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  • Lilsweetie

    FOTD 01/06/04

    Law school has started. Sorry for not being able to update my FOTDs so often!


    A larger image can be found in the album by clicking the thumbnail and then clicking the image that shows on the next page. Please click on the image above or follow the link below.

    I will be posting product details on only the latest FOTD. However, I have all previous product information as well. If you have a technical question about any of the products used for any of my FOTDs, please feel free to ask.

    If you notice the change in my avatar in any of my posts, chances are I've posted up a new FOTD!

    I have close-up pictures of my eyes and lips. I've just been too lazy to put them together. However, I've put up a much larger picture of my entire face to make up for it. I'll update it later for my archive. Please pardon the extremely wrinkled shirt .

    This look was done mostly with the new Bare Escentuals kit called Getting Gorgeous. The kit consists of very matte, neutral colors except for the extremely bright lipstick. I skipped on the lipstick .

    <i>Temptu</i> airbrush foundation
    <i>Bare Escentuals</i> Soft Focus Romance for blush

    Soft Focus Pure on brow bone -- pretty much invisible
    Soft Focus Glamour on lids
    Blue Black liner along entire upper lashline (REALLY in the lashes) and outer 1/3 of lower lashline
    Some L'oreal shimmery taupe eye pencil in the lower inner corners

    Shiseido mascara base
    Bourjois CdT mascara

    VoV Beige lipliner
    Delux Beauty Betty Tintstick

    All past FOTDs can be found at my FOTD Album. Please PM me for the password.

    Thanks for viewing my FOTDs!

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    FOTD for 08/24/03 posted!


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      Gorgeous! I am always amazed by your e/s application!

      Fresh Moroccan looks red on you. Isn't it more browny IRL?


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        Hi Stella!!

        Thank you for the compliment!!

        In the tube, Fresh Moroccan looks like a warm brick red with some gold shimmer. It looks much brighter on my lips (and the back of my hands), and I'm not sure why. I suspect it's for the same reason I can't wear most reds because they turn fuschia on me. Along the same lines, brown lipsticks (e.g., MAC Touch) still tend to look pinky brown on my lips. It makes it a little difficult to buy lipsticks without trying them on first, but online shopping is still so tempting =P.



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          Hi Lovedust!

          Thanks!! I think that once women can accept and appreciate the glamour that a red lipstick can give them, any woman can wear red lips. I think most of the perception that they can't wear red lipstick stems from the fact that they aren't used to the look or the attention it may give them. Now if only I can get past my fear of fuschia lips .

          Lipliner helps a lot for red lips because the whole point of red lips is to make them stand out. If the edges are fuzzy, they just don't stand out as much. In that case, I would prefer more of a stain instead. Otherwise, a fuzzy/crooked edge on very red lips just makes the application look careless and messy. No doubt, Px's Diffusion liner helped quite a bit too!!

          Oh man, I can't tell you what I'd do if I were ever caught without lipliner!!

          Once, in an airport, a guy asked if he could give me his number. I agreed, and he asked if I had a pen, and all I managed to pull out was my MAC Spice lipliner from my purse because that was all I had =P.


          P.S. Never called the guy =P.


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            Hi everyone!

            I'm going to try to answer everyone's questions in one post so as not to clutter up the thread too much. If I miss a question, I apologize, and please just point it out to me .

            Michannat and Lovedust, I haven't seen the new YSL posters, but I'll tell you my favorite reds since there aren't too many of them! My absolute favorite is Bobbi Brown's Mattestain in Fierce. Unfortunately, this is a discontinued product, but you might be able to get it in a swap or Ebay. It looks like a deep cherry red in the pot, but it goes on my lips as a classic red with opportunities to layer on for deeper color. It's very matte and makes my lips look velvet smooth. It also has a very light texture.

            My very first "perfect" red was actually Laura Mercier's Pink Grape (total misnomer, it's actually a deep red). However, Laura Mercier lipsticks have a pretty strong scent to them, and I don't ever use this one anymore. Color is perfect, scent is not.

            The last red I have is MAC Viva Glam III (? It's the deeper red one).

            All three of these tend to be more neutral/cool. MAC Fresh Moroccan is probably the only warmer red I have. I like cooler reds because they make my teeth look whiter .

            I also have MAC Del Rio, but I haven't used it in so long that I can't remember if I like it or not. I also have some random reds from Estee Lauder, Lancome, and other various lines that I never use, so I can't recommend them. Apparently they don't look appealing enough in the tube =P. I'm not sure why I even have them. Some were probably GWPs.

            Again, I think the main thing is to be able to get past the fact that everyone will notice your lips right away. Be daring!!

            There's a new FOTD coming up .

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              you didn't have lipstick on in your latest FOTD???

              in your 1 August fotd, you wearing Silk Rose e/s, right?? coz Silk Rose appears abit brownish on me, unlike yours hmmm... or maybe i applied too much. :huh:


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                Hi Christina!

                Silk Rose is a warm apricot red, right? Just to make sure that if you got a sample, you got one that was correctly labeled. On me, it goes on more of a slightly reddish peach.

                No, no lipstick! Just lipliner!



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                  helen, you mean you used lipliner over your lips?? hmm... i always thought lipliner is only for lining lips silly me!!


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                    Yes, I always line my lips with lipliner and then fill in. Quite a few makeup artists suggest this, and it really does help in avoiding that dreaded lipliner "ring" when lipstick or lipgloss wears off! Plus, I find that it helps my lipcolor last longer.



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                      Originally posted by lilsweetie

                      Yes, I always line my lips with lipliner and then fill in. Quite a few makeup artists suggest this, and it really does help in avoiding that dreaded lipliner "ring" when lipstick or lipgloss wears off! Plus, I find that it helps my lipcolor last longer.

                      Yup yup I swear by this method too! But I apply balm first before lining and filling with the liner.

                      BTW, sweetie, is it your strategy to distract your classmates with your lovely MU and blouses so that they lose concentration and thus can't get better marks than you? I must try that next week!


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                        NEW FOTD 09/09/03!

                        Decided to get creative and just play with a lot of colors. Went for a rainbow look =).


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                          not sure if i ask this before, what Shiseido mascara base did you use??

                          sweetie, did you upload a larger version in your imagestation acc?? :huh:
                          Last edited by candeecake; 15-10-2003, 12:27 PM.


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                            Hi Candee!!

                            I'm sorry. I just realized that my last 4 FOTDs are missing from the index. I will try to get that fixed tomorrow as I'm very busy tonight. Thanks for pointing that out!

                            The mascara base is simply called "Mascara Base" =). It's in a silvery black (kind of like hematite) tube, and it's great at preserving curl!



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                              Your eyebrows, did you maintain yourself?? Look so nice!! No close-up shot for the latest fotd??

                              Happy New Year to you too!! Haven't seen you online lately.