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  • fiORi

    My First FOTD

    :wave: Hello there! Finally got my digi cam working. The link pics are rather big or rather,"magnifies" my face as I didn't know how to use the timer at first,so took the pics with my hands stretched out! Sorry about that!

    Here's Saturday pics.The following pic was taken after I came home,and the links are the doesn't really show though.

    Sat FOTD
    Sat FOTD2

    Sorry about my "magnified" face! :roll:

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    Hi fiORi! Nice to see ur photo here!
    Now I know how u looked like!
    U looked very sweet and cute! Youthful too! It's okie about ur 'big size' photos..don't it's still within the "acceptable range"..*hehe*!
    Think that u has nice NOSE!
    Feel like pinching ur cheeks *heehee*!
    Wat make-up did u apply in the photos?
    Isit lipgloss and blusher?


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      Hey gal...what lippie u using? It's lovely!


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        another syt!!!! Tell us what u use! :wheee:


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          hey dearie! nice lippie you've got!
          you look so sweet and delectable.. hehe! more FOTDs yeah?


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            What lippie or gloss did you use? It looks sweet on you.


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              You look really sweet and yea tell us what's the lip color u are having?


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                oh another very pretty young lady in the house

                what l/s or gloss are you using fiori? looks really pretty


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                  Hi girls! Sorry for the late reply! was having some problems with my account so i register with a rather similar nick.

                  Hello MiniVV! :wave: Nice to see u here @ CC!

                  Hi Jemay! I think you're more of a SYT!

                  Chel,you look very sweet I must say!

                  Thanks girls for all your generous compliments. You are all beautiful ladies!

                  My Sat Fotd,I use:

                  ZA tinted moisturizer
                  ZA fdtn
                  TBS Vit E eye cream
                  ettusais eye zone control

                  L'Oreal e/s in pale pink
                  Maybelline lash disc.
                  and some other "brandless" e/s on lids

                  some "brandless" cream blusher

                  Bloom Tangerine (one of my favourite l/g shades!)

                  Face was rather oily for the first pic after I came home,paiseh...hehe.

                  Btw girls,is mac lychee luxe similar to bloom tangerine?


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                    hey, was wondering, which ettusais eyezone concealer do you use? i understand that there's two types?


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                      hi chel,the SA recommend me to use the yellow beige one.
                      the other one is pink beige. but she told me that most customers suit yellow. depends on ur skintone.


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                        thanks sweets!
                        the SA tried on the yellow one for me, and it's great! i'm so gonna get it


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                          Hi Fiori, you look so cute!! Am lemming for Bloom Tangerine now!


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                            FOTD Friday 29 August

                            base:same as always

                            eyes:red earth window compact e/s in browns
                            maybelline lash discovery

                            cheeks:l'oreal blush delice in rosewood

                            lips:red earth lipstick in BR204
                            TBS lip tint in natural
                            Last edited by fiORi; 31-08-2003, 12:33 AM.


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                              Saturday-shopping with mum

                              Sunday-off to grandpa's place