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    hi pepper salt,

    when i first started using his products, i used it consistently for abt 1.5 years. had good results and acne were under control. i agree that effects start to become less obvious. until then i ventured into other skincare products.

    however i must say that when my pimples come finding me again, i will turn back to dr wee's wonderful medication, say for abt 2 weeks then revert back to the normal skincare. the are disputes whether AHA is harmful to the skin. but according a some doctor name mark rubin or something.. AHA is actually good to the skin in the long skin. he's conducting a study which is alr running for 9 years.

    although i'm now using my own skincare range, dr wee's medicine are still on standby

    how's your face condition now? for me, it was the scars that bothered me. heard from a friend who also visits dr wee that he prescribes vit c serum. that was how i went to buy the serum outside instead of from him.

    maybe u would like to switch to other pdts to see if u are suitable? u can also reduce ur reliance on his medicine. after u finish 1 set, then go back to his medicine?


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      I've been using the products for over a year and I think it's really effective. Although the AHA solution requires more water else ur skin will really start peeling. I've got an additional heal cream (yellow cream) which is supposed to close up the pores so skin will be smoother. The Dr. recommended the vitamin C serum but i've yet to get it (don't think will be necc plus $$)...


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        hi minioreo.. same as u, i used the products consistently for bout a year plus den i stopped using since i had finished the products and my skin was pretty good already... after stopping for some time den i realise *** the pimples are coming back... although not as bad as before, it still bugs me u see.... hee... its mainly concentrate along the cheeks near the nose and below the eye areas.. i wonder y??

        i have tried the vit c serum he sells.. it makes the skin softer after use and scars maybe a little more faint but other than *** not much use for me.. wad other products are u using right now since u mention *** u are using ur own skincare range? did u see other docs before going to him? just curious..


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          hi fwlin89.. i do have the yellow cream as well... but i find that my face feels oily after i use it so i will left it out most of the time... actually i feel that unless u have the spare cash if not the serum is not really worth the money as what i have mention in the earlier post..


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            hey pepper salt, me too have all the pimples concentrated at the cheek area and beside the nose!!! mine are those deep-set ones.. no heads, cant really see but can feel.. so they take quite some time to ripen..

            i'm using dermalogica cleansers. i double cleanse each day and alternate between cleansers for oily skin and combi skin. followed by dermalogica's microfoliant. toner and moisturiser i'm using H2O+. finishing soon and i'm converting to HABA!! (cant wait to use them. they are sitting in my cupboard now... ) i'm also using a vit c serum of 10%. it's really good.. lightens scars and refines pores. i used to use only once a day. the effects were not dramatic. just a couple of days ago, i use twice a day and wake up with clear skin in the morning!

            and i'm also using kose sekkisei lotion mask... it helps also!

            dr wee gave me a yellow cream as well.. is it the same? it's called tretinoin. it's supposed to be something like AHA.. drying as well.. i dont really use it..


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              seems like we have the same family of pimples that enjoys growing at the same places of different people... haha... ok i shouldn't be so happy about that i guess...

              the products u using are pretty high end... i'm too poor to use those... yeah its the same yellow cream he gives to everyone i suppose... i'm happy for u *** u can use other products... hmm i guess i have to either go back to him or try some other docs... i'm actually thinking of going to the one at tampines since everyone has so much good comments about her.... but still pending....


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                hey peppersalt, dont despair... we are all on the same boat.. *** happened to your skin recently? maybe i can share some tips with you? i have nv seen any doctor before dr wee as dr wee was rec to me by my father.

                we are all here to encourage each other!


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                  Thanks... its really nice of u.. i will not give up on my skin.. i think its probably because i stopped using the products for too long.. my last visit was last yr's september...

                  when i use the products i do not have any outbreaks... somehow i think the products have to be used for long periods of time if not pimples will start again.. guess it only controls the pimples and not get rid of them forever... that's why i'm wondering if i should go to another doc...


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                    so u mean there isnt any major outbreak now? just that u are concerned that the medications do not cure pimple in the long run rite? i thought that way before also cos previously whenever i stopped his med for more than 3 mths, my pimples will come back. but dunno y this mth, it didnt. i have stopped for about more than 3 mths alr.

                    maybe i share some of my prevention tips? might not make sense to you...

                    1) dont let your pore have the chance to clog ie. whenever you sweat, faster wipe away with tissue or blot. no clog = no pimples

                    2) double cleanse everyday!

                    3) oh gosh.. sunblock is a must.. and dr wee's sunblock is my fave...

                    these are what i can think of now.. btw, how old are you? what products are you using now?


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                      i suppose major breakouts means those big ones with pus right?
                      no.. i dun have that... i have small visible pimples on the cheeks near the nose and below the eye.... and my skin is pretty rough too... hmm... ok out of the 3 tips u gave.. i dun do the 3rd one... wonder is that y my skin is still bad....

                      i'm currently using simple's facial wash and toner... heard from my friend that her previous doctor recommended her so giving it a try..


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                        hmmm i dont think it's the sunblock that causes the small pimples as sunblock is supposed to block out UV rays. it help in preventing pigmentation and scars from darkening...

                        arent u using a moisturiser? is it oil-free? i guess people with oily skin like us got to look out for such ingredients. as for rough skin, i can rec you ettusais night protect powder. it does smooths the skin alot and inhibits sebum production while u sleep at night. this u will wake up with a clear skin. smoothness here means smooth when u touch your face, not those highly visible smooth like fann wong's skin...


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                          really?? the powder is so good?? hmm... i might give it a try... hey really thanks for all the advice.... very nice of u....


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                            hey!! My pimples are also at my cheeks!! Sigh!
                            I saw the doctor at Punggol Clinic once, I will never go back again. Major outbreak!

                            I stopped Dr Wee products for two months already, using DRX products now. I feel its actually better. No pimples at all, not even one and its less drying. The down part is that the first time price is really high. My eye balls nearly fall out when I see the bill.

                            But the products last really long, I am using for 2 months and I haven't reach half of it yet. In long run its cheaper den Dr Wee. Hope you gals find a product suitable for you.


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                              hi nixxy, glad that u have found yourself a new alternative!

                              peppersalt, maybe u wan to give nixxy's suggestion a try?


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                                hi nixxy, how long have u seen Dr Wee before the switch?