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  • Beta Alistine Skin Science

    This is an Aussie skincare line that has just been introduced on the Adore Beauty site:

    "For scientifically beautiful skin...

    "We are pleased to bring you the Beta Alistine range of scientific skincare, developed thanks to the scientific innovations of the CSIRO in Sydney and the Co-Operative Research Centre (CRC) for Tissue Growth & Repair, in Adelaide, Australia. Loved by many famous Aussies including Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson and Cate Blanchett... you'll love it too!

    "Our favourites:

    ** Rocket Science Line Delete **
    Line Delete serum is a silky smooth lightweight treatment designed to improve elasticity, firmness and all over skin texture. Showed in lab tests to increase collagen production by 500%!

    ** Rocket Science Eye Zone **
    Eye-Zone is a targeted treatment for the lines that appear around the eyes due to sun exposure, smoking and premature ageing.

    ** Age Delete Moisturising Face Cream **
    A light textured moisturising face cream containing sunscreen and the patented cell-rejuvenating molecule Beta Alistine?, to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and the ravages of time. Also available in a dry-skin version."

    Beta Alistine It all sounds wonderfully scientific, and I'm curious if any of the Aussie-based Cotters have tried or heard of it?

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    i've heard of it... and i'm quite sure i've seen it but have not tried it


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      I have the rocket science eye cream and night cream. They are good products,my skin does feel firmer from using it.