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  • Just thought I'd post a short review on the SS scents I've tried so far : :

    Yuzu (soap, mist and lotion) - My absolute favourite! Nothing beats the fresh citrusy Yuzu scent. I like the lotion and soap best. The soap is really creamy and fragranced my bathroom nicely. The mist is so-so. The first spritz is overwhelmingly alcohol, and the scent is very light and dissipates after an hour on me.

    Buttermint Candies (soap, lotion) - My second fave. It smells very true from the bottle and soap. Has a slight tingly feel when you apply. The mint scent fades away first though, and the lingering scent is quite buttery. Dunno why it reminds me a little of preserved plums after a while, but I still like it!

    Cookies and Cream (soap) - I thought it would be more vanilla based, but it smells like plain chocolate. The scent is pretty strong. I put this in the bathroom and could smell it all day from my room. Anyway my mum and brother kept complaining about the scent giving them a headache, and even I couldn't take it after a while, so I stopped using it after a day. This soap was very melty too and kept dripping brown streaks all over my sink.

    Hot Cocoa (lotion) - Smells very true from the bottle, just like a milky cup of cocoa. However the scent turns quite plasticky on me after a while. Would have preferred a more bitter chocolate scent too.

    Rise and Shine (soap, mist) - Cloyingly sweet. The pineapple note is quite strong and lingers on everywhere. Some of the mist leaked from the top of my bottle and even though I cleaned it up, the smell just lingered for days and days. But it is quite a sharp and sweet scent, very Hawaiian or Pina Colada like. I've also got the lotion but I haven't decided if I like this scent enough to use it.

    Oatmeal, Milk and Honey (soap) - Ick. Such a disappointment. I expected a warm milky oatmeal scent but this smells like almond jelly which I absolutely hate.

    Overall, I probably would just continue to get the lotions from SS. I like the soaps but at the price, they aren't worth it. They are quite soft and don't travel well from the US.


    • I have the oatmeal, milk & honey too, sorry to hear that it didnt work on you. I find this scent very difficult to describe, kinda smells like a muesli bar to me.

      For me, the buttermint candies didnt smell very true on me, after awhile, it seems to be a slight medicinal on me but dries down to be very subtle so I am ok with that too.

      I love the Angel Wings, it's a new scent from soapcorner but you can request SS to make that. It is so baby powdery smell when I start applying it. My niece keep asking how come got baby smell when I was at my sis's house. It dries down to a very subtle powdery smell and I swear I catch a slight tinge of mango smell, maybe my body chemistry.

      Yuzu... ah need I say more? Love it!


      • Goatsmilk & Honey Cream

        was expecting this to be thick and similar to the shea butter but this turned out more like a thick lotion to me. pleasantly surprised.. very thick and moisturising and absorbs pretty well after awhile (as compared to the shea butter which takes forever for it to be absorbed) plus, my skin's feeling soft and rather smooth now

        got it in zen tea (Honey, sweet fresh tea, a little bit of floral, citrus, and light woody notes) definitely can smell the floral and slightly of the tea after awhile..

        lemming more even though i have so much more to finish now :roll:

        thank you blis and dreamie!


        • Just collected my loot last evening from Dreamie.

          As usual, the lotion is very moisturising, dries well and not leave any sticky feeling.

          Strawberries & Cream - It's more strawberry-ish than strawberry daiquiri. I woke up in the middle of the nite still smelling it. Very nice for a strawberry lover but may be too much of strawberries if you aren't. For me, I find it too strawberry-ish, may use this only when I ran out of strawberry daiquiri.

          Coco Beach Baby Peach - Ooh, I like this one other than Yuzu and 1st Kiss. Reminds me of a peach sherbert. I think the coconut isnt that prominent in this one.

          Warm Vanilla Sugar - I like this one better than oatmeal, milk & honey. Same warm rich scent. The vanilla is very nice in this one. I think I can even blend this into other scents if I want them to pick up more vanilla scent.

          The Mist is in very very pretty packaging, I love the spray bottle!

          Yuzu - More citrusy than it is in the lotion, the scent last and I can't help but keep smelling my wrist where I spray it even tho the smell lingers.

          Lovespell Fantasy - I hvae not try the VS lovespell so I can't tell if it smells similar. I don't know if I like this, it smells floral + champagne to me.

          Rise and Shine - For the 1st moment, I thought I pick up a watermelon scents but it dries down beautifully, I love this scent! I think I can even layer it over CBBP. I think I need to put this my fave list too. I regret not ordering the lotion, I think it is no longer on SS.


          • thanks for the tempting reviews girls!


