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    <img src="">

    latest FOTDs:

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    older FOTDs can be found here:
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    ying, got a question regarding pink swoon. is it similar to KP#26? is pink swoon pinkier? thanks girl.

    love your FOTDs. really like the one with #150.


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      annalise: the darker blue from kp #145 just might do it... mixed with the yellow from kp p02 maybe?

      rach: heh i'm glad to be back and seeing familiar names/faces too! i'm loving my new shu yellow e/s -- it's a matte butter yellow, great for mixing with blues or greens.

      mich: yep xue's right... pink swoon's pink! but kp 26 is a lot more pigmented. i only need two brushstrokes of the kp compared to ten with the mac to get the same intensity! they're both roughly the same shade of pink on me though.

      jemay: cannot!!! i'll get weird stares if i wear bright colours to school everyday

      queenie: heh yeah the mac ma recommended it to me when i told her i was looking for an eye pencil. oh well! and yes i do see some resemblance to the kp 145. hmm...


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        feine >>> In your "green day" fotd, did you actually drew a black liner across the lids??


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          adessa: nope, no liner used at all! the shu mascara defined my eyes so well that it looks almost like i'm wearing eyeliner as well, heh.

          astrid/satinchris: yep! ok maybe the mac eyelash curler too but the shu mascara really holds the curl -- most mascaras i've tried tend to weigh down my eyelashes ugh.


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            smoky blues 080903

            the look: bright eyes made smoky with a dark metallic green liner, paired with pink cheeks and sparkly nude lips.


            cailing: #144 is a v pretty trio! it's the only pink that i can wear. looks boring in the pot, but v pretty on!


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              all cleaned up 080903 (PM)

              the look: defined eyes with clean cheeks and lips.

              (aka i had to go for class and i didn't want classmates thinking i had OTT makeup so i toned down my earlier look!)


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                I love how neatly you lined your eyes with KP 147. A technical question for u: Which brush do you use to line and any special tips for making the line soooooo thin?? I always end up having gunks of shadow on my crease instead of a thin, neat line *blah*


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                  Looking pretty ying!
                  Do you have a bigger and clearer pic of your eye m/u? I wanna see how handforged looks like.


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                    Ying, I love your brows! it's so well maintain, nicely arch and very pro! any tips on shaping and maintaining the brows?


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                      closeup of eye makeup:

                      <img src="">

                      unfortunately the pic doesn't show how pretty handforged is IRL! it's a very unique gilded gold... with tiny flecks of gold that flash and sparkle.

                      lynettefrancis + seagull: heh thanks! learned it all from lea/faithe! basically if you're happy with the shape of your brows, it's quite easy to maintain them -- just tweeze the regrowth and when individual hairs get too long, brush them upwards and snip off the excess that extends beyond the brow shape. then brush them downwards and do the same. voila! neat brows!


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                        hey grrL!

                        tempting me to get Handforged..... arghh!!

                        you just lined your upper lid is it? is it hard to remove -- the flecks of gold and all?


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                          new fotd 071003

                          decided to experiment with a green shu e/s that i swapped from jemay -- sorry i have no idea which code it is, any ideas jemay? paired it with shu M Yellow 326 for a graduated yellow-green fresh-eyed look.


                          islande: oops! sorry for the late reply nope it's not hard to remove at all, comes off easily with KP cleansing oil yet doesn't budge until removed. i lined both upper and lower lids.

                          sheabutter: heh i'm lemming for MORE powerpoint pencils too!

                          xue: check out my villagephotos album? that's the only one i've archived... took all the rest down. they weren't particularly inspiring anyway heh.


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                            Beautiful beautiful! ......I really like the green on u

                            Any idea which mac eyeshadow can achieve that look?


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                              gave myself a break from mugging (exam period, UGH!) and decided to play with my long-neglected makeup stash heh colours of choice: purples and greens!