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  • Dermal Fillers

    Good article on Straits Times Life section today (28/08/2003)
    I actually learn more about them today.
    yaa...and the price of beauty as well.
    According to the article, a new filler Matridex was launched
    last week. It fills up deep facial folds & creases, and firm up ageing skin.

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    Yes I read the article too. Very interesting!

    Got the below information from the article.

    The price of beauty
    Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast
    • What: Collagen manufactured in the laboratory from cells of newborn babies' foreskin.
    • Risks: Almost none. The products are not available in Singapore because there is no distributor for it.
    • Lasts: Up to six months
    • Cost: US$500 to US$2,500 (S$880 to S$4,400) per treatment

    Restylane and Perlane
    • What: Hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar found in the human body. This filler is manufactured.
    • Risks: Rare allergic reactions
    • Lasts: Six months to a year Cost: $1,200 to $1,500

    • What: A mix of hyaluronic acid and moldable particles manufactured in the laboratory.
    • Risks: You can feel the filler under the skin. It must also be injected deep into the dermis, though this is not necessarily more painful.
    • Lasts: Up to two years
    • Cost: $1,700 to $1,800

    • What: Microscopic plexiglass in cow collagen
    • Risks: Granulomas, which are nodules, and clumping of skin might result.
    • Last: A few years, but can take between three and six months before results are visible
    • Cost: $1,700 to $1,800


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      Facial Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers

      I admit that I'm as shallow as the shallow end of the pool. And I do work the airline industry that's often just as superficial, where a premium is placed upon youth and beauty. Being on the wrong side of 30, the physical signs of aging or what the cosmetic companies called the 'the ravages of time' are starting to rear their ugly heads. Those teeny-tiny crows' feet have become full-on furrows, and my fret-about complexion too lost its sheen. I'm bothered by my hollow cheeks and uneven skin tone too. All that worrying about looking old coupled with work related stress and habitual late nights have turned my laugh lines into unsightly deep folds around my mouth. Worst still, none of the oh-so exorbitant face creams and much-touted 'miracles-in-a-bottles' kept their promises.
      Tired of looking tired all the time even though I don't feel a day older than twenty-five, I'm quite prepare to do whatever it takes to hold on to the fleeting remnants of my youth. Even if it means confronting my lifelong fear of needles…
      To be honest, I didn't think much of dermal fillers and botox. Despite seeing the results with my own eyes, I thought it's just a temporary quick fix rather than a real long-term remedy. Short of a facelift, I wanted a treatment that addresses the signs of aging from inside out - one that firms up my skin, shrinks my pores and eliminates my lines and furrows for good, or at least for a good twelve months or more.
      After scouring online beauty forums and blog reviews, I booked an appointment at CSK Laser Aesthetic Clinic. ClearSK is a local chain of laser aesthetic clinics that offers a complete suite of proven medical aesthetic solutions for skin and body. The clinic comes highly recommended for its effective non-surgical treatments and the latest in aesthetic technology. Even though I know that I was not supposed to believe everything I've read online, I was 'sold'. Will update after the appointment