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  • Soft Straight - by SuperCuts

    Hi Darlings :wave:

    Have any of you tried this new service by SuperCuts? The effect is supposed to be quite similar to rebonding but less drying.

    One more question: Which should come first? Coloring of hair or straightening? Pls share your experience for those who have colored and straightened their hair.


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    Hmm i havent tried this service by supercuts yet! are you planning to? tell us if its good yeah?

    For your 2nd question, I think you should straighten before colouring. However, do bear in mind that after rebonding your hair would be 'damaged', so its good to wait for a couple of weeks and do some hair treatment before you go onto colouring! HTH!
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      oh yes i've tried soft straight before and it worked very well for me! did my very first rebonding at kimage which cost a bomb and for the second time, i switched to supercuts when i heard of this service. and i'm very very pleased with the results! it's not as flat or stiff as rebonding. looks very natural! its been almost a year since i last did it and i'm considering going back there again.

      the price is pretty reasonable too. my length is slightly above the chest and it cost me SG$170.


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        straightening followed by colouring as the chemicals in the first process would probably lighten your hair colour.. would be a waste of money for you to colour your hair first.


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          wow! i'm so happy to hear all the replies coming in! glad i joined this lovely forum!

          yvonne: yeap, i'm planning to go for this soft straight thingy after my hairstylist recommended it to me n after reading Jae's posting *grins*

          Jae: i am ever so glad to know of sumone who has tried this! now i'm DEFINITELY gonna go for it! hahha.. almost a year n the effect still there? good good.. btw, did u use any special shampoo after that or u just use your normal ones?

          oh ya, i was also quoted abt the same price - $167 n the best part is my SO juz passed me a 30% off hairdressing services voucher from SuperCuts!

          duckiee: thanks for your comments! my hairstylist also said sumthink abt if i color first, the color would fade after i do the soft straight thingy.. so i juz wanted to confirm it.. thanks!


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            i continued using my normal shampoo to wash my hair.... it didn't really affect the quality, not for me at least =) i use dove! all i can say is, soft straight works for me! i hope it will for you too!

            and yes, i've got the 30% off discount coupon too!!! will be off to supercuts when august comes!! its a good deal!


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              snow angel & Jae, where did u all get the 30% off coupon??it sounds like a great deal!

              snow angel,are u planning to highlight your hair at supercuts too? I am thinking of highlighting my hair, am wondering if supercuts is good?


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                jae: did you color/highlight your hair after doing soft straight? did it affect the texture of your hair after that? how long did you wait after soft straight before you color/highlight your hair? sorry for asking so many questions..

                koala: i got the voucher from Singtel.. i haven't decide on either highlight or color.. i've also not tried doing highlighting at SuperCuts n so I have no idea too..

                any suggestions/recommendations anyone?


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                  snow angel:

                  the stylist advised that if you want to highlight or dye your hair, you must wait until at least 2 months later.... its not really healthy if you were to dye it immediately after...

                  but of course, dying the hair will inevitably make it drier, but i suppose if you take good care of your hair, it wouldn't be so bad...


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                    Wow.. I am tempted to try this now. Since i am like having a bit curly after my ears.

                    Any particular super cut outlet is good?
                    My hair is just above chest length too, how much will that be?
                    Can it last more than a year?

                    hee hee.. so many questions


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                      jae: thanks!

                      varda: i usually go to the one at Far East Plaza.. not sure abt the other hairstylist quoted me $167 for hair around that length..


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                        What's the process like?? I'm interested to know more!


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                          Verda: apparently the Far East Plaza one's the best supercuts outlet! and yes, i go there often for haircuts too! your length should be about $170...

                          debby: the process is similar to rebonding just that it doesn't take as long.. apparently the cream they use is specially formulated by supercuts themselves, and thats what makes it different from the others.


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                            Thanks Jae and Snow Angel. Will go there if I want to get my hair done.. hmm... when is my next pay cheque coming in... :roll:


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                              hi ! i am new here... a bit lost but still hanging on.
                              anyway, about the rebonding and coloring... i think monsoon , the salon i go to actually offer color reboding. i tried my rebonding there... not the color one. but i guess they gives your hair color while rebonding. just thought you princesses should know.
                              btw, anyone knows a good place for a perm?