybe I should try it skin is ballistic nowadays. :roll:


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          I remember that Ettusais' acne concealer contains sulphur to zap zits while concealing at the same time. The only downside is the typical vile sulphur odour.

          As for zinc and titanium oxide, many sunscreens contain them for sun protection.



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            My grandma actually bought sulphur powder for me to apply when I was a teenager then...can't remember how foul-smelling it was. She used lemon juice to mix with the sulphur powder and *** it onto my pimples. It was so long ago and I don't know if it worked. My memory's failing me...u can get the sulphur powder from chinese medicine hall. No prescription needed. A little goes a long way.

            Went for a dip in a hot spring in China many years ago. They said it's good for pimples and people with skin problems. They called it liu2 huang2 shui3. I do see the Chinese there with very good skin.

            My gf swears by Retin-A as well...will get it when I'm in Bangkok.


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              We can get Retin-A from Singapore too, ya?


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                Originally posted by lovedust
                We can get Retin-A from Singapore too, ya?
                But if I'm not wrong, only at the derm's office. I love Retin-A too! It's the best skincare item, if you can consider that, that I've ever ever used!

                But not everyone will get as good results. And because it's so strong, some people will have dry skin and peel non stop from it.

                Also, it's not cheap. Still, because it's everything in a cream, I only have to use that at night. Since using moisturizer over or under it will dilute its effect, it works fine for the minimizer in me.


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                  Originally posted by raebelasian

                  My gf swears by Retin-A as well...will get it when I'm in Bangkok.
                  retin a helps to lessen my whiteheads... *nudge* nudge* when will you be going to BKK Rac?


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                    you can also get Retin-A in JB. That's where i got mine.


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                      Lovedust->Yup...the gals answer it all. Get Retin A elsewhere. Cheaper and u *** need prescription. My gf does that all the time...


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                        thanks for all the informations, ladies.

                        retin a?? is it bad for skin?? err... i mean does it make the top layer of our skin thinner, hence skin becomes more sensitive?? :huh:

                        sweetmango -> i m using Ettusais's acne concealer, doesn't seems to work for me.

                        latte -> what's BP??

                        echo_nym -> flaxseed oil pills...any side effect??


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                          Hi candee,
                          Retin a is not an exfoliator which most people thinkso. But peeling and flakiness is a very common side-effect. It works by promoting healthier cells (don't know the exact chemical reaction, got to ask a derm or u could google search for it, or even in cc for similar discussion). Its good for even-toning of skin and zits but useless on freckles/pigmentation. To be used during only.
                          My tube costs ard $24, which could last me around 1 yr.

                          BP is Benzoyl Peroxide, the active ingredient in Oxy. But moi using PC Blemish fightening solution which I find its less drying than Oxy yet effective in the :piss: , during daytime. :thumps:



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                            desperate to get rid of the zits and figured eating supplements would be better than antibiotics

                            did a search on MUA and found out that zinc supplements aid healing and also help to control acne. this site provides quite a good explanation. anybody taking zinc and have seen good results? the girls over at MUA seem to it and i'm hoping i'll love it too


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                              Hi ****, may I know what is this MUA place that you all have been talking about? :huh: