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Ohm by olay -- raves!

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  • Ohm by olay -- raves!

    read about ohm by olay body scrubs and cleanser on MUA and is always thinking about the rose and jasmine body cleanser. i am really fond of anything that smell of roses.

    so was walking around in Guardian and spotted this. apparently this is new. got the Rose and jasmine body scrubs and the body cleanser and is very sastified with the products. The smell is genuine, very very feminine . and the best thing, it actually lasts! the scrub is ok only, not very effective but silly ol me just couldn't stop using it daily for the smell.

    Ohm also have the citrus/ginger lone. smelt that in guardian. quite a warm smell if you get what i mean. anyway, just have to rave for it, because it is so difficult to get cheap rose smelling toiletries here.

    thanks for reading my rambles!

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    thanks ruee
    another item on my to-check-out list


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      i stop by to check the scrubs & body wash today. i like what i smell...rose & jasmine is not overly rose, soothing floral scent. citrus & ginger is wonderfully refreshing, i did not detect ginger though. the scrubs are $8.90 & body wash(creamy IIRC) are $7.90!


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        thanks for sharing....


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          hihi waht's this product? ohm = ?
          haha. ULU me.


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            I love Ohm by Olay Exfoliating Body Scrub, Rose & Jasmine. I tried it because it was one of Cosmo's beauty picks and I usually love what they recommend, and this was no exception.