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  • Lovedust & Verda

    Hi girlies, Verda and I are starting this thread to add in some of our happy and wacky moments.

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    This is the picture of which lovedust did the make over for me for my girlfriend's wedding. Hee hee.. she is good!

    Oh yah... she lend me that necklace so so so so so cool!


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      Face: Ayura Stick Fdn, Prescriptives camouflage concealer, KP loose powder and Stila Snowbloom

      Eyes: Kose Visee OR20 and Illusionist Mascara

      Lips: Bloom Strawberry l/g

      Fragrance: Marc Jacobs

      Its a lovely day today and i'm going for Gelares Tuesday Waffles Day tomorrow!!How's yours?
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        Took out the some green e/s and played with them before heading out. I hope i did a fair job. The slight tinted super gloss turned rainbeau into a pinkish shade..but i like the super gloss effect!!

        FACE: LSF #5, KP loose powder and NARS Deep Throat

        EYES: UD Midnight cowboy, KP #146, Mildew and Estee Lauder Magnascopic in black

        Lips: MAC Rainbeau and Kanebo Super Essence Super Gloss

        I'm wearing a new necklace ( bd prezie) from a guy friend. Love it lots!!! Goes well with my lace two piece top and my eyes ( green eye mu and turquoise contacts )
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          mich > Oh its turquoise. =-) Gorgeous is owned by a friend of mine, Clara and her husband Tony. Both very funky and super friendly. My perm is done there together with coloring. Right now the IN thing is loose wave or u can call it set perming. I recommended Shirley from Gripz to visit her too! I can give you their number and addy if you want. Closet Affairs's unit number is #03-96. =)

          clarins > Awww.. i didn't know if you mind letting me put in your pic here dearie.

          Ariel and blushed2003 > I'm no longer a young girl.. so cute should go to the young ladies here instead of me hehe.

          Xue > Ouch! You're giving my cheeks natural blush!


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              Clara did this for me last xmas.




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                Its actually long but i had layers so..

                I went for xmas party and she set the hair for me. Its done by hot iron and non permanent. My hair color..erm..its a light brown , a tad ashy but during that time its not done by mum's friend. Now my hair color is quite similar to that, in fact lighter.. done by clara.


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                  Used KP shimmer powder in mint green all over my eyes. I'm so lazy. =p
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                    sheabutter > thanks dear =)

                    Hunny > its turquoise. ** in love with greens lately. not just the e/s but clothes, accessories etc =P

                    denise > its made by glittery, another cc girl who also happened to be my wonderful real life friend!


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                      Yay! Went ikea yesterday and since I got to walk between Ikea and Queensway I decided to go light on my skin.

                      Pardon my lousy Fuji Digicam. cos i didn't put flash.

                      - KP 149 eyeshadow
                      - Body Shop Raspberry Lip Balm
                      together with my clinque clarifying skin foundation + Stay true pressed powder and the prescriptives blusher china peach.

                      P.S Gals, I think I am not that good in mixing the KP eyeshadow. Pls do help to give me pointers. Thank you bery bery much.


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                        Shorter hair and new color!

                        Me and the hair gurus of gorgeous

                        Thanks to the flash, the hair color turns out ugly :piss:

                        Hair cut, hair color and treatment for me today! I need to snip off the dry ends! More more more!!!

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                          Hunny > Cos clara used the hot iron to curl my hair after the haircut and color, thats why. =)

                          jemay > Thanks sweet! Your striaght hair looks v nice too! I miss having straight hair sometimes.

                          mich > I like the new hair too but kinda shorter than before.


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                            S8 Eyes

                            I love my S8 eyes! Kinda light though. Attended a bd bash and i wanted to look retro-ish, so here i am! I trimmed my brows today myself, hope i still look okay.
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                              Yay! Got my new KP 146 trio e/s from Lovedust on friday nite and I used it straight away on sat.

                              I tried to add some of the pure pearl varie dust from the KP shared with my gfs. Not really obvious in this picture. Grr...

                              Ha ha.. In a rush to meet my gfs for shopping on sat so take a few short snaps and off I go in this attire. Oops... forget to smile

                              p.s my straight hair was "CLAMPED" by the vidal sasson straighter 4 plates thingy. Otherwise it is SELDOM that smooth nowadays.