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    Ok, this is one line that I've never tried. Do I need to try it? I'm thinking that it's a little too glittery for me ... any of you have any experience with it??

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    What colours are there in Chinagirl to Starlet FC? Thanks!


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      China Gal FC

      E/s - twisted(gold), shotgun(pink), uzi(silver), oil slick(blk)
      l/s - fur & uzi
      gunk- shotgun & kiss
      body haze- shotgun
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        Originally posted by Ariel

        What colours are there in Chinagirl to Starlet FC? Thanks!
        hey ariel!

        i have a UD facecase in China Girl to Starlet up for swap/sale if you're interested. here's the description from my swaplist:

        A sleek silver palette that fits nicely into your hand, this holds the following colors:
        - Twisted e/s(yellow gold with silver glitter), 60% left
        - Uzi e/s (silver with chunky silver glitter), small dip
        - Shotgun e/s (cool pale rose with silver glitter), slight dip
        - Oil Slick e/s (black with rainbow glitter), no dip
        - Fur l/s (medium nude with silver sparkles), tested 1X.
        - Uzi l/s (silver with silver sparkles), dip.
        - Shotgun lip gunk (pale pink/nude with silver sparkles), used 2X at the side.
        - Kiss lip gunk (vampy red with silver sparkles), used 4X at the side.
        - Shotgun body haze (warm light pink/brown), used 4X.

        NB: The case isn't in perfect condition; scratches and etc from being in my makeup case.


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          see all UD face cases here

          <img src="">

          china gal is the one top left first one


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            I like that metal case at the top. So cute.
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              i dropped my face case yesterday night!!!! and i'm so amazed nothing broke, the case looks good as new in fact! and it was from my desk to the floor.. if it broke.. i'll cry


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                i have the shadow box first version on sale. pls visit my mua swap list and pic profile!


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                  Hi! I am also selling my UD shadowbox(the first one)! Everything is like new(either not used before or use 1xonly), no dips at all and the case is in gd condition! I still have the box! Those interested PM me with your prices! =)


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                    Urban Decay Last Call Collection

                    Anyone seen the collection?


                    I feel like getting something from them again.


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                      lemmings that i know i wouldn't work on but here's what i think looks good!

                      liquid eyeliner in soot
                      midnight cowboy rides again and oil slick eyeshadows
                      and of course sell out face case!


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                        I got the new e/s Last Call. It is kind of a bright, shimmery plumy-purple. I am not sure I can pull this one off.

                        I haven't really checked out the rest of the collection. ((whispers)) I only like the UD e/s, nothing else lights my fire.


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                          I have wanted to buy and would have bought the Midnight Cowboy Rides Again if I have access to it.

                          Why oh why, do they have to take UD out of Singapore?!?!


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                            Oil Slick looks good! Might be perfect for smokey eyes look.


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                              there's this look called singapore sling