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    Hi all

    Has anyone tried Sebastian styling products, specifically those for permed hair? I am using a few from Schwartzkopf atm and I think my scalp is sensitive to them. Any other brands to recommend? Thanks

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    potion no 9 - leave in treatment condition that also doubles up as a styling aid (but the styling effect is not very significant)

    i don't like the smell. and the plastic tube tends to get squashed and twisted up so it tends to be rather difficult to get it out of the tube.

    not sebastian's but TIGI, i like the ego boost leave in conditioner, nice smell IMO, plus makes my hair looks tidier after I wash it. i like the way my hair looks after the conditioner has settled after a few hours, slight waves, not stiff.


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      Thanks duckiee! Looks like TIGI is a good choice...


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        hi...i use paul mitchell sculting lotion for my perm hair...

        potion 9 looks more like a leave in conditioner than a styling product...


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          Sebastian laminates

          hi all,
          heard from kimage forum that the sebastian laminates is not meant for everyday use... got to rotate with other shampoos if not the sculp will be too oily ( coz too moisturing??)

          it can only be used at most 2 or 3 times per week if you wash your hair everyday...

          has been wondering how come my sculp is so oily nowdays...

          anybody experience the same problem?
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            no problem for me...i use it everyday!


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              My hairstylist recommended me Sebastian laminates shampoo and conditioner after I rebonded my hair. He said the shampoo is too rich for everyday usage. He recommended me to stop using the shampoo after 2 weeks of the rebond. Now, I use this once every week. I do find that it's too rich for everyday usage and it makes my hair really limp.

              Don't like the scent though...


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                I used this for a period of time too. It made my hair heavy and limp. The promised shine didnt really come.. im using Keratase now ( its still not glossy ) and my hair doesnt feel heavy or limp.

                In the US.. i tried Terax adnt that worked really well for rebonded hair.


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                  It's not recommeded for everyday use because it's very moisturising, and frequent use will grease ur hair... it may result in hair loss...
                  it's usually recommend for v v v damaged hair and permed/rebonded hair...

                  alternate sebastian n others shampoo every 2 weeks.

                  i have experienced mild hair loss due to frequent use of laminates...

                  now i use some other shampoo... i got lots in my bath.... because i juz shop too much for toiletries... *bleah*


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                    Hi Huili, welcome!
                    care to do an intro at cozybabe?


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                      The Laminates line is full of silicones, to give your hair the shine it promises. The thing about silicones is that they coat the hair, not moisturise it, thus the heavy and limp feeling. Use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build-up. I personally try to keep silicone-loaded hair products to a minimum.


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                        i have finished 2 sets of the conditioner and shampoo and i must its a nice shampoo to use for rebonded hair. but it does make my hair feel greasy. however, i only used it on alternate days (once in every 2 days). is this frequency of usage ok? please advice. thanks


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                          i use it problem for me...
                          sometimes get itchy scalp...think becoz i use it daily...


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                            Hmm... so far its okay for me.

                            I used it daily and for my previous rebonding session. No problems for me.


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                              Its rather oily for me so I alternate it with another drugstore shampoo, but its good for rebonded hair as its very moisturising.