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    I am recently into Prada and trying out some samples now. Any raves/rants?

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    Re: Prada Skincare

    Originally posted by glenda
    I am recently into Prada and trying out some samples now. Any raves/rants?
    Oohh Glenda, me too!! I've heard raves about the Lightening Gel for eyes. I've tried that and the Lightening one for face but since they were samples I tried, I couldn't really judge their effectiveness. And I know Erica loves the tinted Hydrating Cream. I'm still exploring though.

    I have tried the Exfoliator and I like it. Let's explore this line together! I'll post more when I get to try some more.


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      Great!! Singapore has Prada selling right? Well I've tried:

      Soothing eye gel: It's better than I expected. I thought it's just some useless soothing eye gel which does nothing. But it did moisturize my eyes in the right way and the gel just feel right. It's not watery/liquidy kind of gel, instead it's a thicker type a bit like liquid glue. But not gluey of couse. Again, I just tried the sample so I can't really tell if it can un-line. But it definitely can soothe and moisturize.

      Soothing cream/face: Not bad but my skin isn't sensitive type so I don't really need it. Many raves in MUA about it though. To me it's a basic moisturizer.

      Lip Cream (not lip balm): It can soften and smooth out the lines on my lips. Good to use before your big day to give the pout feel/look and more kissable. But useless to me for now.

      Purifying Milk/Face: It's a cleansing milk. Nothing special to me. And the monodose size is a bit too little for 1 time's use if I use it to remove my makeup.

      Shielding Pack/Face: It's a pollution fighting mask. Nothing special. Not even very moisturizing.

      Hydrating serum: Good stuff. It's non greasy and very hydrating.
      Hydrating gel cream/face: Ditto. Using these 2 together take my skin from dehydrated to fully moisturized even after I clean my face next morning! I'm not sure which one did the trick though.

      That's all I've tried so face. I'm still trying the last 2 items, will update again later.


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        Glenda, no prada here

        Would love to try the Lightening Gel for day!


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          Tried the lightening eye gel, i THINK it works.... my dark eye shawdows seemed better. however, my eyes are back to day 1 after i stop it.


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            Originally posted by snowstar
            Tried the lightening eye gel, i THINK it works.... my dark eye shawdows seemed better. however, my eyes are back to day 1 after i stop it.
            So you don't think it's more a cosmetic product than an eye care product?


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              Is this brand good? Sound so new to me for skincare. how's its priced? where to get this range?


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                hmmm.. not sure how to answer your question. i don't think its a cosmetic product cos the gel is white in color and has no sparkles to reflect light.

                I bought 6 monodoses from ebay. Prada sells them in monodoes of 30Each dose is meant for 1 usage. I transfer the eye cream into a small container and each dose lasts me between 1.5 - 2 weeks. IMHO the monodoses are just gimics.

                If enough people is interested, I would be happy to CP a box so everyone can have 6 doses to try. It's $95 plus tax.


                MUA also as a tonne of write up on this product


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                  i'm was using the prada lightening gel for the last couple months. my best friend did comment that my dark eye circles seem better after i started using it. however my dark eye circles are so bad that nothing can get rid of them totally so i still need to use concealer. its a pretty good eye cream IMO, though i've recently stopped using it coz my eyes have been a little dehydrated of late. think i need something more emollient and moisturising for winter. will probably go back to it in summer though.


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                    And it goes on....

                    Hydrating serum: It's not a serum nor essence. In Prada essence is called concentrate. What it means here is light hydrating gel. So it's for normal or combination skin. I found it not bad but compare to the Hydrating gel cream, I like the latter better because it can hydrate my face more.

                    Lightening gel: (Lightening lotion) so so only, maybe even my skin tone somewhat but didn't do anything for my freckles and acne marks.

                    Tinted moisturizer/Matte: Dont like...just give me temp. matte finish. Didn't control oil well. Recommend for the new Clinique pore minimizer instant perfector. So much better

                    Tinted Moisturizer/Glow: It's suppose to be a moisturizer giving you glowing effect...but what I got is an oily slick face. Not hydrating enough as well.

                    Lightening eye serum: Not bad...very nice eye serum (lotion), easily absorbed. I can see my dark circles lightening a bit as well! Again don't like the monodose packagin.

                    Reviving Concentrate/face: Wow, this rocks. It's an oil (reminds me the Decleor's aromessence) but not oily at all. Easily absorbed. So it's more like dry oil type. Next morning, my dry lines (lines appear when your face is dehydated) are gone and my face is glowing happily!

                    Reviving balm/eye & neck: I'm using it on my eyes. The texture is like a lip balm and it seems not absorbing easily on my eyes and gives the shiny effect. I was afraid it can give me milla too. But it didn't. It really plump my fine lines well. I have been using it for only a few days and the results came out so fast. Impressed. May not be very hydrating. So you can apply another eye product after well to pump up the hydration level.

                    Reviving mask: I found it so so only. My face didn't really brightened afterward. Normal moisturizing mask to me.


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                      Hi I was wondering is Prada Beauty available in Singapore now? Or is still not available?



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                        Originally posted by She
                        Hi I was wondering is Prada Beauty available in Singapore now? Or is still not available?



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                          Prada Shielding Balm Lip Tint

                          Can someone describe the color of Prada Shielding Balm Lip Balm Tint #1 and #3? Are they PEACH like BOURJOIS 94 Miel Fantastic? I can't see clearly from the Neiman Marcus homepage, can someone helps? TIA!
                          Last edited by simplicity; 12-09-2004, 03:24 PM.


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                            Since I can't lay my hands on Prada's Lightening Eye Serum, I thought might as well just get their Reviving Eye Cream. Let's see if this will kinda 'revive' my dry eye area.

                            Glenda, can I ask if the review that you wrote for Reviving balm/eye & neck is the same as Reviving Eye Cream? That's what it says on my monodose.


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                              in HK?

                              I'm really keen to sample the Prada fragrance, but presumbly it's not available here, only where Prada Beauty products are sold. I'll be going to HK in Dec, so where can I find them? Is ifc mall the only place? Doesn't seem like a place worth going for just that.
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