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  • Covermark!

    I read lots of raves on its foundation and powder. Anyone here used Covermark before?

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    What about the Cleansing Oil? The HK girls over at their board are raving how good this cleansing oil is.


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      only tried their essence foundation before. I like it very much, its very good!

      A lot of shades to choose from and I found one which suits me perfectly with great coverage.

      It is supposed to have some good ingredients in it like ginko nuts and some others which i can't remember.


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        Ditto the essence fdn. It has good coverage but not thick! And I'm using its loose powder too and am liking it. I know Belly is also using it.


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          Jusme is the new and improved Essence foundation, I think. Either that or part of the same range. Karen! Me also interested in the cleansing oil - added incentive to buy Jusme since there's a GWP.


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            I asked the SA abt the diff. between the old Essence Foundation and the new Essence Foundation Liquid, she said the old one can not control oil, and the new one can so more suitable for oily skin.


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              Originally posted by Glossie
              Apparently, Covermark LP is very popular in HK!
              Well Covermark is very famous for its foundation in general in HK And also the skincare esp. the Chinese Herb Series.


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                It seems their essence foundation (or Juseme?) and loose powder are good...... hmmm, think I test these one day.
                Plus the herb skincare, hehe


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                  This come at a really good time for me. Am game to try new foundation. Been bugging Dol to recommend new foundation for me since I had tried almost all in the market.

                  Gals who use Covermark foundation, please share what are your fave? There are quite an extensive range. I know Apple uses this. Apple?


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                    Aww...Jusme Colour Essence Foundation looks like what I may be looking for. It has sunprotection too.


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                      I can't decide which I want. :huh: Has anyone tried Soft Pact Foundation SPF20? Does that turn from cream to a powder finish? Thanks.


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                        I am interested in this too. Thought this sounds like VLWC which was my HG previously.
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                          Have tried their Powder Retouch about 2 years back. Covermark always has very tempting promos. I remembered getting this as a set with the 60ml cleasing oil thrown in and some other samples, all that I never used and give away as extras in swap. I was an unadventurous skincare/makeup 'idiot' back then

                          The Powder Retouch is very sheer. Like its name implies, it's good for retouching and will not cake up. IMO, this is better than MAC Blot Powder. IIRC, this is refillable.

                          I've always wonder why Covermark is seldom mentioned. I remember Covermark foundations used to be very popular in HK during my stay there in 97-98. That made me try out their foundation.

                          Since it's from Japan, catered for asian skins, I think we can start venturing into this brand. I'm kind of interested in their skincare.

                          Meow, Dimples or anyone else-> How? Want to go for the promotion in Taka?


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                            i'm so glad covermark is brought up here. it's definitely one of my most FAV brands

                            i tried out this brand quite a few years ('99 iirc) back and i'm completely sold since. think my very 1st covermark item is a pot foundation from it's Excellence range..comes in a dusky pink plastic pot. it was the most natural with full coverage fdn i've ever come across back then. it served me very very well when i needed to conceal some scars & blemishes. it's also water-proof which leads me to their cleansing oil for makeup removing.

                            up till now, i think the cleansing oil is their best STAR performer, many other brands i've tried still pales in comparision. i buy the cleansing oil in the big bottle size of 420ml, on my 3rd bottle now.

                            i like their very fine LP too..

                            currently i own:

                            2 extra formula fdn - diff shades
                            1 essence fdn - yellow tone (old formula)
                            1 excellence fdn
                            1 lucent up lp
                            1 brightening lp

                            2 bottles cleansing oil - 420ml & 210ml
                            1 day nourish fixer (moisturizer that doubles up as m/u base)

                            next up, i wanna try their brightening base & mineral soap

                            i used to have the softpact too...but i've gotten a wrong shade & have swapped it away since. iirc, it comes in a special case something like VLWC and provides full coverage but feels slightly more 'make-up' than other fdn, if u are those who like sheer looks, then it's not suitable. but given the coverage & finish, it's a very convenient compact.

                            the essence fdn is a great color match, it gives me a clear complexion look with matt satin finish but i'm always more partial to a luminous look, hence i always use the brightening lp for radiance or i'll use Armani's micro fil lp to impart an illuminating finish


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                              Originally posted by Dimples
                              I can't decide which I want. :huh: Has anyone tried Soft Pact Foundation SPF20? Does that turn from cream to a powder finish? Thanks.
                              Hey Linda!

                              I tried soft pact before. If i remembered correctly, Covermark has 2 types of creme to powder foundation. the soft pact is the one with more coverage and supposedly helps in concealing uneven skintone and acne scars.

                              It is way thicker than Vincent Longo's Water Canvas. I don't really like the thick coverage and it doesn't help that the foundation oxidises to a dull orangish tone on me after a few hours.

                              Heard lotsa raves for its very expensive liquid foundation though. Not sure of the exact name but i know it cost $135