            • Ah.. the lotions absorb so well and do not feel sticky at all. Got the lotions in four scents.
              7up : smelt refreshing from the bottle, but turned a bit plasticy on me.
              Green Clover and Aloe : i didn't like it when i first smelt it from the bottle. Very mild, very 'green'. After i applied it on, took couple of whiffs, some whiffs i like it, some whiffs i didn't. Heh.. weird eh.. Still undecided about this scent.
              Fire : i like! A sweet floral smell, but my guy friend thought it was a tad too strong.
              Yuzu : still my favourite! Now i've got Yuzu in soap, body lotion, goatsmilk & honey cream & Mist!

              Gotta rave about the goatsmilk & honey cream. Love the texture, absorbs really well, makes my skin feel really soft and smooth, and doesnt feel oily. Plus a little go a long way, think i'll get these instead of lotions in future.

              I felt the yuzu mist was a wee bit too strong and citrusy. Very refreshing, think this is the perfect wake me up in the morning when i'm rushing for work.. And the scent lasts pretty long on me..


              • I got my Yuzu lotion and mist from Dreamie today! to Dreamie for coordinating this!

                Yuzu smells absolutely divine. It smells creamier in the lotion bottle but once it dries down it's so true to the yuzu fruit scent that it's scary! Like what coffee says, the mist is more tart and citrusy but it dries down ok on me.

                visee: try shaking the mist vigorously before you spray? That should mix up the mist properly and get rid of the initial alcohol smell


                • I got my loot too! Thanks to Dreamie!!

                  The packaging was far cry from the earlier batch done by Visee. Instead of the nicely printed butterfly stickers, the current look hastily done. Looks like it's printed on white sticker by normal printer. So disappointing! Thought Mary should give more care for such big order?

                  The lotions are very light and easily absorbed. Great for our weather, but when I brought it along to Beijing, they are not moisturising enough!

                  Zen Tea - Very light and citrusy. Dries down to a woody note. My 2nd favourite after Yuzu. Hardly smell the tea though.

                  Fire - Fruity Floral but the melon smell is too overpowering!My colleague refers it "the honeydew" lotion.

                  Lemon Drop Cookie - A very true scent of those small little cookies with lemon filling in between. Remind me of my kiddie times!! SO said he is tempted to bite me whenever he smell the lotion.

                  Rise and Shine - Yeeks! Too sweet for me! Reminds me of those artificial chewing gum flavouring. Definitely a miss for me. Would probably swap away!
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                  • Originally posted by nywoe
                    visee: try shaking the mist vigorously before you spray? That should mix up the mist properly and get rid of the initial alcohol smell
                    Thanks for the tip, nywoe! I'll try doing that.

                    Hmm.. after trying the Yuzu mist a few more times, it is pretty strong after all. Like what the other girls have said, the mist is more tart and citrusy, whereas the lotion has a more creamy smell. I like the lotion better cos the scent isn't as sharp.

                    Smartcat, Zen Tea sounds tempting!


                    • thank you Blis for passing me the sprays today really glad seeing you again.

                      I got the mists in Yuzu and Zen Tea.

                      Yuzu : wow, very different from what i imagined. i thought it'd be sweeter and more uplifting than tart. hard to explain. basically i thought it'd have a milder and more sugary smell.
                      sometimes it reminds me of air freshener :roll: but overall it's a great pick-me-up. but i won't spray it on my wrists anymore - too tart and a tad perfumey. will spray it on my lower half so the scent will waft up nicely.

                      have yet to try Zen Tea will report again


                      • Zen Tea mist

                        i'm giving this one up for swap selling is also possible. anyone interested just PM me!


                        • my Yuzu body mist leaks everytime i spray it! i have no idea why.

                          anyone else experiencing this problem?


                          • I do notice some of the mists are rather foamy, sprays out foams in white. Any of you have the same experience? Not all the mist turns out this way though!

                            In my loot is Lovespell Fantasy which is pretty much close to the VS version which I have in lotion. This is good for all fruity sweet scent loving person!


                            • are SS stuff really good? which of their range is better?

                              i received a sample of their body lotion in white grape juice in a swap. smelt quite fresh in the bottle, exactly as if i've just bitten into one of those green grapes. so was really excited about trying it.

                              but when i applied onto my skin, it turned into a plasticky smell. and worst of all, my skin turned so papery and dry after one hour!! not to mention peeling..... so disappointed....


                              • there are tons of raves for their lotions

                                personally, i the lotions & goatsmilk & honey cream. the shea butter is sometimes too greasy for me.