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  • Ariel

    Hi all!

    I've moved all my FOTD pics to this album: Ariel's FOTD Album

    I didn't write down the products used in most of the FOTDs as I used to write them in the posts and I can't remember exactly what I used in each FOTD anymore

    So as not to clog up the threads, please keep the posts to technical questions only. Thanks girls
    Last edited by Ariel; 04-09-2003, 10:21 PM.

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    Hey Ariel,

    I your 8th aug FOTD! Keep the FOTDs coming! (so long never update already~!!!)


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      Thanks Zoe Will try to take more pics once I get all my goodies

      Wore the new PN Gradational Eyes in RD771 today and I took some pics of my eyes. The colours didn't really show up well but's the first pic in my album


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        New FOTD (30 Aug) in the first post - attempted to create light smokey looks with my newly-bought PN Gradational Eyes BL773.
        Last edited by Ariel; 30-08-2003, 11:35 PM.


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          I your RD771 look and the light smokey look! Now you make me wanna get more PN quads


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            New FOTD (3 Sep) posted - using colours from Stila Legally Blonde #1 Warm Palette


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              Thanks Elize I prefer the warm palette to the cool palette as the colours aren't as sheer. Love it now

              New FOTD (4 Sept) posted.


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                yet another Pretty in Pink Lady you've got a sweet and natural MU today, you look great! I like your cheek color, very natural and fresh. Looks like you're a great fan of PN

                sweety, did you draw your brows? it look so dark and define


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                  Thanks Lynn

                  I did draw my brows, using PN Dual Ended Eyebrow Pencil. I didn't list it down because that's what I use every day. I love it because it's easy to use and it's natural


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                    hi ariel! you're looking prettier and prettier with each passing fotd!

                    read that you liked the warm palette much more than the cool one. the warm palettes are sold out in SG already. do you think the cool one might be ok for me? or should i just pass this totally...i'm not so into stila anymore or else i would've just grabbed both during the launch


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                      Love the PN day look!! .

                      I can't seem to achieve the same effect with my RD771 as in the adverts, i.e. that goldish effect on the outer eye area :huh:. Is it the same for you or could you advise me on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!!


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                        Thanks Sharon for the compliments. You are too kind

                        The reason I said I prefer the warm palette is that the colours show up on my tanned skin since the colours on the cool palette are rather sheer and shimmery. They do show up IRL but look pale in pics. You are very fair so I think the cool palette will work for you, especially if you like the lilac + pink combination. I also prefer the Lipglaze that comes with the warm palette as it's a warm pink while the one with the cool palette is more of a soft pink which makes me look washed out. HTHs

                        Hi Elize! I was about to say the same thing about the RD771. It did turn a little goldish on me towards the outer eye corner but not as obvious as the adverts so I think they might have airbrushed it a bit. The gold bits in RD771 do not look as obvious in pics but if you look at it closely IRL, you can see some of the gold shimmers. Quite pretty


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                          New FOTD (15 Sept) posted - using my new KP S22 Trio. Still think the colours are rather 'drama' on me :roll:

                          I the Shiseido Dramatical Volume Mascara though. Normally, my long eyelashes are not visible in pics but this mascara really volumises and lengthens...absolutely it

                          By the way, I have decided to password-protect my album. Please PM me for the password. Thanks


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                            New FOTD

                            New FOTD (18 Sept) posted.

                            Tried to emulate a look I saw in a mag but didn't quite get there


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                              Thanks Lyn

                              New EOTD (23 Sept) posted - using S22 again