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    anyone bought VICHY normateint anti-imperfection foundation? I tried the sample sachet and quite liked it. But am still hesitant to get the whole tube cos I find it takes quite alot of effort to glide even after moisturising.


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      Anyone used this cleanser before? I'm tempted by the scent!

      Also, there's a one step cleanser, any reviews?? Appreciate any inputs!


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        Jemay, is that the milk cleanser for combination skin? if it is, I used before, not too bad for removing light make up.


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          Vichy Normaderm Detoxifying Cleansing Milk

          Hi Jemay, I would sometimes break-out to make-up removers due to my sensitive skin, I find that this detoxification cleansing milk working well for me for the removal my light to moderate makeup. After wiping it off with a tissue or cotton square, my face does not feel sticky like those cleansing oils or thick cleansing creams. It feels however, very breathable, clean and cool and redness-free even before washing my face with the cleanser, and more importantly, I don't breakout as much when I started using this makeup remover. Btw, I'm using the normal to oily version of this cleansing milk.
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            Vichy Normateint Anti-Imperfection foundation

            Hi Tien, I also used to have the same problem as you so I told the SA before I purchased the retail size.
            The advise given was to dab a lot of very tiny dots of the foundation all over the face, then slowly blending them together. Works well for me though.
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              hi everyone.. just want to share that my colleague who bought the vichy normaderm together with me have been using it for one month plus... however, she discontinued using the product because she suddenly experienced alot of small red bumps. for me, no bad side effects but this month's pre-menstrual breakout is pretty bad.. however it may be due to lack of sleep over the holiday festivities.

              by the way i have combi-abit-sensitive skin and she has combi-very-sensitive skin.


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                Hi kelly, thanks for the advice. (:

                I have nonsensical skin though. Super oily yet flakes like crazy. Oil-free moisturisers not rich enough, those which lessen the flakes make me break out like crazy. So I think I need to stay away from the foundation until I find the moisturiser for me.


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                  Hi Tien, yup i used to have skin like yours too. super oily and flakey, can't remember how the flakeness got away though - Been quite awhile. Anyhow, maybe you might want to talk to the SA for Vichy to get a sample of their Anti-imperfection hydrating care moisturiser to try out ?


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                    Let me share some of the Vichy's products that I have tried.

                    Such as:
                    - Normaderm Purifying Astringent Toner (Green)
                    I will advise those with sensitive skin and acnes NOT to try this. Because I experienced redness and roughness after using it. So the whole bottle of 200ml toner was left on my shelf untouched now.

                    - Normaderm Anti Imperfection Hydrating Care (i.e. moisturizer)
                    This is worth a try since it was voted as one of the best moisturizers in CLEO mag a year ago or so?? When I first tried, I could feel that my skin was less oily and felt clean throughout the day. I got to mention that it does lighten redspots in my case. With the constant application, my skin did improve and friends noticed it too (cos less pimples and clearer skin). However, after a few months into the usage of 2nd bottle.....sad to say that, there wasn't much improvements anymore. The hydrating care does not give me the feel of cleaner and clearer skin anymore. Pimples started to pop out again and face started to get oily again. Thus, I have discontinued using this hydrating care.

                    - Normaderm Active Anti-Imperfection Concentrate
                    This gel/creme is for sudden breakouts and redspots. I used it for pimples, acnes, red spots etc for calming effect. Same as the hydrating, it worked on me for only a few months and it subsquently lost its effectiveness. Similarly, I have discontinued the use.

                    - Normaderm Daily Exfoliant Cleansing Gel
                    I guess this has to be the only product that I am still using under the Normaderm range. Although it was stated as "daily exfoliant", but I only used it once a week (as recommended by vichy beauty adviser). It is not too harsh to skin. You will feel fresh and clean after using this gel. I like this.

                    - Bi-White Whitening Toner (White Bottle)
                    This toner is a good. It is milder to skin. It does improve complexion fairness after using for a few days. And you could feel that your skin is softer too. It is definitely better than the green toner!

                    - Cleaning Milk (White Bottle)
                    I use this to remove makeup. I like the smell and not harsh on skin.

                    - Bi-White Protective Whitening Hydrating Fluid SPF20
                    This can be used as a sunblock in the day. I used it alternately with other sunblocks (depending on exposure to sun). Not too bad if SPF20 is enough for you.

                    - UV Active Daily Protective Anti-Pigmentation Fluid SPF50
                    I love this! It can be used as your daily moisturizer or sunblock, as well as a make up base. It is not oily and I like the feeling of applying it on my face. I thought it does prevent brown spots from darkening. Can try! Most importantly, it has SPF50.

                    - Protective Milk for Children IP30+UVA Ultra (for face and body)
                    This is another sunblock (fyi, I have quite a few sunblocks) =p . I love this as well! Just as the name stated "protective milk"...I like the milky feel and smoothness when applied on my face and neck. It smells nice too!

                    Hmm... in my opinion, Vichy's whitening range seems to be better than its Normaderm. Perhaps all depends on individuals.

                    Stay gorgeous always, ladies!


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                      Guardian Pharmacy is having 20% off for vichy products! Bought the detoxifying foam cleanser and the whitening deep cleansing gel. Wanted to try the whitening hydrating fluid spf 20 Pa+++ and got a sample of it. When I reach home, I realised that I was given the whitening hydrating fluid instead. I called the Pharmacy and the SA told me there no mistake,it is the one with spf 20, just that is not written on the sample itself. could that be? Did it happen to any cotters here? Girls, what do you all think? As the sample is a 12ml tube, it can be use for around a week or so. Will you girls take the risk and use it under the sun?


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                        Originally posted by qian
                        anyone tried vichy concealer? how's the coverage?
                        the concealer's ok .. i guess? ^^ it lasted through a day of school for me.


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                          i'm using the spf50 one as well since.....some time ago. 1 tube has lasted a long time for me. have to say it works great under my oil-free liquid foundation and i tried going out with it without the foundation on sunday, my complexion surprisingly did not become oily after walking around orchard road under the hot sun.

                          as for the normaderm moisturiser, i'm still pleased with the oil-free and smooth texture, but i was wondering is it i'm too greedy, and hope for a bit more hydration other than the oil-free and smooth texture?


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                            Vichy is having a promotion counter at Suntec City. I walk pass just now, but did not take a look. Those int. , can drop by and take a look


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                              THANKS for this good news, i hope they have their latest products on promo or 20% off i need them to iron out my lines


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                                vernis, care to share what you use to iron out the lines from Vichy? I wanted to iron too