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  • Pixash

    hi all

    this is me without makeup posing be flowers at the zoo...... was really tired so couldnt smile much...hehe

    Yikes, I look like a innocent schoolgirl kid.. hmm, will post with MU soon!

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    My First supposed FOTD that doesnt turn out right cos my MU never shows!!! eek!!

    Image below is my new left brow!! hehe. It really looks thinner than the pic...hmmm. but its neater!

    Clinique Clarifying MU on chin and forehead
    YSL touche eclat
    TBS loose powder
    Shu Uemura P peach 40 Glow on
    MAC Snowgirl lipglass n a little stila and a dab of anna sui gloss
    MAC Iridescient golden bronze powder + Maybelline mascara
    (I know, all this MU and nothin really shows up..sigh)
    I applied most of this at 3 pm! and i took the pics at 1130pm!!

    Oh, and I have no idea how to make those nice FOTDs with photoshop....dont even understand the help instructions... All those background and layer stuff makes me go ahhh!!!
    can anyone help????[


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      Pixash (2)

      Hey all

      I know we're supposed to have MU stuff on our FOTD, pls forgive me but my first one here isnt much on MU...hehe. Only going to have more on MU when i raid all the stores in Tangs.....which i suspect is coming soon....


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        Pretty! You have GREAT GREAT skin! That's my goal!

        You look like the younger version of a local actress...I think her name is lin2 mei2 jiao1. She is acting in the chinese drama describing Li Nan Xing being caught between 3 women. This actress I am talking about is the lawful wife of Li Nan Xing.


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          Pretty pretty!

          Wonderful skin, bone structure & swanlike neck. You don't need much makeup dear.


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            pretty girl! love your cute baby pigtail too great bone structure girl...looking fwd to more fotds of yours

            i like your m/u, very pretty and natural and young looking!


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              yikes Riverie!!!- my mum's friends used to say she looked like that actress!!!! but my dad thinks my mum's prettier... My mum looks a looooot like me, only a older version....haha, oh no, thats what im going to look like when im older huh....oh oh..

              To all-thanks for all the compliments!


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                Just want to say that you look great even with this "minimal look" Really pretty and WOW! Great skin


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                  You look absolutely pretty. So sweet, the girl-next-door is definitely you.


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                    I think Pixash looks prettier than Lin Meijiao


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                      I told my mum that riverie said i looked like lin meijiao.....she had a good laugh at me...(cos i used to tease her about it!)

                      Anyway, I only good at looking minimal.......for my prom, i *** i had more than usual makeup on...but my friends just said I looked like i had no makeup on!!! gosh.... dunno why i spend so much on NO makeup look......haha.Then again, I like all the colours on all the FOTDs here.... like green and blue and yellow and all those. But im not sure if i'll look silly in it.. cos well, ive only tried lookin minimal!

                      When I put on more e/s like in browish bronzey and champagney colours.... my sister just says that I look like I got punched..... hehe..and I wasnt even attempting a smokey look or what! gosh
                      Maybe I should try to put light pastel colours so maybe I wont look so punched up...hmmmmm............any rec?


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                        Wow~ great skin!! Very pretty and cute!


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                          Wow!!! Your skin is glowing!


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                            ermm... that diagonal structure sticking out's a muscle, not a bone- unless u're talking about yr collarbone (the horizontal structures).


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                              you look really pretty! and great skin!